Pot Racks

Hanging cookware pot racks are the most common type of pot racks. These types of pot racks need to be installed into ceiling joists. Usually coming with chains or extension hooks, or hanging links and screws. These pot racks are normally sold with hooks that can be positioned on the rim or on the grid.

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Pot Racks

Do you have a smaller kitchen? Are you looking for ways to maximize every inch of your space? Home organization experts agree: when you’re looking for more room to store items, look up. The vertical organization is the way to go, especially for your pots. Investing in pot racks will help your kitchen shine!


Hanging Racks: Beauty and Function, Simultaneously

There’s something about having hanging cookware racks in a kitchen that makes it seem like you mean business. Being able to show off your array of cookware subtly, yet meaningfully, can enhance not only the function of your kitchen but its beauty.

With your large pots out of your cabinets and drawers, every corner of your kitchen will suddenly seem roomier and easier to keep clean.


In addition, the shiny metals and glowing coppers and inky blacks of your favorite pots can offer gorgeous, meaningful aesthetics to your cooking area.

These types of racks reduce the time and headspace you need to invest in preparing to cook, which means that you will cook more and eat better once you have one installed in your kitchen.


An Efficient Drying Environment For Your Pots

When you’ve finished cleaning your pots and need for them to dry, you may have placed them upside-down on towels in the past. However, that doesn’t allow for proper ventilation, and can lead to mold and rust forming on your cooking tools!

When you’re able to hang up your tools instantly after cleaning and wiping them dry, you ensure a well-ventilated, contact-free drying environment for your pots.


This means they’ll get dry quicker, and last longer — because they won’t experience any of the adverse effects of lingering moisture.

This system isn’t only better for your cookware, it’s better for you. When was the last time you wished your kitchen cleaning routine had more steps in it—washing your pots, leaving them to dry, and putting them away much later? With a hanging rack, you’ll only have to touch your pots once, and then your cleaning chore is done. 


All Your Tools, Right At Your Fingertips

Have you ever wished you could cook with the ease conveyed in a cooking show? To have your mise en place set up so you could toss ingredients in with ease, to have the right utensils and cookware before you so you don’t have to go hunting for the right size bowl?

Keeping your pots out in clear, constant view means that when you need a pot, you know exactly where the right one is.


Gone are the days of searching through dark, cramped cabinets or drawers to find pots stacked inside each other; all you have to do is glance up and select your favorite cooking tool!

For cooks who have a wide array of pots and pans, purchasing a well-made hanging utensil rack can make a world of difference in your home kitchen. Investing in one of these is investing a simpler cooking experience and a prettier working space.


Choosing CopperSmith

At CopperSmith, we are just as invested in the beauty and functionality of your kitchen space as you are. Not only do we agree with experts who suggest hanging pots as a means of storing them, but we work to ensure that our products can help you hang your prized cookware in style. 


Choose our stainless steel racks to hang your cookware. The timeless silver coloring can act as the perfect accent to any kitchen decor. However, if you’re still on the fence about whether a rack is right for you — don’t worry. Our experts can help! 


Call us today or chat with our experts online. We will provide you with the advice and guidance that you need to make the best decision for you and when you do make that decision, you’ll be able to get your piece home with free shipping on orders over $200. It’s a win-win. What are you waiting for?


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