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The Increased Popularity of Custom Range Hoods

We live in a world and age where more and more homeowners put a huge emphasis on equipping their kitchens with all the most useful appliances available on the market. Because the kitchen is such a popular place in a home, it needs to be clean and have a nice persistent smell. One of the surest ways to transform your kitchen into a haven for both your family and your guests is to upgrade it with a custom copper range hood.

What is a  Range Hood?

That fantastic looking appliance that hangs above the stove and captures all the steam when you cook is a range hood. This appliance is a must have for stay at home moms who cook on a regular basis. Moreover, this is a great product for the whole family, as it protects all of you from grease, carbon monoxide, harmful odors and dangerous fumes.

Range hoods have become increasingly popular nowadays due to the astounding health benefits they bring to the table. These devices are more than often stunning works of art, being more than copper or aluminum devices suspended from the ceiling. You can buy a custom range hood that resembles your personal style and lets you personalize your kitchen.

Top Reasons to Buy Custom Range Hoods

If you have never thought of buying a custom copper range hood before, now is the best time to consider purchasing one. Here are five reasons to start looking for a range hood today.

1. Improved Air Quality

For starters, the primary job of a range hood is to filter out air and completely remove air pollutants that are the adverse effect of cooking indoors. Steam and smoke caused by cooking float throughout the kitchen for an extended period, coating the walls and the ceiling in thick layers of grease. This is where custom range hoods come in, sucking up all those pollutants and dispersing them into the atmosphere.

2. Enhanced Comfort

Due to the annoying smells, steam, and all that stuffiness, cooking is quite a daunting experience sometimes. The good news is that custom copper range hoods can dramatically reduce these factors, transforming your strenuous cooking experience into a pleasant and fulfilling one. It is proven that the more comfortable you are in the kitchen, the more you will enjoy cooking.

3. Extra Light

Thanks to its perfect position, an overhead range hood offers the optimal lighting experience for the kitchen, illuminating the whole counter and even some other areas. This extra feature includes several lighting modes and colors. In other words, you get to choose the exact colors and types of lights that fit your needs. Some high-end products even offer lighting effects to enhance your mood and transform the cooking experience into an aesthetically pleasing one.

If you are looking to stand out of the crowd and make an impression, be ready to spend an extra $100-$200 for custom lights. You will get to enjoy custom light effects, touch-sensitive control panels, built-in HD LCD displays, and many other cutting-edge technologies that have broken new ground in this industry.

4. Remove Excess Heat

Heat is also a dangerous and very bothersome factor when cooking, especially during the hot summer months. It is no brainer that cooking goes hand in hand with plenty of heat, and it also generates steam and smoke. One of the most important advantages of custom range hoods is these devices provide relief for the cook and protect the kitchen by cooling off the cooking area.

5. Perfect Cleanliness

Lastly, custom copper range hoods offer you assistance when it comes to clean the stove. There will be no more hard-to-reach areas because you will not have to reach above the cabinets or behind the stove to clean that sticky film coated with dust. By removing this grease, range hoods help you save precious time in the long run, as you will not have to spend one hour every other week just to clean the whole cooking area.

More advanced models can even provide an additional 15 minutes of post-cook ventilation to prevent greasy residue from invading your kitchen surfaces. As an added benefit, removing all the moisture and grease prevents the growth of mold and bacteria, which in turn keeps you safe and protects allergy sufferers and people with lung problems.

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