Benefits of a Chimney-Style Range Hood for a Clean Kitchen

Ryan M. Grambart
Founder & CEO - CopperSmith
Ryan M. Grambart

Using A Chimney Style Range Hood To Vent Cooking Smoke

What is a chimney-style range hood, and why are these types of hoods, like our Colorado Signature SX11, becoming so popular? Sometimes called an exhaust or extraction hood, these types of range hoods are becoming very popular with homeowners who are designing their own homes and homeowners in the process of renovating their kitchens. They contain a mechanical fan, a grease filter, and a capture panel or skirt for the various types of rising air. These range hoods are basically used to vent the air over a cooktop created while making a meal and keep your cooking space clean and safe. Keep reading for kitchen decoration tips and the pros and cons of chimney-style range hoods. From buying new to getting a range hood filter replacement, we have you covered. 

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Why get a Chimney hood?

Chimney hoods are an ideal component of any kitchen. Not only can it be an aesthetic addition, but it's also highly functional with a plethora of benefits. A range hood can:

Add to the look of a space - A range hood can be a large, statement piece to add to your kitchen. Whether you opt for a rustic, chimney-style range hood or a contemporary one, it can really elevate the design of the space. It can create a focal point to look at and add character to kitchens no matter their size.

Improve the air quality -  The filtration systems in cooker hoods can remove smoke, fumes and odors from the air, improving the air quality of the space. Not only does it help your kitchen smell better, but it’s healthier too.

Provide lighting - Many cooker hoods are fitted with lighting to aid you with cooking. This can also create more ambient light in your kitchen space, as opposed to having to always put your big light on.

Increase the value of your home - Whether you’re looking to sell now or in the future, cooker hoods are an investment that can add value to your home. Being both attractive and practical, their benefits are a real appealing factor to potential buyers.

How to take care of your Chimney hood

Once you have a chimney hood installed, it’s important to keep it well-maintained for it to be as functional as possible. The last thing you want is improper maintenance leading to malfunction and a waste of your time and money. To take care of your range hood, be sure to:

Regularly clean the filter

Your filter is what stops grease and other extracted food debris from being sucked into the hood and causing a blockage. If you let dirt build up on these it can soon cause them to stop working as efficiently as they should and also allow smells to build up in your home. To avoid this, wash your filters regularly, either in the dishwasher (if they are dishwasher-safe) or by hand washing them.

Give the rest of your cooker hood a deep clean

Your filters aren’t the only part of your cooker hood that requires a deep clean. While those parts are out and drying, use this as an opportunity to clean the rest of it as thoroughly as possible. Be sure to wipe and scrub the inside as well as the outside, letting it dry thoroughly before re-assembling it back together. 

Always pick the best setting

Most range hoods have a number of settings depending on how hard you need them to work. You can choose from a lighter-level fan when you just need to get rid of heat and steam (such as when boiling vegetables). You can then select a more intense setting when cooking something with a strong odor that you want to get rid of. Remember to also always turn off the light once you’ve finished using it to save money and power.

A great choice for range hoods

The chimney style type of range hood is a great choice, whether an island design or mounted to a wall, like the Artisan AT3, our handcrafted wall mount range hood. It is also relatively easy to install. By putting one of these models in your kitchen, you're able to prevent smoke and steam created while cooking from flooding into your kitchen. Not only does the under cabinet range hood vent outside and protect the air quality in your kitchen, it's also helping with air circulation.

Installing this type of Akdy range hood can create airflow and ventilation where previously there was none. If you've ever been to a friend's house who has one of these chimney-style hoods, you know what a difference it can make when it comes to excess, unwanted smoke and steam. All of it just gets pulled straight up through the vents and keeps the rest of your kitchen free for cooking and socializing.

Keep your kitchen clean 

Cut back on grease and keep it all absorbed with the help of a range hood. Grease contained in steam can build up on the surrounding walls and look unappealing, as well as be nearly impossible to clean off yourself. The hood on these models catches fumes and upcoming heat, smells, steam, and smoke, and safely ventilates up a chimney flue and through a vent with ease. Best of all, you can adapt these types of gold brass range hood to your style and needs by either mounting them on the wall or installing them above an island. 


  • Helps vent odor as well as smoke, steam, combustion products, airborne grease, and heat
  • Aids in the circulation of air in a kitchen
  • Keeps your smoke alarms from sounding- Improves air quality in an enclosed space
  • Choose from wall-mounted or island style
  • Your choice of with ducts or without Many different models of this type of range hood are available to choose from
  • Prevents grease from building up on surrounding surfaces and appliances
  • Stylish models add a unique touch to your kitchen Feel like a professional chef as you create your masterpiece meals
  • You can select a model that has special features, such as food warming and automatic heat sensors
  • You can choose from hoods by reliable brands such as GE, Kenmore, Broan, and more
  • Built-in lighting helps you illuminate your cooking space
  • Select from different materials to match your kitchen's interior design


  • Some models are louder than others (check cubic feet per minute ratio; the higher the CFM, the louder the hood)
  • Price range can vary- Requires a certain amount of space
  • Usually requires professional installation.

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From copper to bronze to brass to stainless steel and far more, there are many types of range hoods to choose from. You can select from many different varieties, styles, and brands including the z-line 48 range hood. No matter what you choose, you'll be creating a more sanitary and safe space to create meals for friends and family. No matter what type of Chimney Style Range Hood you get, you'll be sure to be happy with the results. Illuminate your cooking and eliminate smoke, odors, and more. So, follow this kitchen decoration tip: check out what this type of shaker range hood can do for your kitchen today.


March 3, 2015