How To Select The Right Measurements For Your Range Hood

How Do I Select The Right Measurements For My Range Hood? Get the Right Measurements Before You Order.

When buying copper stove hoods, you will need to have the right measurements before placing your order. How do you select the right measurements for your range hood? Hood measurements are broken down into three main parts including width, depth, and height. These measurements are listed in the following order: L” x W “x H”, and can be found on each CopperSmith Rang Hood product page.


To determine the proper width for your range hood:

  • Measure the width of your cook-top and the available space between cabinets (if applicable).  
  • Match your hood width to the width of your cooktop to find the basic measurement.  


These steps ensure that all of your burners will be covered when the hood is functioning. The width of the range hood typically matches the width of the cooking surface. If you have the room, or simply like the look of a wider hood, we recommend adding up to 3 inches on either side to create a larger capture area for air contaminants. You may add a total of 6 additional inches to the width of your hood.

Choosing the correct height is equally as important and ensures that your hood will look great and function optimally for your space. Your range hood height describes the distance between the cooktop and the bottom of the range hood. When choosing the height, it is important to consider where the base of your hood will sit when it is attached to the ceiling or cabinet. The space between the base of your cooktop and the bottom of your hood should measure between 30-36 inches.


When choosing the height, consider the following:

  • Where the base of your hood will sit when it is attached to the ceiling or cabinet.
  • Allow 30-36 between the base of your cooktop and the bottom of your hood.

If you would like your hood to extend all the way to the ceiling,  you can follow this basic formula to determine your hood height:

Ceiling Height (Minus)  Countertop Height (Minus)  36 inches = Hood Height


You may use the same formula to find the height of an island mount hood, which requires the same space between the cooktop but will be attached from the ceiling.  Island hoods hang freely without attachments to cabinets or walls and are generally in the center of the kitchen, located over a cooking or prep island.

Please note that we do not recommend hanging any range hood more than 36 inches above your cooktop, as hanging higher than the recommended height may affect the functionality of your hood and the warranty of your motor.

CFM is also a factor when choosing the proper height for your hood. Choosing an insert with more power will allow you to hang the hood at the maximum height, while still capturing maximum smoke and grease while cooking. It is important to discuss CFM with your certified contractor or HVAC specialist to verify that your hood will be up to local code. Our CopperSmith design team can also assist you with questions concerning CFM and are happy to answers any questions you may have.


Depth is also a very important measurement for your hood. The ideal depth of your hood should completely cover the all of the burners, with complete coverage of all back burners and at least half of all front burners. The depth should be approximately 2′-3″ less than the depth of your cooking surface to ensure that you will not bump your head while cooking.


To determine the proper depth for your range hood:

  • Measure the depth of the cooking surface
  • Subtract 2-3 inches


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