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Nora check_circle Verified Reviewer
Our new copper sink and quartzite counters are perfect.
Our new quartzite counters and our beautiful copper sink were installed yesterday. I could not be happier. The contractor said he had seen a lot of copper sinks but ours was the best looking and much heaver than the thin ones he'd seen in the past. It was worth every penny!

Vose F. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Stainless Hammered Kitchen Farm Sink
We love our elegant, stainless hammered farm sink! It was a breeze to order, delivered in great shape, and on time… the dimensions were on spot for our custom cabinetry… Great assistance from CopperSmith’s customer service team! 5 stars! It is a real showpiece in our kitchen... Thank you, CopperSmith!

R J. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Our kitchen centerpiece!
Wow, we are happy customers! Incredibly helpful team during the decision-making process, and we couldn’t be happier with the attention to every detail, the constant communication, and the quality of the final product. My contractor even remarked that he’d never seen anything close to that quality! It’s a little nerve wracking to invest a significant amount of money into a sight-unseen product, but we’re so glad we did. Thanks CopperSmith team!

Jim O. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Great people, great hood.
When we started looking for a distinctive range hood for a house we were building, we contacted several vendors. CopperSmith was the most responsive, by far. Although cautious about the foreign manufacture, we could not be more pleased with the hood. Great people, great product.

Pete D. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Ryan, you are a promise keeper, and thank you for your faithfulness. Your company is trust worthy***** July 21, 2020 As you all who have read my previous reviews. This is the final happy ending. I have received the perfect Hammered Stainless Steel Apron Farm Sink today. It is such a perfect beauty and I am sure our family will enjoy it for many, many more years. All (four of them) my other hammered stainless steel bathroom sinks are perfectly beautiful too. I am grateful to Ryan for delivering those beautiful products. Definitely, I highly recommend friends and families to use your products. Sincerely, Pete Dremel

M L. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Quality construction and excellent…
Quality construction and excellent customer service.

Josh L. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Excellent product and outstanding customer service
I recently ordered a Modern MX2 Wall Mount hood. The quality of this hood will really make it a showpiece of our kitchen. Even more impressive than the quality of the hood, however, was the customer service I experienced when dealing with a hood ventilation insert that arrived damaged. Spoke directly with the president of the company to resolve the issue quickly and professionally. Would definitely recommend CopperSmith and will be ordering from them again on future projects.

L W. check_circle Verified Reviewer
amazing company and product!
The quality of the products are outstanding! The ease of having a range hood made was so super easy! I requested samples and got them in no time...... placed the order and voila! in a few weeks had the MOST BEAUTIFUL piece! My kitchen is complete now... it looks like a piece of art! thanks!

G M. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Outstanding craftsmanship of our bathroom sink
We ordered a copper bathroom sink for our lake house in Wisconsin and absolutely love it. We are trying to keep everything more natural and rustic looking and this sink definitely makes the bathroom. We had ordered the sink and my husband and I then made a cement countertop to mount the sink to. The whole project turned out amazing. I will definitely be ordering a range hood and kitchen sink from CopperSmith when we get around to remodeling the kitchen.

C C. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Customer service was very helpful and…
Customer service was very helpful and patient with my questions. Quite pleased with the outcome!

T W. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Quality product and service
Quality product and service, do wish there was a little more direction on installation as I encountered several problems and their instructions just don't cover anything but a simple install. There are definitely lessons learned when installing one of these though and it would have been nice for them to share that to save me time.

Pete D. check_circle Verified Reviewer
I bought a 33" hammered stainless steel…
Today is July 10, 2020 Many of my friends have seen my review. As a matter of fact, my optometrist and his financial planner are also remodeling his house. They are doing extensive remodeling like I have done. All of us had an architectural design and each home is worth a million at least. They came and look at my house. When they came in the kitchen, the first thing they ask, "What happen to the farm sink here?" For your curiosity, I am here giving you the scoop. First, thank you for 90 some read of my review and those friends who have come and visited my home. Many of you are curious if I have received my new 33"-hammered-stainless-steel-apron-farm sink. No. I have not received as promised yet since June 15, 2020 email. I was told 3-4 weeks to receive my new sink. I am hopeful that Ryan from World CopperSmith will deliver as he promised. In the meantime, I'm still living in the trailer, cannot move in the house without the farm sink. Definitely, City of Sacramento, CA will not give me the move-in permit without a kitchen sink. I have to bear it until I have my sink installed. My quartz guy is getting antsy too, because he will not get paid in full until the farm sink is in and he has not way to put the sink under the big slab of quartz without the sink. Guys! Wish me God luck, I mean GOD LUCK, not just good luck! I will update the review when I receive the sink. The following was written on June 12, 2020. Two days ago, I gave a one-star review. But today I have to change my review for Ryan from World CopperSmith has contacted me and is willing to make things right. He's going to ship me the same size Hammered Apron Farmhouse sink but with the correct measurements within two-three weeks. This is what I'm talking about, good company would make things right and will walk an extra mile for their clients. I truly appreciate their effort. I am looking forward to see my perfect hammered apron farmhouse sink. The original story was: I bought a 33" hammered stainless steel apron farmhouse sink. It was all warped when I received it. One side of the apron is wider than the other. My cabinet man had a hard time to install it. Finally, he had to screw down two opposite corners to keep the top of the sink balance.

K H. check_circle Verified Reviewer
An exquisite piece of craftsmanship!
Wow! All the people I spoke with at CopperSmith while getting the design I wanted and the size I needed for my kitchen range hood were VERY sweet, knowledgeable, and very exacting. They knew what I meant when I asked questions and had answers even when I didn't exactly know the questions. They were patient and concise. The explanations did not leave anything out and all questions were answered. I understood how things would go and what they meant. It was very clear that they had done this so many times, they knew what might come up and had it covered. I loved working with them and would enjoy doing so again if I ever need another hood. Mine is a gorgeous showpiece and I couldn't be more pleased.

R W. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Excellent service,beautiful copper hood.
Excellent service,beautiful copper hood.

Scott A. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Highly recommend
The hood vent we ordered was fabricated very well. Care was taken in the way it was packaged and shipped. Highly recommend. The staff at CS was thorough in their communications.

L J. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Great customer service!
The team working on the project were very helpful and responsive. I love my new hood and it looks beautiful in the kitchen.

Michele D. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Everyone that I worked with from World…
Everyone that I worked with from World Coppersmith was so helpful, from designing my hood and kitchen farm sink to supplying me with duplicate invoices after I lost mine. The products I put in our new home have drawn rave reviews - the builder’s wife said she was jealous of my hood. Even my daughter, who was skeptical when I told her how gorgeous the copper would look, admitted that the copper hood really set our kitchen apart from other houses!!!

A S. check_circle Verified Reviewer
We purchased a polished copper barn…
We purchased a polished copper barn sink for our pending remodel. It arrived in perfect condition, well packed to prevent transit damage. I'm over-the-top happy with our purchase, the price and the quality. Can't wait to see it installed, will provide photos when it's in!

Steven W. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Couldn't be more pleased with copper range hood!
We ordered a range hood from CopperSmith as a focal point for our kitchen remodel. It is truly stunning! It is so well made, solid, and durable. The fan insert is powerful and the lights are perfect for illuminating our new cooktop. Service was outstanding -- hood was shipped extremely well packed in a crate so no damage en route. Our contractor was very impressed, too -- he had never seen a hood with this much character. I would highly, highly recommend CopperSmith for anyone looking for a copper range hood of superb quality.

L D. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Super Kitchen Feature with Great Service
I had a great experience with World CopperSmith. I found their website by searching the web. After looking through their selection of copper range hoods, I contacted their customer support to understand how to order the model that I wanted. Their customer service staff helped me select the right elements I was looking for and created the shopping cart for me to make sure I didn't leave anything out. After making my purchase, I received regular email updates on my order even after it was delivered. I would highly recommend World CopperSmith for anyone who wants a comment worthy kitchen feature!

Steven S. check_circle Verified Reviewer
A functional piece of art
We ordered a clawfoot tub for our master bath renovation and it is truly a piece of art. We are beyond thrilled with how it looks in the space and excited to see the living finish mature and patina.

L S. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Beautiful sinks & hood
Beautiful sinks & hood, pictures available upon request

William S. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Coppersmith reached out to provide resolution
My wife and I have no complaint with World Coppersmith regarding the quality of their merchandise however in regard to their customer service and the ability to deliver satisfaction when things do not go smoothly, I have become significantly disappointed. We purchased a pre-manufactured range hood as well as a custom sink from this company. The exchange of information related to the sink was extensive and thorough, for the range hood we were sent an email on “How to select the right Range Hood for your Kitchen!”. In addition to the vent hood a Ventilation system is required, unfortunately we ended up with the “remote blower” (which is never mentioned in “How to select the right Range Hood for your Kitchen!”. When it came time to install, we discovered that we had the incorrect type of unit for our home and contacted World Coppersmith about a potential resolution to this issue. Much to my frustration and concern I was informed that: 1) the unit was not returnable nor refundable 2) a fan could not be fitted to the unit that I had inadvertently ordered 3) a new unit was needed at an additional $736 4) There was nothing that could be done on their end to provide resolution After several frustrating discussions I was offered 10% off on the second unit bringing the extra cost down to $662.40. Under these circumstances I had hoped to compromise and at least get the second unit at their cost. (In the name of customer satisfaction, I would have thought that they would have forgone their profit on the additional sale). It frustrates me greatly that I have had to put in significant time and energy into this issue (and contractor delays due to the incorrect part). The first individual I spoke with regarding this issue told me that World Coppersmith did not expect its customers to be ventilation experts. The second employee told me that when ordering from the website it is assumed that the customer knows what is needed and is ordering the correct component. Bottom line – If the finished product works for you the first time you will be very happy but do not expect any significant effort at service recovery if your purchase fails to meet your needs. I cannot give World Coppersmith a positive review based on my overall experience in dealing with them, as with other negative assessments documented here, I also experienced tracking issue’s, etc. during the long manufacturing process. The overall message felt like “it will arrive when it arrives” which makes it very difficult when coordinating a remodeling project. I leave this review with a copy and pasted response that was located on 8 of the poor reviews on their website: We’re sorry to hear about your experience. Please call us at (888) 431-4677 and ask to speak with a member of our management team. Thank you for providing this valuable feedback. We are continually working to improve our products and services and to meet the expectations of our customers. Once again another phone call must be made, where is the satisfaction in that? Follow up from impacted customer: Coppersmith reached out to provide resolution and made a commitment to be more timely in their responses.

D C. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Outstanding product flawless beautiful…
Outstanding product flawless beautiful and sturdy. Got all the upfront feedback from Leo the sales rep. Helped with sizing, product type and coloring of the copper table top. Made it easy to place the order and I could not be more pleased with it.

Angie check_circle Verified Reviewer
We ordered the 60" Round Copper Table…
We ordered the 60" Round Copper Table Top with the red fire finish for our newly re-modeled kitchen. It is more stunningly beautiful than we could ever have imagined. This table is everything we had in mind and more. Now, all we want to do is sit and hang out at our new kitchen table. The customer service with CopperSmith is also exceptional.

J F. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Great customer service and customer…
Great customer service and customer service!

V S. check_circle Verified Reviewer
This sink is beautiful
This sink is beautiful. Just something for others who have it installed...make sure they install and all of the water will drain without using your hand to move it to the drain and check and removed all of the excess caulking before to much time goes by

Kim V. check_circle Verified Reviewer
The hood is the jewel of our new kitchen
The copper hood is gorgeous and looks great in our new kitchen - it is the jewel of the kitchen, adding a historical and yet current look to a full kitchen renovation in a 1933 tudor style home. The service was wonderful and the delivery was prompt. I have a beautiful and special kitchen because of you all.

Amanda K. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Gorgeous sink!
Gorgeous sink, excellent quality and the service was fantastic. I couldn’t be more pleased, if inever need another copper sink will definitely use Coppersmith.

Anne check_circle Verified Reviewer
I’m loving my new copper range hood
I’m loving my new copper range hood. It fits perfectly in with the kitchen colors and design. I was a little worried trying to personalize and create it over the Internet without seeing a true final result, but it’s perfect. Everyone was easy to work with and allowed me to make tweaks and changes, (and ask probably too many questions) until I felt comfortable and satisfied. Thank you so much!

Heather R. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Our custom copper sofa table top is…
Our custom copper sofa table top is beautiful. Our experience was wonderful and working with CopperSmith was a pleasure. They were prompt, professional and responsive.

Daniel check_circle Verified Reviewer
CopperSmith exceeded my expectations
CopperSmith exceeded my expectations! The Artisan copper sink and accessories are a beautiful addition to our kitchen and so easy to maintain with soap and water. We are very pleased and highly recommend CopperSmith for their world class professionalism!

David L. check_circle Verified Reviewer
I ordered a custom hood from…
I ordered a custom hood from CopperSmith for a kitchen renovation. It was perfectly constructed as specified and the quality was excellent. I priced several hoods for my client and CopperSmith was by far the best value. It became the standout feature in a high end project. I highly recommend their products and customer service was also excellent.

H P. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Hammered Stainless Farmhouse Sink
Purchased the hammered stainless 33” farmhouse convex sink. Absolutely love it! Great quality, very attractive and easy to install. I have received so many compliments from our cabinet installer and granite fabricator. In their professional work, they have never seen anything quite like it. Family and friends love the uniqueness of it, too.

Jason A. check_circle Verified Reviewer
We love our new range hood!
We love our new range hood, very good quality at a good price. Easy to work with and a huge selection of colors and options! Helped us with sizing and they are a pleasure to work with. Thanks!

Cbuw check_circle Verified Reviewer
Beautiful Dark Antique Copper Range Hood
We are very happy with our Range Hood. It is an expensive item, but it is very well made and it is gorgeous. Always ask for samples, and expect color variations, dark antique copper is kind of brown, not much copper highlights, so if you want more copper color go for one lighter color. In our case it worked perfectly because now we can have a penny copper backsplash and it will look very good. Everybody at World CopperSmith was very professional and friendly through all the process. There are only two suggestions that I would like to mention. An item like a custom range hood is like a piece of art, which shouldn't have a logo at the front of the piece, that's why I was surprise that we had to pay to remove the logo. The second suggestion is that for an expensive piece like this one, I customer expects to get free white glove delivery.

Customer check_circle Verified Reviewer
Love our new tub
Love our new tub! Perfect fit for our new home!! Great experience all around!!

I E. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Highly Recommended
I'm an Interior Designer who discovered coppersmith a couple of years ago and can't rate them highly enough - great quality, great customer service. I've actually just remodeled my own home and installed a beautiful copper backsplash behind the stove... exactly what I wanted.

Cd check_circle Verified Reviewer
Thanks! Great service!

T A. check_circle Verified Reviewer
I give Coppersmith 5 stars
I give Coppersmith 5 stars. I ordered a hammered copper tabletop to create a pub table. They were very professional and the product was high quality.

Ahmed I. check_circle Verified Reviewer
42” fire copper table in matte
Got the 42” round table top in Fire copper with matte finish. Great quality, love the vibrant colors, smooth texture finish so is very usable. And easy install for custom bottoms.

W P. check_circle Verified Reviewer
I ordered the hammered stainless sink
I ordered the hammered stainless sink. Great quality and customer service was terrific!

Pat check_circle Verified Reviewer
Love our new copper hood!
Love our new copper hood! Coppersmith worked consistently with us designing our hood. We, our contractor, and custom cabinet makers had many questions over the design and installation of the hood. Coppersmith was very patient and helpful with all our questions. They were responsive and organized. The hood came on time in a large protective crate and packaging. Installation was smooth and the hood fit perfectly in the space it was designed for. Excellent company, employees, and product! Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Very happy with the whole process!

Terry B. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Excellent in every way
Excellent in every way, product, service, delivery

Lyle S. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Great quality!
Very thorough explanation of process and details. Delivered in a very timely manner. Quality of hood was top notch and sturdy. Beautiful finish and strength. Many options to choose from

Allyson E. check_circle Verified Reviewer
We had a wonderful and positive…
We had a wonderful and positive experience with CooperSmith. From the beginning, before we ordered, all the way to delivery, they always answered all of our questions quickly and professionally. The hood is absolutely beautiful and exactly what I was dreaming of for my kitchen. I would definitely order from them again should the occasion arise.

Barrett check_circle Verified Reviewer
100% satisfied!.
Love my copper sink. The design and hammer details are beautiful. I get so many compliments on my sink and drain board. Great customer service.

P T. check_circle Verified Reviewer
The team was fantastic to work with. They were always quick to answer my questions and keep me updated on my order. My hood looks stunning!

Jennifer F. check_circle Verified Reviewer
The Hood looks fabulous
The Hood looks fabulous and we receive many compliments. It works like a dream. We highly recommend doing business with World CopperSmith. Product shipment was packed carefully. Communication with the remodeling company was clear and concise. No problems at all.

Mr B. check_circle Verified Reviewer
Great customer service
Great customer service! Very responsive.