CopperSmith® offers premium customizable copper table tops. Easily coordinate a CopperSmith® top with a standard base of your own. Commercial and custom orders welcome. Choose from a variety of finishes, textures, and patinas. We use natural minerals and oils to create a real patina and then seal it to lock the color in place. A living finish is available for those who want to take advantage of copper's natural anti-microbial properties, or for those who want a patina that develops naturally over time. Invest in a copper tabletop for your home, restaurant or bar and be pleasantly surprised with the design ascetic, performance, and anti-microbial properties. 


Add Warmth With Custom Copper Table Tops and Tables


Do you want to add warmth and appeal to your kitchen or other eating space? Are you searching for a table top or table with just the right amount of sophistication and craftsmanship? Consider the benefits of owning a hammered copper table top or copper topped table from CopperSmith. Each of our copper table tops and copper tables are made from gorgeous recycled heavy-gauge copper that has been carefully hammered. Choose the perfect patina for a finished look. Place your order today, and receive your copper topped table or handmade table top within five to six weeks.


What to Expect From a Copper Table Top

copper table tops for sale


Copper table tops offer a number of attributes. Below are some of the traits that you can expect from every copper table top that you choose from CopperSmith:


  • Ease of Install – Our copper table tops are constructed to allow easy installation of standard table bases.


  • Variety of Shape — We offer kitchen copper table tops for sale in round, rectangular and square shapes. If you have a table base that you’ll be using for your copper table top, simply measure your current table top to get an idea of the perfect replacement size.


  • Variety of Patinas One of the most intriguing aspects of copper is that it comes in so many delightful, rich patinas! You can pick the one that most resonates with your preferred décor. Please keep in mind that over time, the patina will change subtly. This is part of the living characteristics of copper.


  • Variety of Sizes — We know that your perfect handmade copper table top size is different from another customers’, so we provide you with choices when it comes to the right size. If this is the first table you have purchased for your indoor or outdoor eating space, make sure to measure the size of the room to ensure that your copper table will fit.


  • Ease of Cleaning — As with all our copper products at CopperSmith, a copper table top is simple to take care of. All you need to do is wipe it off with a soft cloth. If debris or residue gets on the copper, you can remove it quickly using a cloth or non-abrasive sponge, warm water and a mild soap. Proper care of your copper table top will eliminate concerns about spotting or staining. We also offer copper table tops with a sealant to ensure to keep your patina from changing.


How Our Handmade Copper Table Tops Are Constructed


We make our hammered copper table tops by taking recycled copper and hammering it to an acceptable depth. The copper is then expertly wrapped around a strong plywood base. This keeps the copper’s shape and ensures that it won’t change over time. The plywood is completely surrounded by the copper on the top and sides of the table top.


Our copper tables are made similarly. The top of the table is hammered copper wrapped around plywood substrate. Some popular bases are made from acacia wood, and may vary slightly in color due to natural variations in the wood.


To get more information on any of our copper table tops, please call us at 888-431-4677.