We offer the highest quality range hood inserts for premium kitchen ventilation. From remote blowers, to range hood inserts, and all the accessories that ensure a quiet - well performing kitchen appliance. Don't skimp on the air quality of your home. Invest in the best.


Range Hood Inserts 

Range hood inserts and accessories are critical for ensuring the proper ventilation for your kitchen. World CopperSmith is happy to offer premium liners, fans, blower systems, clamps, dampers, conversion kits, and more for your stove hood. There are many important reasons why you need proper ventilation in your kitchen. 


The Importance of Kitchen Ventilation 


Cooking can produce really strong odors that are not always pleasant. Sticky, smelly fish is not something you want to smell in your kitchen days after preparing it. Proper kitchen ventilation helps eliminate odors so they do not stick around. 


Steam & Smoke

Smoke and steam are byproducts you can expect when cooking. If your kitchen is not ventilated properly, your smoke alarm will falsely go off, and cooking conditions will be unpleasant. Ventilation in your kitchen helps remove steam and smoke.



It is very easy to overheat while cooking, especially in a kitchen with poor ventilation. Cooking meals produces heat from all of the appliances, and good ventilation will help control the temperature to keep you comfortable while cooking. 


Air Quality

A well-ventilated kitchen helps control steam, grease, smoke, and odors, but it also improves your indoor air quality. Toxins from your kitchen will decrease the quality of the air in your entire home. The smoke, gas, steam, and fumes from your kitchen actually pollute your indoor air. A ventilation system for your system helps rid your kitchen of these toxins, improving the air quality in your house. 


Ventilation Products 

A range hood with the proper fan inserts and accessories provide the best ventilation system for your kitchen. CopperSmith ventilation products come with the option of:


Fast Clamps

Secure your ventilation duct and reduce the noise from the duct walls with neoprene-lined fast clamps. 



Galvanized steel dampers with aluminum blades offer a neoprene seal and also reduce the clatter sounds from metal on metal. 


Ductless Conversion Kit

Vent your range hood back into your kitchen using a ductless conversion kit. 


Vent Transition Unit

These accessories are required for certain CopperSmith units and will transition two 8” outlets into a single 10” pipe. 


Duct Silencers

These reduce blower sounds by over 50%. The diffuser material and perforated lining offer incredible noise absorption. 



Our liners can be easily installed in custom range hoods with a wall-mounted or remote blower. Liners include variable speed fan control, two LED lights, and premium grade filters. They also include a standard vent with stainless steel baffle filters and damper. 


Remote Blower System

This is the top-quality kitchen ventilation system that operates impressively quiet. It included premium venting accessories and a motor in the attic. 


Insert Fan

Easily install the insert fan in your custom hood. It includes two LED lights, variable speed fan control, and full premium grade standard filters. It can also be used with a recirculating kit. 


Ventilate Your Kitchen Today 

World CopperSmith is dedicated to helping you get the right ventilation system in place for your kitchen. We have all of the range hood inserts and accessories you need to properly ventilate your kitchen. Take a look at the products we offer and read all about their unique qualities No matter where you are in the process, our knowledgeable team can assist you. If you have any questions about ventilating or our products, call us at 952-800-7671. We pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service and will do everything we can to help you design the perfect ventilation system for your kitchen and home. Our goal is to make sure you have the ventilation you need in your kitchen. 


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