Should I get a Black Range Hood?

black range hoods


What are some of the most popular kitchen designs for black range hoods?

As many homeowners begin to draft their perfect interior layout, the kitchen is a space that is seldom neglected. Often serving as the focal point of the home, it represents an elegant, welcoming living space for families to congregate, new culinary inspirations, and timeless memories to be created.

Unfortunately, keeping this prized area in the most pristine shape is a chore, as daily activities such as cooking, cutting, cleaning, and general wear and tear wreak havoc. Many times, dust, dirt and unwanted residue end up densely congregating on surfaces, and white one may attempt to remove it, this buildup can cause irreversible damage that will dull the kitchen’s appeal, further devaluing the home.



Signature SX2 Range Hood


This is where range hoods come into play–a standard appliance in any successfully operating kitchen, a range hood helps repurpose steam, odor, dust, and environmental byproducts created during use of the kitchen. The range hood contains a high-speed fan that will ventilate the air, cycling it back through the home airstream or expelling it through the chimney and into the outside air. Amidst the endless options of range hoods, we’ll discuss in this article some of the various reasons why black range hoods continue to be a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers.


What are some of the distinctions of a black range hood?

While other models of range hoods advertise remodeled, innovative exteriors that match the latest trend, black range hoods offer a humble, simplistic appearance that can pair well with most kitchen layouts. When deciding to purchase a range hood, black is one of the cheapest and most standard colors to manufacture, providing an easily accessible option for everyone. Additionally, the black surface is a more visually appealing range hood option for high traffic kitchens, and cooking, baking, fan use, and daily operations will leave a kitchen (and its air) in disarray.

Fortunately, the ventilation power of the range hood will refresh and purify the air. At the same time, the black surface will hide visible stains, marks, and residual films that would typically be present on the appliance. Unlike other specialized models of range hoods, black is merely the color, as it can be applied to a variety of different range hood materials.



black and brass range hood


Designer DS3 Range Hood



Wood, stainless steel, and other types of metal can be painted black–its shimmery appearance will blend with other black appliances, cabinets, and furniture chosen by the homeowner. Installing a range hood is a necessary yet costly investment. It is a decision that must be made with the utmost consideration for safety, longevity, and possible value increase to the home over time. Durability is one key area in which black range hoods excel. In essence, stainless steel can withstand various pollutants, exterior damage, and extremely high temperatures, as it is resistant to water and will stand up to long sessions of kitchen activities.


What are some of the designs available on the market, and how can I implement them in my kitchen?

Classically timeless, a black range hood will never go out of style. It thrives in a sleek, modern kitchen but also adds flair to old-fashioned, traditional spaces. Aside from the color, however, black range hoods are designed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The plumbing of a range hood can run up the wall or through the ceiling, meaning that wall-mounted and island-mounted black range hoods are the two most popular choices.

The design doesn’t stop there–in a regal-style kitchen, for example, range hoods made of wood can be intricately carved and shaped to fit the aesthetic. Are you craving more detail? Sometimes a solid black finish doesn’t adequately express the color scheme or obvious intention of the space.

Black range hoods can be adorned with brass and copper straps or stainless steel additions to make the color pop. In conclusion, choosing black is merely the beginning of customizing a range hood because shapes, curves, embellishments, and mount types all play a significant role in helping a color come to life. What’s most important is that a black range hood is what will best suit the needs of the homeowner and family’s safety, comfort, and lifestyle, both in and out of the kitchen.

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