5 Best Copper Sinks for Kitchens

Ryan M. Grambart
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Ryan M. Grambart

5 best copper sinks for kitchens

When you are designing your kitchen, the sink plays a pivotal role. In many respects, the kitchen sink is the center point of kitchen operations. Do you want your sink to be the focal point of the kitchen or harmonize with the rest of the decor? A handmade copper sink infuses style and individuality into your kitchen. Copper is a durable metal and copper sinks often last 30 years or more.

World Coppersmith specializes in handcrafted copper sinks and other copper items for your home. When you are looking for the best in both aesthetics and quality, visit World Coppersmith for all your handcrafted copper needs. Wondering which copper sink is ideal for your kitchen? Here are a few facts about copper sinks, as well as our selection of the 5 Best Copper Sinks for Kitchens in 2022.

What Are The Benefits of Copper Sinks?

To understand what makes copper sinks so desirable, here are a few facts about copper. Copper is known as the oldest metal used by humans on a large scale. Copper was first used in tools as far back as 10,000 years ago. It originated from Cypress and was mined there by the ancient Romans. Copper has amazing antimicrobial properties. Germs and viruses cannot live on copper. This is beneficial for any kitchen surface, especially sinks. Another benefit of copper kitchen sinks is they generally remain stain-free. You will need to be careful about acids.

Copper is a soft yet durable metal with interesting properties. Sharp objects can scratch copper. Hot appliances, containers, and utensils can mar the copper finish. Over time, copper tends to darken in color. This characteristic is called patina. Copper can be polished or natural. Both varieties of finishes are beautiful and a matter of choice. Copper sinks are more expensive than sinks made from other materials, and they require special care, but the end result is well worth the investment of money and effort.

How to Select Your Copper Sink


  • Size and Space - What size of a sink do you need? How much space do you have in your kitchen? Take time to visualize the sink in your kitchen. What details and finishes do you prefer? Do you like smooth copper or hand hammered?
  • Single or Double Sink - Do you prefer a single bowl or do you prefer the convenience and look of double bowls?
  • What Copper Sink style do you like? An Apron Front Sink extends all the way to the front of the cabinet. An Undermount Sink will be even with the countertop. If you’re looking for a stylish sink, a Copper Vessel Mount Sink sits on top of the cabinet and creates a beautiful focal point for your kitchen.
  • What Copper Finish do you prefer?

You may be able to customize and select the finish you prefer for your copper kitchen sink. In general, you can choose between textured and smooth finishes. Textured finishes are hand hammered in different styles such as Beehive, Bouquet, Grain, Heavy, Hood, or Light.

If you prefer a smooth finish with little to no texture, you can look at Antique Copper finishes, New Penny, Old Coin, Rose, and Weathered copper. As you look at the shades and copper finishes available for your kitchen sink, you can see the customization options enable you to create your own unique signature focal point for your kitchen.

How Difficult Is It to Clean A Copper Kitchen Sink?

It is easy to keep your copper kitchen sink clean. All you need is a sponge or soft microfiber cloth, some warm water, and mild dish soap.

Avoid using scrubbing or scouring pads. Never clean with abrasive cleansers. There is no need to.

Also, avoid placing too many heavy pots and pans in the sink at once. The sink may be scratched or damaged from the weight.

Your copper sink with its antimicrobial properties kills harmful bacteria. You can dry your copper sink with a soft cloth.

One more thing to remember. Avoid placing acidic foods in your copper sink. Examples of acidic foods include oranges and tomatoes. Rinse your sink immediately if acidic food is placed in it.

Is The Gauge of A Copper Sink Important?

copper sink gauge

As you select your copper kitchen sink, you will find references to the gauge of the copper. The gauge is the thickness of the copper. Pay close attention to the gauge because it provides important clues about the quality and longevity of the copper.

Your copper sink should last you forever if you care for it properly and choose the highest quality sink within your budget. Any sink with a gauge higher than 18 may dent easily and should be avoided. The lower the gauge number, the thicker and more durable the sink is.

The higher the gauge number, the thinner, more lightweight, and potentially less durable the sink will be. All of our copper kitchen sinks at World CopperSmith are made of high-quality 16 gauge copper or premium 14 gauge, which is 33% thicker.

You can feel the difference in quality when you hold a copper sink made of 16 gauge copper compared to higher gauge sinks. There is a definite weight and solidness.

Here is a way to test the thickness of your copper sink: If you hit the copper, less expensive copper sinks (made with higher gauge copper) give a tinny sound. High-quality 16-gauge or lower sounds fuller in tone.

You can customize your sink with a variety of options so it fits perfectly into your kitchen design and layout. Now that you have a little background information on copper and copper kitchen sinks, it will be easier to understand what makes the following the 5 Best Copper Sinks for Kitchens in 2022.

Best Copper Sink 1: Farmhouse Double Bowl Apron Kitchen Sink

hammered copper sinks

Farmhouse sinks get their name because they were common sinks in farmhouses, where the need for a large sink in the kitchen was essential. Plumbing was not always installed in these houses, so sinks had to be able to hold adequate water.

Now, plumbing is expected, but this type of sink remains very popular because of its versatility and ability to hold a large quantity of water and many dishes at once. Farmhouse sinks come in many styles and types, but we are starting with the Copper Farmhouse Double Bowl Apron Kitchen Sink.

What Makes This One of the 5 Best Copper Sinks?

This sink makes a statement. Completely constructed of natural materials, this double bowl style offers plenty of space and options for a busy kitchen. The drain hole (3.5 inches in diameter) is designed for compatibility with today’s standard kitchen plumbing.

What makes this Copper Farmhouse Double Bowl Apron Kitchen Sink great is the attention to detail. The bowls are made of living finishes.

The front-facing apron is available in a variety of customizable textures and finishes to achieve the perfect look for your kitchen. An Apron Front Sink is a great choice if you are designing a wheelchair accessible kitchen.

Does This Sink Have Any Drawbacks?

If you do not have much space in your kitchen, this sink may not be the best choice for you. Farmhouse apron sinks take up a lot of space and are traditionally for large families or for active kitchens that benefit from a lot of sink space.

Copper Farmhouse Double Bowl Apron Highlighted Details:

  • 14 Gauge
  • Front Apron styling with ample sink space
  • Customizable size, finish, and texture
  • Double Bowl

Best Copper Sink 2: Recessed Undermount Single Bowl Workstation Kitchen Sink

best undermount sink

What Makes This One of the 5 Best Copper Sinks?

The undermount sink is smooth, rimless, and fits flush with the countertop. This is a very attractive modern-looking feature.

When you are looking for a striking, recessed sink that pairs perfectly with your countertops, this sink overdelivers in appearance, quality, and functionality. The faucet can be installed in creative ways such as wall mounted.

Another advantage of the undermount sink is that it doesn’t have to be the focal point of the kitchen. Undermount sink installation is easy but professional installation is still recommended.

The Burnt Copper color is rich and beautiful. There is a convenient work area that holds food or keeps your sink workspace organized.

Does This Sink Have Any Drawbacks?

If you are looking for a more dramatic focal point for the kitchen, this sink may not be prominent enough for your style. The countertop must be strong enough to accommodate the undermount installation.

Highlighted Details:

  • 16 Gauge
  • Customize style, faucet, and drain options
  • Fits evenly with countertops
  • Easy to install and maintain

Best Copper Sink 3: Semi-Convex Double Bowl Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


rounded copper sink

What Makes This One of the 5 Best Copper Sinks?

This double bowl farmhouse kitchen sink features two bowls or basins with a separator between the two. The semi-convex design adds elegant style to your kitchen.

Having two bowls offers a lot of flexibility:

  • Wash dishes in one bowl and allow hard-to-clean items to soak on the other side.
  • Keep one bowl dedicated to dishes that were contaminated with raw meat or poultry and require disinfection.
  • Use one bowl for food prep and the other bowl to hold dirty dishes.
  • Keep breakables like glasses in one bowl and heavier pots and pans in the other.
  • If a garbage disposal is installed in one of the bowls, it can be kept free for use by placing dishes in the other bowl.

Does This Sink Have Any Drawbacks?

If you have a tiny kitchen or limited counter space, you will probably want a single bowl copper sink. A possible drawback is the difficulty in washing large items like baking sheets since there is not a single large sink area. You may want to consider if you will use both sinks. If not, it may make sense to opt for a single bowl.

Semi-Convex Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink Highlighted Details:

  • 14 Gauge
  • Semi-Convex Design
  • Double Bowl

Best Copper Sink 4: Convex Double Bowl Workstation Sink


incredible sinks

What Makes This One of the 5 Best Copper Sinks?

Workstation sinks are especially convenient when space is at a premium. If your kitchen is smaller or you simply need extra surface space, the drying rack that sits on top of the workstation sink is very useful.

The drying rack on this Copper Convex Double Bowl Workstation Sink also functions as a cutting board. This sink offers versatility with its upscale convex design. The antibacterial properties of copper add even more value to this attractive sink.

Instead of shuffling dishes and food prep chores from counter to counter, this sink enables you to:

  • Increase kitchen workspace
  • Wash your dishes and allow them to drip dry without taking up counter space
  • Leave dirty dishes in the bottom of the sink while using the cutting board for other tasks.
  • Chop vegetables on the cutting board with easy cleanup of scraps and peels.
  • Protect breakable dishes by placing them in a bowl away from heavier dishes and pans.
  • Organize your meal prep.

Does This Sink Have Any Drawbacks?

It is rare to find a Convex Double Bowl Workstation Sink owner with any complaints. The functionality, ease of keeping counters clean, antibacterial properties of copper, and the convenience of the additional chopping board/ drying rack surface make this sink a favorite. The cost may be higher than other kitchen sinks but the design is premium quality, hand-crafted by artisans.

Convex Double Bowl Workstation Sink Highlighted Details:

  • 14 Gauge or 16 Gauge
  • Convenient drying rack can also be used as a cutting board
  • Workstation styling streamlines your kitchen processes
  • Double Bowl
  • Elegant Convex styling

Best Copper Sink 5: Convex Single Bowl Farmhouse Workstation Kitchen Sink


best farmhouse sink


What Makes This One of the 5 Best Copper Sinks?

A convex single bowl farmhouse workstation kitchen sink has a single basin without any divider. One of the most popular features of a single bowl sink is it takes up less counter space than double bowl sinks. You can easily wash even larger pans like baking sheets in the single bowl workstation sink. If you plan to install a garbage disposal, this type of sink can accommodate it easily.

One of the most popular features of a workstation kitchen sink is the removable drying rack. This rack conveniently sits on one side of the sink bowl and also functions as a cutting board. Food scraps and peels can conveniently be collected in the sink.

Does This Sink Have Any Drawbacks?

This is not a design defect, but you will need to be careful about placing both breakable dishes and heavier pots and pans in the sink at once. It is easy for glasses and porcelain dishes to chip or break.

Copper Convex Single Bowl Workstation Highlighted Details:

  • 14 Gauge or 16 Gauge
  • Select the copper finish for the Front Apron
  • Customizable in size, finish, and texture
  • Single Bowl styling is preferred for washing baking sheets and other larger items.
  • Removable drying rack/cutting board for convenience and efficiency.

Brief Buyer’s Guide to Copper Sinks

copper sink guide

Here are a few things to consider as you select your favorite copper kitchen sink.

  • Consider the size of your kitchen.

Copper sinks are large in size. This is normally a benefit, but if your kitchen is unusually small and space is at a premium, you’ll want to measure carefully to ensure you have enough room. Decide whether a single or double sink will better suit your needs and the kitchen space.

  • Installation of a copper farmhouse sink requires a professional.

You will probably want to have your copper sink professionally installed to ensure it is done correctly. Copper farmhouse sinks and undermount sinks, in particular, are difficult to install and are worth the cost to have professionals handle the work.

  • Copper sinks should be welded, not soldered.

Soldered seams can eventually leak and become gray over time. World Coppersmith sinks are created with the highest quality craftsmanship and full apron welded seams.

  • Drain considerations.

The positioning of the drain on your chosen copper sink may slightly affect its draining effectiveness. The drains in most kitchen sinks are located in the center of the sink, but sometimes other locations are preferred. Confirm the size of the sink hole to ensure everything aligns. You may have a preference for the position of the drain that can be customized when the sink is made. The bottom of the sink will slightly slope downward so draining will not be a significant issue.

These are 5 of the Best Copper Sinks for Kitchens 

A copper kitchen sink provides an attractive focal point to your kitchen space. It is an investment piece that may add to the overall value of your home.

The best copper kitchen sinks listed above work well with modern or traditional designs. Copper is a living metal that will last many years with proper care. You can feel good about the antimicrobial nature of copper.

With customizable styles and features and highly skilled artisans, World Coppersmith offers copper kitchen sink options for every kitchen. Call us at 952-800-7815 and our specialists will help you select the perfect copper sink that captures your vision for your kitchen.

Thinking of adding a copper sink to your kitchen? Check out the top five best copper sinks at CopperSmith. 

What Are The Downsides of Copper Kitchen Sinks?

If you’ve ever seen a copper kitchen sink, then you’ll know that it can really elevate the look and feel of a kitchen. After all, they’re pretty stunning! However, with that being said, it would be wrong to say that copper sinks are wholly positive. As with any other material, there are downsides that you’ll need to be aware of. While on balance we think copper sinks are very much worth installing in your kitchen, it’s best to be aware of the potential downsides before you make your decision. 

More Expensive Than Other Options

If you’re looking to add the most affordable kitchen sink on the market, then it’s unlikely that it’ll be made of copper. Copper kitchen sinks are among the most expensive on the market, often double the price of steel kitchen sinks. However, while you’ll need to pay more money upfront to add this type of sink to your kitchen, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you’ll have a gorgeous sink that’ll last a lifetime. Plus, many copper sinks appreciate in value, so in this sense, you can consider it an investment. 

Requires Maintenance

Copper kitchen sinks will last a lifetime. However, they will require some maintenance from time to time, often more than other sink materials. This is because, since copper is a reactive, living material, it can interact with acid, chemicals, and water. Over time, this can cause the sink to develop a green film called a patina. That’ll only happen if no maintenance measures are taken, however. At a minimum, you’ll want to keep your sink dry and use copper-friendly cleaning agents when you decide to give your sink a deep scrub. 

You Can’t Install a Copper Sink Yourself

Most people find that it’s best to leave the job of installing the sink to the professionals. When you’re adding a copper sink to your kitchen, that’ll certainly be the way to go. Even if you do have some experience in installing sinks, the heaviness of copper means that it will be better to leave the job to someone else to prevent a risk of injury. 

They Can Experience Wear and Tear 

Copper sinks are strong, but they’re not impenetrable. Over time, your sink may show signs of wear and tear in the form of dents and other marks. You can limit the chance that your sink will experience damage by selecting a thicker gauge during the ordering process. However, while thinner gauges are more likely to experience some bumps and dents, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many people believe that dents can help to give copper more character. In any case, even without one or two dents, the beauty of copper will always shine through. 

Other Sink Kitchen Materials to Consider

There’s much to love about copper sinks, but there are other sink material options available to you, too. At World CopperSmith, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality sinks from copper, brass, and stainless steel. 

Brass Kitchen Sinks

Brass is almost copper’s sister material. Just like copper, it features a timeless design and is long-lasting — you won’t need to think about buying another kitchen sink anytime soon! They’re also good for the environment since most of the brass comes from recycled sources. Taking care of a brass kitchen sink is also straightforward; you’ll just need to wipe the surface with soap and warm water, and it’ll be as good as new. 

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks aren’t as luxurious as copper or brass kitchen sinks, but they’ve still got a lot going for them. They’re highly durable, easy to look after, and they come in a wide variety of styles, so you can get the one that’s perfect for your needs. 

Design Your Kitchen Sink Today 

Ready to get your dream copper kitchen sink? Here at World CopperSmith, we’ve made the process of designing and ordering a custom sink as straightforward as possible. All you need to do is check out our selection of copper sinks and find the design that’s right for you. Once you’re through to the product page, you’ll be able to customize the sink by adding the apron finish, bowl texture, gauge, dimensions and more that’s right for you. Once you’re done, you’ll be sent a 3D configuration of your design within 24 hours, along with a quote. If everything looks right to you, we’ll begin the process of making your sink, and you’ll be on your way to having the sink of your dreams. 

September 4, 2022