The Copper Workstation Sink Guide 

Ryan M. Grambart
Founder & CEO - CopperSmith
Ryan M. Grambart

The Copper Workstation Sink Guide


There is nothing more stunning in a kitchen than the natural color of a copper sink sitting under your kitchen window as the early morning sun shines through, highlighting those gorgeous copper tones. The brilliant sheen and reflective light on a natural copper workstation sink in sunshine, is almost a religiously warm and comforting experience. In the evening, you can turn on the overhead sink light to highlight your beautiful copper sink without adding much light anywhere else in your kitchen, except where you need it.

We also ingest copper in our food, even though our bodies do not produce copper. If we are not getting enough copper through our diet, then we can take supplements to boost up our levels. There are all kinds of things created with copper these days, including computer and semiconductor chips which need the exceptional electrical conductivity that no other element provides so well.

Ultimately, copper has been around for thousands of years and, today, we are finding even more uses for copper than ever before. Let us take a quick look through history to see where copper use was first used and how it spread through time.

Highlights of the Use of Copper in History

  • The oldest find, a Middle Eastern copper pendant, was recorded as created in 8,700 B.C.
  • copper plumbing water pipes, used in ancient India and the Roman Empire, dating back to 4,000 to 3,000 B.C.
  • The Copper Scroll, found in Cave 3 (official index of Dead Sea Scrolls, 3Q15), dated at 2,000 years old, is nearly 100 percent made of thin copper sheets. The consensus of why copper was used for this scroll[1] was that it would last longer, keeping its secrets safe, until needed. When found in 1952 by the shores of the Dead Sea in the Qumran Caves, the scroll had the natural green patina coating on its surface.
  • Aristocrats in the 1700s, mainly in Europe, used copper bathtubs, especially as copper retained heat longer, meaning you could have a long enjoyable soak with a cigar and a drink.
  • In the Americas, particularly what is now the United States, ancient Native Americans were the first to use copper as jewelry, and to form arrow heads, knives, and other tools, such as small fishhooks and awls. This occurred around 9,500 B.C. in the Great Lakes area (Wisconsin), yet Indian copper mining ended around 3,000 years ago, except for copper awls and copper pieces mined as beads.
  • Americans, in the 1700 and 1800s, used copper for bowls, cooking pans, canteens, and kettles.[2] Cooking utensils, such as ladles, were also common until stainless steel came along. Copper cookware continued developing well into the 20th
  • Our penny is made of copper and has been in production since 1787, in varying forms of content percentage and/or surfacing. View more history of the penny here.
  • How is a copper sink made? Check out this article and learn now. 

When mass production cookware began, copper cookware was eventually all but discarded.[3] So, what about kitchen sinks? Kitchen sinks in the early days of the United States were constructed of stone and metal-lined wooden boxes, shallow in design. The design then moved into cast iron with an enameled finish.

Only in the upper-class butler’s pantry, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, would one find the copper sink which was used to avoid breaking dishes and crystal while hand-washing them. Copper was considered a softer material than the commonly used iron cast enameled-finished kitchen sink, which, typically, was where food preparation began for any meals. Wash the vegetables and remove them to the cutting board or the countertop.

It is at this point, today, that the copper workstation sink becomes valuable. When you have the sliding copper board with drain holes, then you place your washed vegetables to drip dry without worrying if they are sitting in unsanitary conditions. You do not need to worry about using a container where moisture puddles at the bottom. Newly washed crystal wine glasses and glass tumblers can also drip-dry upside down without worry of contamination.

The copper workstation sink is a handy jewel in any kitchen with all the available beautiful tones available for your preference. But the biggest selling point for copper sinks, aside from its natural beauty, is that copper does not retain bacteria, a common issue with other sinks, which need constant cleaning and scrubbing with caustic products.

What is Copper Patina?

The natural copper sink is considered ageless, as it gets better over the decades, and develops a beautiful unique patina. The patina of any copper sink is the green/bluish coating that occurs on the surface of copper. If you have seen pictures of the Statue of Liberty, then you were looking at copper with a green patina coating. This comes with the constant exposure to the natural elements, such as salt water, high winds, and air pollution. An interesting note is the torch was replaced in 1986 during a full restoration (1982-1986) of the statue.

statue of liberty is copper

While the torch is still made of copper, the flame is covered in 24K gold leaf. It shines whenever the sun rays hit it during the day and, at night, the flame is lit up with 16 floodlights. The only time the Statue of Liberty takes a “shower” (minus soap) is when it rains over New York City. Hence, the coat of patina.

The green coating you see in copper sinks appears slowly with exposure to carbonate ion (CO2- 3), a chemical compound of carbon and oxygen. Chloride salts (sodium chloride, etc.) and sulfate, used in various cleansers, are both water soluble, and add to a copper sink’s patina. The process of patina change occurs through oxidization. This is as far as we go with the somewhat boring chemistry lesson.

It is important to avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink that contained acidic foods and juices, such as lemons, limes, grapefruits, grapes, tomatoes, and more. Juices left for a time in the sink, can leave a discoloration spot. Just remove the fruits first by dumping them into the trash or your compost bin and rinse your dishes before laying them in the sink. If any acidic residue gets on the sink, just wipe with warm water, non-caustic soap, and a soft cloth. When finished, wipe dry with another soft cloth.

Amazingly, your copper sink has self-healing properties, and the copper finish recovers itself over a few days. Depending on which copper sink you get with your selected finish, use the tools and process for cleaning, as suggested by the seller, to keep your copper sink clean and in top condition. It will continue to look beautiful every day.

Copper sinks, should you ever choose a different copper sink later, are fully recyclable and remade into something else, like copper plumbing lines, and electrical wiring. Our current pennies, however, once minted completely in copper, are now merely coated with almost 100 percent copper.

The Value of Having a Copper Workstation Sink

As noted earlier, the copper workstation sink is one of the cleanest bacteria-free areas of your kitchen. Any style copper workstation sink is also useful for restaurants where food is in constant preparation, ready to roll to the stove-top burner or inside the oven, then out to starving family and guests. Copper workstation sinks are also perfect for hospitals, medical clinics, and other places, where antibacterial protective products are required.

Your Kitchen Color Scheme

Unless you are doing a complete remodel of your kitchen, then consider the color and/or stain of your cabinets if keeping them intact. Next, consider your countertop and whether it is a solid color or has multiple colors. If you have countertops, such as granite or quartz. with veins in different colors, match one of the colors to the copper workstation sink of your choice. This creates a lovely continuation of design, texture, and color throughout your kitchen.

Keep in mind that if you want to change out your countertop, granite is also an antimicrobial material which you keep clean using your gentle soap (or seller’s soap recommendation), hot water and a soft cloth, just like your copper sink. That makes it easy to clean up your kitchen after food preparation and your meal. You also keep that standard of purification you are aiming for in your kitchen. If you have kids, train them to clean up after themselves if they spill their drinks on any granite or copper surfaces. Explain the importance of maintaining a clean, stain-free kitchen.

custom copper workstation sink

Choose a color that matches both your countertop (or one colored vein in the countertop) and your cabinets. You can also match your sink choice to one color from the countertop and one from the cabinets, too, having two tones in your sink. Or choose a color that is so different that it becomes a striking focal point in your kitchen. Pick up the same sink color by adding similar colored countertop accessories throughout the kitchen. You can have a lot of fun making these choices while you create the most beautiful and functional kitchen sink you have ever had.

The copper workstation sinks come in many different patinas, designs, and textures, and can be customized as you please. If your workstation sink is wide enough, you can not only have the draining board, but check into what is available as an attached sliding cutting board, depending on your design choice. There should be enough open space between the drain and cutting boards to use and clean the sink underneath.

Get Free Samples Delivered to Your Home

copper sink samples

Select samples of the colors, textures, and finishes you like whenever you are searching through the online catalogue at World Copper Smith online. You can order up to six samples which will be delivered free to you within seven to 10 days from your order date. Make sure the sink you like best has other options in finishes, textures, and tones, in case you want to put those up against your countertop and cabinets. Now, we look at the types of copper workstation sinks available.

Types of Copper Workstation Sink Installations

Before you start this section, take your measurements regarding how much space you have between your two side cabinets where your current sink is, and how wide and tall your kitchen sink base cabinet is, underneath. Make a note of whether you have a double sink or a single sink and where the middle of your lead-in water pipe(s) top enters the sink(s) base underneath. Also measure the holes where your faucet is, along with the water spray hose, if you have one.

Drain Location

For the single-wide sinks in the following catalogue, the drains are located at the back of the sink at the left side, middle, or right side. Your certified plumber can make any adjustments with water pipes if it is necessary.

Types of Installations

A selection you might need to make is whether you need a top-mount installation to replace your current top-mount sink, or if you are planning to change out your countertop so you can do an under-mount sink installation. Top mount means that your sink has an outer lip suitable for resting on top of your countertop. The undermount install of a sink means the sink goes in first and the countertop is laid over the sink’s outer edge and sealed. Farmhouse-styled sinks can be undermount or drop-in installations depending on whether there is a front apron or not. Make sure your sink is the right width for your cabinet

Certified Installers

You will need local certified installers for the sink, the plumbing, as well as your countertop installations if you change from one type of sink to another. Ask your seller for more information on installations. You want to protect any warranties you have, not only on your new sink, but also your countertop as well, as these usually have 10-year warranties.

Making Your Selections

workstation sink accessories

When reviewing any of these copper farmhouse sinks, you will see a selection of offerings in the following customizations. Be sure to check these out to find your favorite copper workstation sink. Try one finish and texture selection to see how the colors look, then try another until you get just the right combination that you want in your kitchen. You may many hours enjoying the different kinds of finishes and textures you can come up with for the Apron and Bowl options.

  • Apron Finish
  • Apron Texture
  • Bowl Finish
  • Bowl Texture
  • Gauge
  • Drain Location
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Height
  • Drain
  • Delivery


The apron area is the front of the sink base which is either covered by a panel that comes with your cabinets, or you can leave open for everyone to see the texture and tone of the sink. This panel is sometimes called the false drawer front. With a drop-in sink that has single or double bowls, but no solid front, the sink base is meant to be covered with that false drawer front cover.

The apron on a farmhouse workstation sink, can be flat flush to the cabinets with just a small front face overlap to fit over the edges of the cabinets on either side. Some examples you will see in our catalogue, have curved external aprons meant to be open and seen. This is a nice front that adds a sense of roundness in your kitchen. If you have the extruding round Lazy Susan cabinets at both ends of your sink base wall of cabinets, as well as the upper cabinets, then your sink will compliment that roundness. 

Gauge of Copper Thickness

You want a heavy gauge of copper for your sink so, in most cases, for the kitchen workstation copper sink, you will choose between the 16 gauge (thinner) or the 14-gauge sink (thicker). Bathroom sinks can be as thin as 20 gauge because these have much less wear and tear in daily functions. You may pay a little more for the thicker gauge, but it will be worth it for the long term, when it comes to your copper workstation sink.

In the first workstation sink below, we show how to go through the different selections that make up your options in choosing your forever sink. Try out the different finishes and textures to find your perfect combinations and keep those sink measurements handy.

The Copper Workstation Sink Catalogue

sink catalogue

  1. Farmhouse SW - Workstation Apron Sink

The Farmhouse type refers to the open front of this sink (flat apron) which is flush to the cabinets on either side, with a finished side overlap, as well as the sink’s lip over the sink cabinet underneath. The SW in the name refers to the type of sink, a single wide basin. You can choose the finish applied to the copper surface which you will choose from the right-hand side of the catalogue web page. If you click on BB, for example, you will see the Brass Burnished finish instead. This sink has the removable drying rack (with drainage holes), standard for all workstation sinks and drying boards.

After clicking BB, you then select the Apron Texture, which is now offered as Hand Hammered. In this selection, that is the only texture you are allowed, including for the Bowl Finish, which is offered as BB or another option, PB, Brass Polished. The Bowl Texture also continues as Hand Hammered, like the Apron Texture. The copper thickness is offered in 14 or 16 gauge (ga) and your drain location for this sink can be back-left, back-middle, or back right. This depends on where your plumbing incoming water pipe is located from your previous sink placement.

Next, select your width, depth, and height of your desired sink which is why you have your measurements. If you need help, contact your seller so you get exactly the information you need. Now select the drain you want installed once the sink is in place. If you want any further customization, you can contact the seller directly to find out your options. Each picture of a copper workstation sink will show how many customizable options are available for that sink at the bottom of your selection column. For example, this sink has 11+ options available for customizing your sink.

 The final step in your order is to choose the delivery time you want. For example, if you are doing a cabinet and countertop renovation of your kitchen, your sink should arrive shortly before the installation of your cabinets and your countertop, especially if you do an undermount sink installation. If you are not doing a change-out of cabinets but are changing the countertop because you want an undermount sink this time, connect with your countertop company to find out the best timing of delivery for when the sink needs to be at your home, ready to go.

copper sink


  1. Farmhouse DW Workstation Sink

The Farmhouse DW Workstation sink comes as a double sink with the sliding drain board included. It is very similar to the previous single sink except this one is a double wide (DW) sink. This means you will have two drain options when you get to that part for your customization. You have all the metal choices available as with the other one, including the natural copper (NC, etc.). This sink has 12+ available customizable options, common for double sinks.

copper double bowl sink

  1. Limited SW - Farmhouse Workstation Kitchen Sink

This undermount single wide sink includes the sliding drainage board and has a front apron with a roll coming from the top to the bottom. The apron edge is slightly extended to cover over the edges of the side cabinets but do not interfere with drawer actions. Choose the finish and texture for the front apron as well as for your bowl. For example, you can have a textured front apron with a smooth textured sink to give it contrast. Add where you want the sink drain to be, as in back left, middle, or back right. This sink has 11+ customizable options

hammered copper sink

  1. Limited DW – Farmhouse Workstation Kitchen Sink

This undermount double sink also has the top to bottom rolled front apron with slightly extended sides, meaning you can choose a different finish and texture for the panel as well as for your sinks. The construction of all these sinks, offered by Copper Smith, is fully lead-free, using only naturally pure metals. This double sink has 12+ customizable options.

Farmhouse Copper Sink


  1. Convex SW - Farmhouse Workstation Kitchen Sink

The convex (rounded outwards) front apron on this undermount workstation single-wide sink adds curves to your kitchen design. It comes with your removable drying rack. You get a choice of set finishes for the sink, but you can customize your front apron to whatever selection of finishes and textures you want. Check out your selection guide on the right side to see the different looks you can have. Choose your drain location to be back left, back center, or back right. This sink has 11+ options for customization.

copper apron sink

  1. Convex DB - Farmhouse Workstation Kitchen Sink

This lovely undermount double sink comes with a selection of finishes guaranteed to please you in every way. Select a Copper Fire finish (FC) or try the Copper Verde (VC) for a unique look if it fits in with your countertop and cabinets. Your apron texture is automatically selected as a hand hammered texture, finished by professional artisans. For the bowl finish, choose either the same finish (VC) as the apron, or choose the polished copper (PC). Now, you can choose sink sizes with one being a 60 percent of the full size and the other bowl becomes the 40 percent size. There are other sizes available, including the standard 50/50. This workstation sink has 12+ options for customization available.

antique copper sink


  1. Semi-Convex SW - Farmhouse Workstation Kitchen Sink

This single wide sink design uses the semi-convex front apron having only the center as an outward curve. The sink also comes with the standard removable drain board. Try out the Light Antique Copper (LA) which only used a Smooth Apron Texture (SM). For the Bowl Finish, you use either the smooth Natural Copper (NC) or the darker Weather Copper (WC). For the Bowl Texture, aside from the smooth version, try out the other offers which have beaten copper patterns. The drain location, as with other single wide bowls, is back-left, back-middle, and back-right. Then choose your required sink dimensions and delivery date. Check out the 11+ options for customizations.

copper kitchen sinks


  1. Semi-convex DW - Farmhouse Workstation Kitchen Sink

The double bowl workstation kitchen sink, like the others, has the sliding drain board, useful for washing and drip-drying your vegetables and fruits. You do not have to worry about whether your sink and board have any contamination resting on the surfaces. For this double sink with a semi-convex apron, try out the Rose Copper finish with a smooth Apron Texture. Your bowls can be the Natural Copper or the darker Weathered Copper with only the Smooth Bowl Texture available. You also can choose the size of each bowl as a 50/50, 60/40, or more, to indicate which bowl will be what size. The left-hand number represents the left bowl, while the right-hand number is the right-side bowl size you want. Select your sink size and then your two drains. Choose from among the 12+ customizable options available.

copper kitchen sink


  1. Undermount SW - Workstation Kitchen Sink

This undermount sink is with an outer lid that sits between the cabinet and the countertop and requires a front cabinet panel, sometimes called the false drawer. All that is visible is the single wide bowl for which you only choose the finish and the Bowl Texture. Select the drain location for the back of the sink to be on the left, middle, or right side. Provide the width, depth, and height of your sink, select the drain you want, and then the delivery time. You have 11+ options for customizing your sink further.

kitchen undermount sink


  1. Undermount DW - Workstation Kitchen Sink

Just like the single wide undermount sink above, except with two bowls, you only choose the Bowl Finish and Bowl Texture. You require a false drawer panel to cover the bottom part of the sink. With less visible on this sink, the only part you need to keep clean are the two sinks and the drains. Try out the Red Fire Copper (RF) finish to see how that looks with your surrounding cabinets and countertops. Your texture will be the same color but Hand Hammered. It is a beautiful combination of finish and texture. Select the sizes of your two bowls, 50/50, 30/70, or 70/30 percent bowl size, or any other size arrangement you like. Choose the two drains and the delivery time you want. You have 12+ options for customization of your sink.

coppersmith sink


  1. Recessed Farmhouse SW – Workstation Kitchen Sink

This single bowl sink curves at the back in its design and comes with all the finish and texture bowl selections available like the other sinks. The apron is flat, and the upper lip is 2 inches deep. You will need to calculate the sink size, minus the two inches of the edge thickness. Always ask your seller for more information if you have questions about sizing.

farmhouse sink


  1. Recessed Undermount SW - Metal Workstation Kitchen Sink

The standard color shown for this single bowl sink is the darker Burnt Copper, but you can select a different finish and texture for your inner bowl. As with all workstations, you get the sliding drain board. If you have an added a cutting board (if available), or if you simply place a cutting board over the top of the sink, you can cut and dice your vegetables and just move them off onto the drain board, rather than using a bowl to hold everything. Or you can rest your pot on the drain board and lift your prepared vegetables right into the pot. Just wash and rinse your cutting board and let it drip-dry. Everything is contained in one work area.

green copper sink


  1. Bar SW - Workstation Bar Sink

We include the bar workstation sink because if you have an island in your kitchen, along with your faucet, then why not add in a matching copper workstation bar sink. As with the two undermount kitchen workstation sinks above, you only change out the finish and texture for the single bowl. The workstation bar sink is great for taking care of washing and drip-drying your glassware. There is no worry about contaminating the edges of your glasses as the copper contains the antimicrobe properties that all the other copper sinks have. It is just a smaller sink.

Now that you have had a quick review of available copper workstation sinks available for your selection, check out the Downloads section at the bottom right side of the main sink web page. There is a host of detailed information you can select and download for further reading.


brass bar sink

The Process for Sink Installation

Cabinets Come First If Doing a Full Kitchen Renovation

The cabinets must be installed first, especially the base cabinets, which includes the sink base cabinet as the first one in, centered under the window. All other cabinets are installed evenly on each side. If there are any empty areas between cabinets, then spacers are used to close everything into a clean, snug fit.

Once the sink base is in its final seat, do a final measurement of the space inside your sink base cabinet where your sink will be installed. Base sink cabinets generally range from 30 to 42 inches wide, with a depth of 24 inches. Remember to check that sink drain hole and the top of the water pipe so it matches up correctly. Have your certified plumber come in and check the sink’s alignment and all the right fittings to have on hand to get the job done.

If the sink does not need a front cover, such as in the case of a farmhouse sink, then the cabinet installers can take that out for you. Do hang on to your cabinet’s front panel in case you need it later. However, wait to have the sink installed until after the wall cabinets are in place and considered finalized, and all the cabinet crew are gone. Avoid having anything potentially dropping into your beautiful new sink if you install it too soon.

Sink Installation

If you require an overmount installation for your sink, then wait until your new countertop arrives and is installed. Your sink simply needs a simple drop-in install, and your plumber can take care of anything that is needed, including adding the drain and your disposal as well.

If you need an undermount install, then the first step is to create a bracing shelf that will stabilize the drop-in sink before the countertop is installed. Once the sink is installed, the countertop fits right over the sink lips currently sitting on top of the cabinet edges.

The Final Look of Your Kitchen

When your sink is finally in place and the water runs perfectly through the faucet and down the drain, wipe down your sink and then sit down to relax. You might realize you can do so much more with extending copper into your kitchen. Add in copper faucets, lighting fixtures, a copper vent hood over your stove, and invest in copper cookware. Just do this a piece at a time and enjoy the process.

does copper kill bacteria

How about putting in a copper tabletop, either on your bar island, or even your plain Jane dinner table that seriously needs a surface overhaul. As copper is well known for its naturally antimicrobial properties, it can kill 99 percent of all bacteria known to humans. Copper can kill staph bacteria, flu viruses, and fungus although no one has mentioned yet if copper kills COVID-19, Omicron, or any other variants.

When you consider all that usually gets placed on copper surfaces which kills bacteria on contact, like grocery packages, food packages and more, it is a good bet that it would take out COVID-19 bacteria. online mentions in its Q&A web page that the virus is killed faster on copper surfaces although it may take four hours. 

Benefits of Copper Sinks

copper sink benefits

  • Comes in many options of beautiful finishes and textures, including the timeless natural smooth finish, and is a great focal point for your kitchen
  • Has a lifetime warrantee,
  • Can be customized for your preferences,
  • Comes with a copper drain board, which is very useful,
  • Has antioxidant properties worthy of any hospital and medical center, where bacteria proliferate,
  • Can be recycled 100 percent into something else without waste,
  • Easy to maintain, and much more.

Now come to our website at and choose the copper workstation sink you always wanted to have.

The Copper Workstation Sink Guide - Maintenance

Copper sinks are a lot more than a functional and practical addition to the kitchen. A copper sink is one of the trendiest and most beautiful focal points that will add a touch of warmth and elegance to your decor. Named among the top trends for kitchen sinks in 2023, copper is an authentic and natural material whose popularity is growing increasingly fast. Yet, this understated and mellow material requires special care to maintain its subtle character and timeless style. While being highly durable, your copper workstation sink relies on specific maintenance to keep it looking its best. 

Maintaining Your Copper Workstation Sink

It may be unclear at first why a timeless and durable material needs regular maintenance. This has got to do with the natural process of oxidation which can tarnish the appearance of your copper sink. 

We strongly invite you to check our existing guide on how to maintain your copper workstation sink. Indeed, as explained above, the tones and color of a copper sink gradually shift over time. During this normal process, it is crucial to focus on the best practice methods for cleaning and maintaining your copper sinks. This will ensure your living finish copper workstation doesn’t lose its appeal and beauty. Regular maintenance is part of preserving the beauty and longevity of your kitchen sink. Here are our tips for this durable and timeless material:

  • Always use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the sink, and avoid abrasive materials and scouring pads as these could scratch the surface.
  • Avoid corrosive and acidic substances, such as harsh cleaning products, including Comet. Homemade or bio cleaning products containing citrus or vinegar are safe to use on copper. 
  • Wipe up acidic spills immediately to prevent damage to the copper workstation.
  • Consider the application of a protective wax which will create a barrier against stained and tarnish. 



How to Clean A Copper Workstation Sink - Guide for Safe Cleaning

Copper has antimicrobial properties, yet it doesn’t have self-cleaning abilities. So, your cleaning routine will play a significant role in preserving the material’s unique properties. The cleaning steps are simple and can easily be incorporated into the routine in the kitchen: 

  • Always rinse the copper sink with warm water to remove any debris.
  • Choose a mild dish soap mixed with warm water. This will make a gentle and copper-friendly cleaning solution. Never use bleach to clean your copper workstation as it will damage the surface. Refer to our sink cleaning tips to get your copper workstation spotless in no time. 
  • Use a soft sponge or a soft cloth to scrub the sink’s surface. You can use a thin brush, such as a toothbrush, for spots that are hard to reach. 
  • Remove all traces of soap with a thorough rinsing.
  • Make sure to dry the copper sink surface. Use a microfiber cloth for drying. This will prevent water spots and mineral deposits from appearing. 

As a rule of thumb, you should clean your copper workstation sink at least once a week, or more frequently, depending on your situation. For example, if you’ve handled raw meat or fish in the sink, you should clean the surface with soap to remove bacteria and prevent stains. 

Restore Your Copper Sink’s Patina

Over time, copper can lose its shine and develop a tarnished look. The typical verdigris patina that you love on antique copper accessories is not the one you want to see on your sink. However, the tarnishing aspect is part of the natural process of living finish copper. Exposure to moisture, dirt, and air can oxidize its surface and turn the color. Thankfully, you can easily restore the initial glow of your copper workstation. 

  • Start by cleaning the sink surface following the above-mentioned method. 
  • Once the sink workstation is dry and clean, you can apply specialist copper cleaning on the surface. Alternatively, you can also use a mixture of lemon juice and salt. 
  • Rub the cleaning mix gently onto the copper sink with a soft cloth or sponge. 
  • Allow the cleaning mixture to sit on the surface for a few minutes. If you are using a copper cleaner, refer to the instructions for the exact duration. 
  • Finally, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. 
  • You can also add a coat of wax to preserve the patina. We have a natural sealing wax that is safe for copper use on our website. 


Copper Maintenance Makes Your Copper Workstation Sink Last

How long can you expect to enjoy your copper kitchen sink? The answer is: With the proper maintenance, you will have decades of use. Copper is highly durable and can withstand daily use. Exposure to abrasive products or lack of care can affect its surface and damage the overall appearance of your kitchen. 

Getting the right maintenance routine from the start is crucial to turn your gorgeous copper workstation investment into a long-lasting object of pride and joy. Now’s the time for you to embrace the many stylish, practical, and antimicrobial benefits of copper for your kitchen decor. Explore the many copper styles available on our website and design your dream copper workstation sink. We also invite you to use our 3D configurator to design your kitchen or kitchen range hood and request a quote.

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Further Resources on Copper Sinks

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