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Ryan M. Grambart

Tuscan dining tables get their inspiration from Tuscany, Italy, a region of Europe with a unique and celebrated artistic history. They often have a rustic, elegant design featuring natural wood, stone, copper, iron, or marble in their construction. By the end of this post, you will understand what they are, the materials they are made of, and how to care for them. 

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What Are Tuscan Dining Tables?

Originally, Tuscan dining tables served the needs of farmhouses. People living in the countryside required simple yet sturdy tables to prepare food and grapes from nearby vineyards. These incredible pieces of furniture evolved to reflect the needs of locals and the region’s rich history and culture. 

Tuscan-style dining tables are substantial. Historically large Tuscan families needed additional space for their children and relatives. 

Most tables are rectangular, though some are elongated and oval. Manufacturers make them with sturdy legs and a thick top that screams quality. Putting them in rooms creates a warm and inviting atmosphere at family gatherings and social events. 

For these reasons, Tuscan dining tables are an excellent choice for anyone wanting to add charm and character to their homes. They are suitable for classic and modern homes and are easy to balance with other pieces of furniture in the room. You can also customize them, varying the shape, color, finish, and material. Get it right, and the results can be stunning. 

What Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Tuscan Dining Tables? 

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But how do you know you are looking at a Tuscan dining table? 

The main features of Tuscan dining tables are as follows:-

  • Country style – Tuscan dining tables get inspiration from Tuscany’s culture, heritage, and geography, a unique region of Italy famous for its bucolic rolling countryside and wine production.
  • Sturdy construction – Tuscan dining tables are usually made of materials designed to last, such as solid oak, pine, walnut, or chestnut, finished with delicately-carved details and wrought iron accents. Modern versions may use other materials, including glass or solid copper. 
  • Versatile and large – Tuscan tables have utility in their DNA and can accommodate many guests for a single meal, depending on the occasion.
  • Warm and welcoming – Tuscan tables have a cozy and family-orientated vibe. Most owners decorate them with tablecloths, flowers, candles, and placemats to make them more inviting. 

As you might expect from their long history, Tuscan dining tables have unique benefits that set them apart from similar pieces of furniture. Today, they remain highly sought-after, despite having been part of Tuscan family life for hundreds of years. The main benefits include:-

  • Traditional design. Tuscan dining tables are perfect for rustic, functional farmhouse kitchens because of the natural materials used in their construction. 
  • Adaptable to any situation. Tuscan dining tables are versatile enough for a meal alone or a special occasion with a dozen guests. They immediately create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. 
  • Easy to maintain. Tuscan dining tables are made of durable materials that require relatively little maintenance and upkeep aside from occasional polishes and refinishing. Most clean easily with a damp cloth. 
  • Blends with your décor. Tuscan dining tables will never go out of fashion. They can complement any interior theme with their unique features and artistic flourishes. 

How To Choose The Right Tuscan Dining Table For Your Home?

Choosing the right Tuscan dining table for your home can be challenging if you haven’t done it before. Fortunately, this section presents various tips for picking a product that meets your needs. 

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Consider The Size And Shape Of Your Room

As discussed above, Tuscan dining tables can be expansive. Therefore, check you have sufficient space in your room. Custom manufacturers can adjust the dimensions to your needs if you need a smaller tabletop. 

You should also consider the shape of your room. Tuscan dining tables can be square, round, oval, or rectangular, depending on the model and availability. Again, check whether you can fit it in your room. Round tables feel casual and intimate, while square and rectangular versions are more formal. 

Choose A Material And Finish

The next step is to decide on the material and finish you will use. Metal, wood, and stone are popular choices and combinations of all three.

Most homeowners opt for wood, but a Tuscan copper table from CopperSmith can make your kitchen look spectacular. Tables made of a mixture of natural sands and hemp-like grass that produces a lightweight concrete surface are also desirable. 

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Pick Your Table’s Style

After you have a material and finish in mind, it’s time to choose your table’s design. Tuscan dining tables can be simple and rustic (reminiscent of their original heritage) or ornate, reflecting the local culture. Simple versions usually have a smooth top and pedestal base, while more ornate options have turned legs and carved details. You can also choose refectory-style tables supported by traditional Tuscan column legs. 

Accessorize Your Table

The last step is to accessorize your table with chairs and benches. Adding these improves comfort and aesthetics. 

Always choose chairs that match your table’s materials and style. If you decide to mix and match chairs, ensure you choose examples with similar, complementary designs. Eclectic looks can work, but only with careful planning. 

Types of Tuscan dining tables

Tuscan dining tables can vary considerably, depending on the material used. This section discusses the various material options, their pros and cons, and some examples of how to style them. 

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Wood is the classic material for Tuscan dining tables. 

The pros include:-

  • Sturdy, durable, and easy to maintain
  • Add instant character to a dining room, particularly if it has an antique finish

The cons are:-

  • Expensive
  • Prone to scratches
  • Heavy to move 
  • Requires consistent maintenance for longevity
  • Can crack due to temperature and humidity changes

The number of ways you can use wood Tuscan dining tables is virtually unlimited. For example, you could find a rectangular table with a thick top and carved legs for eight-to-ten people. Styling it with a classic Southern Italian linen cloth and adding candles for a romantic, cozy dinner is an alternative option. 

Another idea is to choose a round wooden Tuscan table with a pedestal base for six people. This design yields a sleek and simple look and is perfect for card games. 


Metal is another excellent choice of material for a Tuscan dining table. It can add a touch of modernity while maintaining a traditional style. Types of metal in Tuscan dining tables include wrought iron, steel, and copper. 

The pros of metal Tuscan dining tables are:-

  • Easy to clean
  • Highly durable and expected to last
  • Instantly add character to your room with an aged or matte finish

The cons include:-

  • Prone to corrosion and tarnishing
  • May feel cold or uncomfortable

CopperSmith offers various copper tabletops that bypass the traditional limitations of metal tables. Copper doesn’t corrode but instead develops a patina – a thin oxidized layer – that protects the metal deeper down. It also has a warm, bright, glowing color that immediately draws you into the room. 

copper tuscan table style with chairs surrounding it

Metal Tuscan dining tables provide ample opportunities for creativity. For instance, combining a regular table with a metal frame and a glass top with LEDs built into the sides can look great. You could also experiment with a round table with a wrought-iron base and copper top. The rustic, cozy look is perfect for intimate kitchens and pairs with earthenware, dishes, and lanterns. 


Stone is another excellent option for anyone looking to evoke Tuscany’s ancient architecture. Manufacturers make these tables from granite, slate, marble, or artificial versions. 

The pros of stone Tuscan tables include:-

  • Beauty and desirability
  • Unique texture and color
  • The polished or honed finish

However, the cons are:-

  • Heavy and hard to move
  • Can easily chip or crack if dropped or hit by a heavy object

As with the other materials discussed above, there are many stone table configurations to explore. For instance, you might choose a rectangular table with a granite top for up to eight people, styled with a velvet runner and chandeliers. You could also try a round table with artistically-place napkins and crystal glasses for a more graceful vibe. 

Tips for maintaining and caring for your Tuscan dining table

Tuscan tables are durable, but they won’t last forever. That’s why it is critical to take care of them. But how?

How to clean and polish a Tuscan dining table

To clean and polish your Tuscan dining table, you’ll need mild soap, a soft cloth, and warm water. Don’t use any harsh or abrasive chemicals on wood. They could damage it. 

Gently wipe the table with a cloth dampened with soap and warm water, ensuring you follow the wood grain. Rinse the cloth with clean water to remove the soap residue, then dry the table with a towel. 

You can follow the same methodology if you have a metal table. 

Don’t apply water to the stone unless sealed (or your table is made of a water-resistant material, like quartz). If you think you have a sealing issue, reseal the table first before cleaning it. 

Polishing a wooden Tuscan table requires natural beeswax polish and a soft cloth. Apply a small amount of polish and then use circular motions to push it into the wood. Let it dry for 15 minutes, and then use a clean cloth to buff it and bring out the shine. 

For metal or copper tables, you can use specialized cleaners and polishes. Rubbing some metals removes the patina, helping them shine more vibrantly. 

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How to protect your Tuscan dining table from scratches and stains

Protecting your Tuscan dining table from scratches and stains requires following common sense practices. Don’t put anything heavy the table wasn’t designed to support. Don’t climb on it. 

When serving hot food, place it on mats or coasters. Put a tablecloth over the table while in use to prevent food spills from contacting the material. Don’t put any hot drinks or pans directly on the table as it could cause burns, charring, and warping. Don’t let wooden tables get wet, as it can cause marks. Always supervise children when they are near the table. 

Copper tables from CopperSmith will develop a natural patina over time. This thin oxidative layer causes shiny copper to lose its sheen. It is a natural process and part of the joy of owning a high-quality piece of furniture. 

How to repair minor damages on your Tuscan dining table

If you get small dinks, nicks, or dents in a wooden Tuscan table, you may be able to repair it with wood filler, sandpaper, and a putty knife. 

Start by cleaning the damaged area with a damp cloth, as described above, and wait for it to dry. Next, fill the scratch or dent with filler and let it dry. Once cured, sand it down level with the table, being careful not to damage the surrounding finish. (Use fine-grain sandpaper). 

Finally, apply matching stain or paint to the puttied area. It should look nearly indistinguishable from the surrounding wood.

Repairing wood and stone Tuscan tables usually requires specialists. Metal and stone workers may be able to remove dents and kinks using workshop techniques.  

Finding Tuscan dining tables

Owning a Tuscan kitchen table is a special and unique experience. These coveted pieces of furniture add value and character to your dining spaces and act as a focal point for the room. They are also durable and perfectly set up for family life.

CopperSmith sells a range of copper tabletops ideal for conversion into Tuscan-style tables. You can see what they might look like in your kitchen using our advanced 3-D configurator tool. You can also customize them to make them match your existing theme. We offer aged and polished copper, brass, stainless steel, and more. 

See our range of customizable tables on our site, or contact us for a custom quote if you have a unique order. 

February 13, 2024