How Far Should A Range Hood Be Installed Over Your Cooktop?

How far should a range hood be installed over your cooktop?

This question has been asked by our customers with so much frequency, that we figured we would give some insight on how to properly install a range hood. Since many range hoods come in specific sizes, and you likely will want the hood neck to bud up directly to the ceiling, this is a critical consideration.

  • How a range hood works: To better understand the height of range hoods installation, it is important to know how the process works. As you are cooking, grease and steam rise towards the ceiling. As it does this, it expands (mushroom clouds). The higher up the range hood is installed from the cooktop, the wider it will need to be to catch the cloud of steam and grease. Also, the farther above the cooktop the range hood is, the larger CFM you will need to create a vacuum.
  • Finding the comfortable medium: How much do you cook? How many important is design to you? How tall are you? Some of our taller customers find it uncomfortable to cook with a large range hood at eye level, so a slightly wider range hood is installed, with higher CFM to allow for the greater distance from the stove to the cooktop. How often do you cook foods that will need to be vented? Example: Bacon or fish. Do you need more than one burner? We have found the if you use a middle burner centered underneath the hood; you will be more efficient.
  • Manufacturer recommendations: Range hood blowers typically come with manufacturer recommendations for installation heights. Our compatible insert fans installation heights vary from as low as 24” above cooktop to 36” inches. Anywhere within this range, and you should be ok.

Hopefully, this article gives you a better idea of how far a range hood should be installed over your cooktop. Please comment below and help other customers find answers to this question!