Are White Range Hoods a good idea?

white range hoods


Are white range hoods a good design idea?

From futuristic stainless steel to quaint and rustic, kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. They are a place of gathering, harboring family meals, creativity, generational traditions, and an opportunity to design. For most homeowners, the aesthetic of a newly remodeled kitchen is one of the most sought-after accomplishments in interior design.

Choosing between granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, flattering fixtures to a stunningly open concept can be overwhelming. A myriad of options is available when designing the ideal kitchen. One of the essential elements in crafting the iconic space, yet often overlooked, is the installation of a range hood.


Is it a good idea to have a white range hood? What are the pros and cons?

Given that range hoods extract pollution and circulate it back into the air, they are an essential tool in maintaining a clean, safe kitchen. However, having a white model can defeat the purpose of its cleaning. In essence, a white range hood can become very dirty, attracting the pollution from the kitchen and creating a murky, spotted appearance. White hoods, if cleaned sufficiently, can be a beautiful addition to an already light-colored or white kitchen.

They create the illusion of a spacious, open interior, and the appliance can blend into its mount, where it often goes unnoticed. Additionally, white range hoods with customized straps and rivets often bear a premium price tag. They are less available than other models, but if the homeowner believes it’s a worthy investment, it can add a unique and charming flair to the room.


What’s the verdict on white range hoods?

As mentioned previously, range hoods are a part of any well-designed kitchen, as they serve a valuable purpose: to maintain a safe, healthy environment for the homeowner, reduce efforts put towards cleaning and allowing for a diverse array of cooking options, mainly when using high heat and steam on the stove.

Aside from the possibility of attracting more dirt than desired, purchasing and installing a white range hood is purely up to the discretion of the designer and homeowner, as it can undoubtedly be a flattering addition to any modern kitchen. While not as common, white range hoods are widely available in department stores, home goods stores and specialty kitchen boutiques across the country. They’re also available online and can be ordered to install upon request.

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