Zinc Range Hood

Zinc Range Hoods

A Brief History Of Zinc

Hundreds of years before its use as a base metal, zinc ores were already being used to make brass and zinc compounds. The ancients used zinc ore to heal wounds and soothe sore eyes. It is believed that Marco Polo was the first to describe the manufacturing of zinc oxide in the thirteenth century. It was recognized as a metal in India in 1374, and the Chinese were next to use it for making brass. Europeans began using it in the sixteenth century, with the first large-scale smelting works in Belgium and Germany.  U.S. production dates back to 1850, shortly after the “hot-dip” galvanizing method was discovered in France.

The benefits of zinc over steel

When coated over steel, zinc:

1. Increases tensile strength.

2. Forms to shape quickly.

3. Reduces necessary weight.

4. Resists corrosion.

5. Looks attractive.

6. Recyclable.

7. Provides cost savings.

Whether you’re a master chef who loves to entertain or someone who only stumbles through the kitchen for a cup of coffee, the functionality and design appeal of a custom zinc range hood will transform your kitchen, elevating it from ordinary to extraordinary.

A custom range hood serves multiple purposes: it removes smoke, it filters airborne grease and other contaminants, and it eliminates lingering odors.

But what makes a custom, zinc range hood so attractive to savvy consumers?

Zinc has a crisp, silvery coloration with a silky, matte finish. At the same time, it forms to shape snugly and is well-suited to modern, geo-centric designs with sharp angles and clean lines. The contrast of a soft finish over a rigid structure is striking and wholly unique. The result is an economical, durable range hood with a distinctive aesthetic that blends well with other silver metals in the kitchen like stainless steel, nickel, and aluminum.

Coppersmith’s design team will turn your vision for a one-of-a-kind, custom range hood into an authentic, handmade work of art shipped right to your door. Design service is complimentary, and shipping is free, so contact us today.

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