Modern Vent Hoods

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Understanding range hood style

They're called vent hoods, stove hoods, extractor hoods, cooker hoods, and range hoods (one word - rangehoods - if you're in Australia).

All those names describe the same thing: a device that collects your polluted kitchen air and vents it either outside or filters it internally. Every properly equipped kitchen needs one, for your health mostly, but also because a finely crafted and tasteful vent hood can become the aesthetic focal point of your entire kitchen design.


Modern range hoods draw on centuries of craft. CopperSmith is proud to make a catalog of styles that can complement and elevate any kitchen. Choose materials, from a brushed stainless steel range hood to a copper range hood, and a multitude of details including trim and apron, for a range hood as unique as the kitchen it will inhabit.

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What are the different types of hood vents?

First, let's take a look at the different styles of range hoods offered by World CopperSmith. There are seven primary lines, each containing several variations of the essential silhouette.


The Artisan is a balanced and nuanced design. Its apron and trim can be customized fully, as with all of our models, making for a truly versatile hood.

artisan range hood design


With a somewhat stouter and more square silhouette than the Artisan, the Classic embodies elegance without the need to be flashy.

classic range hood for kitchen



A statement piece, the Designer line features a refined box shape that possesses a serious visual presence. The three variations are quite different from one another, each suiting a unique aesthetic disposition.

designer vent hood


The Euro's slim "chimney" gives this vent hood a delicate feeling, balanced by a broad hood opening.

euro style kitchen


Our Modern hood silhouette plays off a pleasing pyramidal shape, a synthesis of some of the other models that achieves its own unique effect.

modern range hoods


The Premier has a distinctive front-facing shape with a sloped facade, making this range hood perfect for a wall-mount range hood.

under cabinet range hoods


The Signature has a classy, near-regal appearance, owing to its beautifully sloped shape and ornate detailing. The arched apron appears in several of the models, bringing an inviting geometry to your cooking area.

unique style range hood

What should I look for when buying a range hood?

When deciding on a custom hood for your kitchen, take into consideration the rest of your kitchen appliances, countertops, floors, walls, and cabinets. You want your range hood to work with the rest of your kitchen design, playing off the existing texture, color, and shape of your kitchen. Or, if you're embarking on a full kitchen remodel - you want your hood to be part of a coherent whole.

This will mean something different for every kitchen. Discuss your potential selection with someone whose taste in decor you trust. Or, reach out to our customer service, who would be happy to make a suggestion.


Just as important as the model of range hood is its placement. Your hood should always be placed above your cooktop, so your options are a wall-mounted range hood, an island range hood, or an under-cabinet range hood.

Does a vent hood have to vent outside?

Not necessarily, which brings us to the next consideration, whether your range hood will be ducted or ductless.

A ducted range hood brings your polluted kitchen air to the outdoors. This may require a duct extension kit and additional work, depending on the location of your hood and its proximity to the exterior of your home.

A ductless hood, on the other hand, filters your air inside the range hood by extracting through a charcoal filter. This will require a filter change every few months (in contrast to the aluminum mesh filters or baffle filters used in ducted vents, which only rarely require maintenance), but eliminates the need for ductwork.

ductless range hood filter

How do I vent my stove without a hood?

If you don't have room for a proper hood (although an under-cabinet range hood can fit almost any space), it is possible to install a downdraft vent below your stove. However, this won't catch all of the airborne irritants, resulting in incomplete ventilation.

When did range hoods become popular?

Range hoods first became popular in the late Nineteenth Century, as indoor plumbing and ventilation were becoming widespread. In the midst of the Industrial Revolution, people began to realize the crucial importance of home ventilation, especially with heavy cooking fumes.

Which exhaust fan is best for a kitchen?

Exhaust fan power, measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute of air ventilated), varies widely. Most kitchens seeing average use will require around 600 CFM. If your kitchen is rarely used, 300 CFM could be sufficient. If you do a lot of cooking, however, a 900 or 1200 CFM remote control blower may be needed to fully ventilate your space. Our customer service team is happy to help estimate the CFM requirement of your kitchen.

CopperSmith insert fans come standard with tempered glass LED bulbs for lighting, and can be configured for ducted or ductless hoods.

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Customize with CopperSmith

Maybe your home is a rustic cottage, with farmhouse sinks and natural copper fixtures that exude warmth and timeless craft. Or maybe yours is an ultra-modern abode, with black stainless steel appliances contrasting marble counters.

From one end of the aesthetic spectrum to the other, and everywhere in between, World CopperSmith offers premium vent hoods handcrafted to the highest standards of excellence. Protect your lungs and beautify your space with a custom range hood from our collection.

May 4, 2022