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zinc range hoods



Every homeowner wants to feel in control of the creation of their space. From the exterior color, size, location, and dimensions to the interior layout, theme, ambiance, and finer finishing details, constructing a home from start to finish is a work of art. Interior designers come into the picture and assist in this process, sharing their knowledge and expertise on the latest trends, cutting edge performance as well as how the homeowner can get the best bang for their buck. Putting together a kitchen is certainly no different; in fact, it can be the most important tool in an interior designer’s arsenal.

To begin, it’s crucial to consider the type of material that will be most prevalent in the space, as it can largely determine the number of options in regards to style, finish and visible wear and tear. Range hoods are an appliance that requires the utmost attention and care, as they provide an eco-friendly, breathable environment for many years down the road. Choosing an ineffective material will negatively impact not only the homeowner’s wallet in the future but also the safety of everyone’s health. In this article, we’ll investigate one of interior design’s most prized metals: zinc, it’s prevalence in the modern kitchen design, and why it is a highly regarded material in the realm of range hoods.



Zinc is a metal found in Earth’s crust. It is utilized in a variety of modern applications, including brass musical instruments, railroad tracks, silverware, and an abundance of moving parts that make up different machines. Depending on the temperature, zinc ranges in appearance from a blueish white to a bright, shimmery color.

As the range hood is implemented in kitchen use, it coincides with a vast array of aesthetic desires and personal styles. In regards to range hoods, zinc is an attractive material choice for interior designers due to its neutral, matte finish, impeccable malleability, durability, and eco-friendly nature.

Many homeowners desire a sleek, low-profile kitchen. Appliances, especially range hoods, are subtly complemented with a zinc finish, as its covert appearance can also be decorated with colorful metal straps and flashy lines to accentuate its presence. Additionally, zinc is a material that can be easily shaped without creating too much stress on its body–from ornate curves to sharp, angular lines, zinc provides an endless amount of design opportunities for the interior designer and homeowner.

A zinc range hood blends beautifully with other metals in the kitchen, but don’t be fooled by its soft features. Zinc is a powerhouse, flexible through high heat, freezing cold, and drastic temperature changes caused by frequent use, and its versatility doesn’t stop there. One overlooked fact is that zinc is, indeed, recyclable.

The homeowner can rest assured that not only are they ensuring a particle-free, healthy environment for their family, but that they’re positively contributing to the environment knowing that their range hood material can be repurposed after running its course. Above all, the sheer workability of this material gives interior designers a solid base, leaving them open and enthusiastic to create innovative designs in and out of the kitchen.


The purpose of range hoods is to ventilate byproducts such as steam, grease, dust, and odors, expelling them out into the air. Families need to install this appliance, as it will contribute to the breathability of the home while further adding monetary value. However, this doesn’t mean a range hood can’t be stylish and match the aesthetic of the kitchen.

Given the versatility and abundance of zinc, any model of range hood can benefit from its implementation–wall-mount, island hood, ductless, geocentric shapes, the list goes on. Major online retailers, manufacturers such as Home Depot and Lowes, as well as specialty kitchen stores carry a wide variety of zinc range hoods, many times boasting a lower price tag than other materials.


A few things you should know when shopping for a zinc range hood

Zinc range hoods are growing in popularity, primarily because of their beautiful aesthetic appeal. Zinc has a crisp, silvery coloration with a silky, matte finish. At the same time, it forms to shape snugly and is well-suited to modern, geo-centric designs with sharp angles and clean lines. The contrast of a soft finish over a rigid structure is striking and wholly unique. The result is an economical, durable range hood with a distinctive aesthetic that blends well with other silver metals in the kitchen like stainless steel, nickel, and aluminum.

Here are a few things you should know when shopping for a zinc range hood:

Fitting your range hood

If the company you’ve contracted to build your hood makes house calls, an expert will look at the kitchen area and take a few measurements to ensure an ideal fit. If not, you’ll need to measure the height of the ceiling and determine an appropriate width for the hood based on the size of your cooking area.

Color choices 

Zinc coatings are available in darker or lighter shades that can be adjusted to complement a home’s décor and provide a good match for the oven range below. Custom designs may incorporate details that provide visual contrast, such as straps and rivets coated in darker or lighter shades.

Know the designs

Researching range hood designs help to make an informed decision on which style of range hood is best for your kitchen. Here’s a list of the available designs to get you started:

– Single Roll, Slope Front, Venice, French Sweep, Sweep Front, Cylinder, Double Roll, Pyramid, French Country, Ultra Low Profile, French Bell, French Roll, Double Sweep. See all our range hood styles here.


Dark Zinc Range Hood


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