Stainless Steel Range Hoods

Our custom stainless steel range hoods are available in nearly any size, strap, and rivet for the perfect combination of precision and hand craftsmanship. Non-configurable & larger sizes are available by custom quote. Custom designs welcome.


The timeless appeal of stainless steel range hoods

There are few better ways to improve the appearance and function of your kitchen than with the addition of a stainless steel range hood. Not only are these range hoods aesthetically appealing and customizable to fit your home, but they also help preserve the condition and comfort of your kitchen while delivering numerous food prep advantages. CopperSmith’s stainless steel range hoods are designed to suit a complete range of households. Order your preferred stainless steel range hood today to have it shipped to your home in just a few weeks.


Benefits of having a stainless steel vent hood in your kitchen

Are you in the early stages of considering a stainless steel range hood for your home? There are numerous key advantages to ordering one of our range hoods, including:



Stainless steel range hoods provide a classic yet intriguing and modern look to the kitchen. With a vast range of designs and sizes and our custom capabilities, it’s easy to find the perfect range hood to provide an added spark to your home.



Cooking sends all sorts of things into the air and onto the surfaces in your home, and stainless steel range hoods do an incredible job of reducing residue buildup, reducing lingering smells, and more. Range hoods replace dirty air in your kitchen with fresh, clean air.


Increased Home Value

Adding a stainless steel kitchen hood to your kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to your home for years to come, making it a more appealing space to everyone who enters – including future buyers.



One of the greatest benefits of stainless steel vent hoods is that they don’t rust, which is a major factor when talking about a feature of your home that comes into direct and frequent contact with steam and moisture. Stainless steel range hoods are designed to look good and last for years beyond installation.



While a stainless steel range hood is an investment that will boost your property’s value, it is still an affordable feature to add to your home. CopperSmith offers an unrivaled collection of stainless steel kitchen hoods to ensure you find one within your budget that looks and functions to a world-class standard.


Find your perfect stainless steel kitchen hood today

Browse our catalog of stainless steel range hoods to find the perfect addition to your kitchen. If you have questions about any of our products, please call 1-888-431-4677 for prompt and reliable customer service. Find the stainless steel range hood that you’ll love for life!