Benefits of Outdoor Range Hoods

outdoor range hoods


Why would I want an outdoor barbeque hood, or even an outdoor kitchen?

Food brings people together–spring and summer gatherings on the patio are a social tradition, uniting friends, family and neighbors through tasty barbeques and culinary expertise. As seasons begin to change, snow melts and the dark of winter dissipates, families are eager to take advantage of the newly warm air, participating in a wide variety of outdoor activities, many of which include grilling. When referring to the word “kitchen” one most likely imagines a spacious, stylish area inside of the home, a place where family dinners and important holiday reunions occur. However, an appealing climate draws these homeowners outdoors, bringing these elements into a barbeque/grill setting.

With the rising popularity of outdoor kitchens, it’s crucial to carefully research and select the proper appliances and layout to align with the homeowner’s taste, patio dimensions and entertaining needs, and choosing the appropriate barbeque hood is a necessary piece of the puzzle. In this article, we’ll investigate the advantages and disadvantages of having an outdoor kitchen–design options, functionality, as well as a few drawbacks. Additionally, we’ll emphasize the value of an outdoor barbeque hood in the setup and how it completes the ideal outdoor entertainment space.


Why should I have an outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens have become a staple in modern home design, particularly in regions where a warm climate is a year-round reality. To begin, an outdoor kitchen is a visible aesthetic addition to the home–it attracts neighbors and can serve as the focal point of a backyard or patio space. Homeowners are able to easily entertain a large number of guests, utilizing the outdoor kitchen for cooking and preparing food and seating guests both in and outside of the home. Additionally, implementing an outdoor kitchen is a worthy investment for the homeowner, as it will only increase resale value and be an attractive amenity to all buyers.

With regards to cooking, the array of culinary options also expands, as families can cook using an open flame, grilling and searing dishes that may overheat an indoor kitchen. Some food can be baked or sautéed on the stovetop while the remainder is prepared outdoors. Therefore, the volume of food able to be served increases, and the amount of money spent in energy bills is lowered due to the reduction in indoor appliance use. Finally, a spacious outdoor area removes design boundaries, as with an indoor kitchen, walls and cabinets can confine and constrict the ability to freely customize the space.

What are some of the drawbacks associated with an outdoor kitchen?

Smaller homes can sometimes lack backyard space, which makes the installation of an outdoor kitchen much more difficult. Furthermore, while an outdoor kitchen is an intelligent investment to bolster the home’s value, installation costs are steep, as they are exposed to different environmental elements than an indoor kitchen, requiring higher quality materials and more durable features. Outdoor kitchens fit perfectly in warm climates, however in regions with brutal winters and wet spring weather, they aren’t able to be put to use as often, and when they are, the cool air can often take a toll on the appliances’ interior and exterior.


Where do outdoor barbeque hoods come into play?

Like any successful indoor kitchen, a range hood is a step in the equation that cannot be skipped, as it helps filter and ventilate unwanted grease, food particles and odor, maintaining a safe, breathable and eco-friendly environment for homeowners. In an outdoor kitchen, it’s imperative to equip appliances with a range hood, particularly when grilling.

While residual air is already outside, smoke can build up inside of the grill if not properly expelled from the hood, clinging to clothes and creating an uncomfortable breathing environment for guests while entertaining. Additionally, patios with a canopy or roof can also be damaged, as the steam, smoke and grease can cause buildup if not circulated immediately.


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