Patina Fire Pits

Ryan M. Grambart
Founder & CEO - CopperSmith
Ryan M. Grambart

Outdoor fire pits have become a popular trend in recent years. Statistics suggest that the global market will be worth over $11 billion by 2030 (source). With more of us looking to make the most of our backyards and gardens, adding a fire pit is a wonderful way to enhance versatility and functionality while creating a new focal point. If you’re thinking of buying a fire pit for your home, you may be wondering what kind of fire pit to choose. There is a vast array of designs and styles available, and you can choose from a wide range of materials. 

In this guide, we’ll focus on patina fire pits. We’ll discuss the advantages of buying a patina fire pit, explore different types of patina products and share tips to help you choose the perfect patina fire pit for your outdoor area. 

What is patination?

Before we delve deeper into patina fire pit designs and benefits, it’s important to understand what patination is. If you’re thinking about buying a metal fire pit, you may be concerned about the effects of exposure to the elements over time. Patination is a by-product of oxidation and it can also occur as a result of weathering. Metals like copper develop a patina as a form of defense against corrosion. The outcome is a change of color. If you’ve been to The Statue of Liberty in New York, you’ve seen the most famous example of a patina in the world. Once a striking shade of brown, the statue now has an iconic blue-green color. The copper used to build the famous structure remains intact, but the patination process has transformed the color. 

Patination has two effects on metals, such as brass and copper. The first is the color of the metal. Copper and brass take on a green or blue-green tinge. The second is the formation of a protective coat. Metals produce a patina to shield them against the elements. 

Buying a patina fire pit: What are my options?

There are two main options to consider when buying a fire pit if you like the aesthetic of patina fire pits. The first is to purchase patina fire pit products, which already have a protective coating and a distinctive aged effect. Patina fire pits can be treated to accelerate the natural patination process, enabling people to enjoy the visual appeal of metals with a patina without waiting for nature to take its course. The second option is to buy a metal fire pit and wait for the patination process to unfold. If you purchase a copper fire pit, for example, and you don’t take steps to protect it from moisture, the color will change due to oxidation and exposure to different weather conditions. 

patina fire pit options

Patina fire pits

If you love the unique aesthetic of a weathered fire pit, and you want to create a bold statement in your outdoor space, you can buy patina fire pits. Patina fire pits already have the protective coating and they will look different from conventional brass or copper fire pits. Rather than having a vibrant orange or golden glow, they will have a green or blue-green hue. You can choose between different designs and finishes featuring varying degrees of discoloration. Often, patina fire pits have a mottled effect, which can create a spectacular, striking outdoor feature. 

Metal fire pits

Metal fire pits are one of the most popular types of fire pits. Metals are often chosen for their stunning aesthetics, durability and versatility, but they may also be an appealing option due to the way they age. Metals like copper will start to show signs of oxidation. Usually, this means that you will be able to detect blue-green patches on the metal. You can choose to embrace the effects of patination or delay the process by protecting your fire pit against the elements. Many people who consider copper fire pits love the changing colors and the unique aged effect that becomes increasingly visible over time. A copper patina fire pit offers something different from more uniform, classic designs like steel and stainless steel fire pits. 

What are the advantages of a patina fire pit?

advantages of owning a patina fire pit

The range of fire pits available to customers today is staggering. There are so many options in terms of styles, designs, materials, shapes, sizes and fuel types. Before you buy a fire pit, it’s useful to weigh up the pros and cons, particularly when exploring different materials. Here are some amazing advantages of buying a patina fire pit:

Unique aesthetics

The most alluring selling point of a patina fire pit is the way it looks. Patina fire pits have unique aesthetics, which can transform any outdoor space in a second. Whether you’ve bought a pre-designed patina fire bowl, or you’re looking to purchase a copper fire pit, which will change color in time, you can make a bold statement in your backyard. Inject color, texture and interest with a patina fire pit and set your design apart. 

Customizable design options

Patina fire pits offer homeowners the opportunity to enjoy customizable design options. You can choose from a diverse range of styles and opt to buy an aged fire pit or let your metal fire pit evolve and change over time. 


It’s understandable to focus on the visual impact of patination, but it’s important to remember that a patina is a protective coating. By developing a patina, the fire pit will become more durable.

pedestal bowl patina fire pit


Copper is a relatively lightweight metal, which means that copper patina fire pits are ideally suited to customers who want to be able to move their fire pit. If you have different areas in your garden, for example, a dining area and a relaxing, serene seating section, you may want to relocate the fire pit depending on where you are. Metals like copper and stainless steel are more practical and portable than stone, concrete and heavier metals. 


Copper is an excellent conductor, which is why it is used commonly for fire pits and cookware. With a copper patina fire pit, you can generate a lot of heat quickly and stay warm for longer. 

Taking care of a patina fire pit

Taking good care of your fire pit is an effective way to prolong its lifespan, enhance functionality, reduce the risk of damage and improve performance. Here are some simple steps to take to maintain your patina fire pit:

tips on how to increase the lifespan of a fire pit

Pre-weathered copper and brass fire pits

If you are buying a pre-weathered copper or brass fire pit, which already has a patina and you want to protect against oxidation, it’s beneficial to do the following:

  • Place a cover over your fire pit after use (always wait for the fire pit to cool completely)
  • Store your fire pit indoors during the winter if you don’t plan to use it
  • Position your fire pit away from water
  • Apply a wax seal to the metal
  • Dry your fire pit after showers or storms
  • Clean the ash away after use using warm, soapy water: this will help to prevent burn marks
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning products

Copper fire pits

If you are buying a copper fire pit, and you plan to embrace the changing color as the patina forms, take these quick and easy maintenance tips on board:

  • Keep your fire pit clean: wipe the surfaces regularly using warm water and mild, everyday detergent
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials, such as steel wool
  • Store your fire pit indoors during extreme weather

Your copper fire pit will develop a patina due to oxidation. The time it takes to notice the effects will vary according to where you live and the weather conditions. If you live by the sea, for example, and you leave your fire pit outside, patination will occur faster than if you live in a dry area or you use protective covers. 

copper patina fire pit

Finding the perfect fire pit for your garden

More and more people are choosing to add a fire pit to their gardens. It’s fantastic to have a choice of incredible designs and styles, but how do you narrow down your options and find the perfect product? If you’re on the hunt for a standout fire pit for your outdoor space, here are some tips to help you choose:

Consider your budget

Fire pits range from inexpensive DIY projects to luxurious, high-end designer fire bowls and tables. Before you start shopping, set a budget. Once you know how much you want to spend, you can think about materials, size, design and fuel type. When you compare prices and visit stores and websites, prioritize value for money. If you don’t want to replace your fire pit every few years, it makes financial sense to invest in a top-quality product made using durable materials. 

Choose a design that complements your style

There is a dazzling range of fire pits available. From understated, modern stainless steel round fire pits and beguiling patina fire bowls to simple, clay fire pits and extravagant rectangular copper fire pits, there is something for everyone. Choose designs that complement your style and the look you want to create in your backyard. Explore trends and design options and consider customized designs if you can’t find anything that checks all of the boxes. 

Think about how you will use your fire pit

Fire pits can elevate the look of your backyard, but they also serve a purpose. Before you choose a fire pit, think about how you will use it. Are you keen to create a cozy, inviting, intimate chill-out zone? Do you want to make your garden more versatile by adding warmth, heat and light to communal areas? Are you eager to make a statement and use your fire pit as a focal point or design feature? Do you want to cook over your fire pit? Are you extending your indoor living space with a new outdoor area? Once you’ve answered these questions, you should have a better idea of which types of fire pits will suit you best. 

Is a copper patina fire pit the right choice for me?

If you’ve been researching materials and looking at different types or styles of fire pits, you may be thinking about taking the plunge and buying a copper patina fire pit. There are several advantages to purchasing a copper fire pit, but it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons based on your requirements and preferences. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider:

pros and cons of owning a fire pit


  • Durability: copper fire pits last for years and are among the most durable products on the market.
  • Natural beauty: copper patina fire pits are naturally beautiful. Whether you buy an aged product or a copper fire pit, which develops a patina further down the line, you can guarantee stunning aesthetics. 
  • Compatibility with different fuel types: copper can be used with multiple types of fuels, including wood, gas and liquid propane.
  • Customizable aesthetics: copper changes color over time, but you can enjoy a degree of control over the aesthetics of your fire pit. If you want to delay patination, you can reduce exposure to the elements by storing your fire pit indoors and using protective covers. If you want to speed up the process and embrace the unique look of aged, weathered copper, you can let the elements take their toll. Always remember to keep up with other maintenance tasks, such as cleaning. 


  • Cost: copper patina fire pits are not the cheapest option. They usually cost more than most other materials. Despite the higher cost, copper can be an excellent investment as it lasts longer than other materials. 
  • Maintenance: if you don’t want your patina fire pit to age further or change color, you’ll need to invest time and energy in cleaning and maintenance, especially if you live by the water or you reside in an area known for its unpredictable weather. 


Patina fire pits are known for their unique, distinctive and captivating aesthetics. If you like the idea of a patina fire pit for your garden, it’s beneficial to explore different styles and learn more about the pros and cons of copper patina fire pits. 

At CopperSmith, we have a sensational selection of copper and brass fire pits to suit every customer. If you’re looking for a patina fire pit, or you’d like advice about finding the right fire pit for your backyard, we’re here to help! Contact us for a custom quote or get inspiration on our website using our fantastic 3D configurator tool. 

February 23, 2024