Copper Range Hoods

 A handmade copper range hood expertly crafted from the finest materials and according to the highest design standards will do more than simply remove smoke, airborne grease, and lingering odors from your kitchen and dining areas; it will transform your entire kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary!

Whatever your design preference, a CopperSmith® range hood is ready and waiting to become the crown of your kitchen-and maybe even the focal point of your entire home.

All hoods are handmade by skilled artisans and crafted from pure copper. Every model is maintenance-free, and free shipping makes the decision easy.

CopperSmith's expert staff will help you design the perfect hood at no additional cost. We'll also help you find the right fan insert. One that is perfectly matched to your specific needs.

Our copper range hoods are available in wall mount, island mount & ductless. 

Delight Your Senses With a Copper Vent Hood


If there were one fast way to improve the look and functionality of any kitchen space, it would have to be with the addition of a copper range hood. Not only are copper range hoods efficient, but they have an incredible visual appeal. At CopperSmith, our copper hood vents can be customized to fit your kitchen needs. Order your preferred residential copper range hood today and have it shipped to you in just a few weeks.


Benefits of Having Copper Range Hoods in Your Kitchencopper range hood


Are you new to the idea of adding a copper range hood to your kitchen? There are plenty of advantages to ordering one of our copper range hoods on sale. Below are some of the biggest advantages:


  • Aesthetics — Copper has a charm and possesses a look that just cannot be replicated with any other material. From contemporary kitchens to rustic food preparation areas, copper always fits in with your décor and style.


  • Function — Like any high-quality stove hood, a copper stove hood is built to work properly at all times. This provides you with peace of mind when it comes to using the copper vent hood in your kitchen to remove excessive heat, and promptly rid your space of odors and airborne particulates.


  • Cleanliness — Did you know that copper has natural antibacterial properties? When bacteria come to rest on copper, they die very quickly without any intervention. This leads to a cleaner kitchen space. Plus, there’s no need to scour a copper range hood. Just use a soft cloth, mild soap detergent and warm water to bring it back to a beautiful sheen.


  • Evolving Looks — Copper is called a “living” material because it changes colors over time. Though the basic patina shade will not dramatically change, you will start to notice subtle differences as it ages. This is one aspect of owning a copper range hood that homeowners appreciate!


  • Affordability — Though a world-class hammered copper range hood is an investment, it is still very affordable when compared to other materials often used for range hoods. Plus, copper holds its shape, as well as adds perceived value to your home.


  • Durability — Copper is a trustworthy, sturdy material. If you are someone who plans to use your kitchen on a regular basis, you want to get a stove hood that’s up to the task.


Find Your Perfect Copper Range Hood Today


We invite you to browse through our catalog of copper range hoods at CopperSmith right now. Look over each of the range hoods that we offer and read about the unique ways they are created. If you have questions about any of our products, please call 1-888-431-4677 for prompt, reliable customer service. Our goal is for you to have a copper stove hood that you will love for life!