5 signs it’s time to replace your range hood

5 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Range Hood

A high-quality range hood is a durable appliance that can serve your home effectively for years after installation, but there always comes a day when it’s time to replace it – especially if it was poorly manufactured or made from a fragile material. Here are 5 signs it’s time to replace your range hood with a newer and more durable solution that will become a long-term part of your household.

Your range hood is no longer functioning properly

This one seems obvious, but for many homeowners it can often take weeks to notice there’s something wrong with your range hood. If you’re questioning the performance of your range hood, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there more smoke in your kitchen than there should be? (You’ll notice your eyes are watering more than usual while you’re cooking.)
  • Have you noticed grease settling on surfaces after cooking?
  • Is your range hood making more noise than it should be?

All these concerns typically translate to an issue with the ventilation of your range hood, which if not functioning properly defeats the purpose of having the appliance in the first place. If cleaning interior components and clearing any blockage from the hood’s ducts don’t fix the problem, it’s time for either a professional repair or a replacement.

Your range hood is no longer serving your needs

It’s not uncommon for the needs of a kitchen to change throughout the lifetime of a home. Maybe you’ve undergone a remodel and are now in need of an island or downdraft range hood rather than your previous under-cabinet or wall-mounted style. Perhaps your range has grown to meet your increased cooking pursuits and you need a larger and more powerful hood to align with that growth. Whatever the reason may be, if your range hood is no longer suiting the functional demands of your kitchen, it’s time to upgrade to one that does.

Your range hood no longer fits the aesthetic of your kitchen

Range hoods are a great way to supplement the visual appeal of your kitchen – if you find the right one that works for your taste. You may be sick of seeing the vents of your wall-mounted or island range hood and be ready to switch to an insert variety. If you’ve recently purchased new appliances and want to complement them with a copper or stainless steel range hood, a replacement may be in the cards, as well. Another aesthetic component important for homeowners that like to entertain is the noise level of your range hood. Your range hood might meet all the visual and functional needs you have in mind, but if it’s consistently too loud and disruptive while guests are in your home, a replacement can take care of this issue and deliver an all-around perfect solution.

Worn color

If the color of your range hood has changed over time – not due to the natural patina of copper but due to buildup of grease and exposure to smoke – it can be a major eyesore. A replacement to a high-quality range hood will not only fix the issue but will also provide more durability to keep it from happening again anytime soon.

Exterior damage

We know it sounds like a long shot, but we’ve seen it before: Cookware is being quickly moved throughout the kitchen while preparing a large meal and it hits and dents the range hood. This can be just as unsightly as gross discoloration, and the solution is much the same. A high-quality stainless steel or copper range hood is tough against dents and will keep your kitchen looking great through all its trials and tribulations.

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February 18, 2020