Undermount Sinks

Kitchen design is all about blending functionality with beauty for a space that is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. One of the most important, yet frequently overlooked, aspects of your kitchen design is your sink. Choosing the right sink makes cooking and cleaning much easier while also adding a decor element to your kitchen. If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, an undermount copper sink is the way to go. Order yours today from CopperSmith and receive it within just a few short weeks. 


Reasons to Choose an Undermount Sink for Your Kitchen 

Undermount is one of the best sink styles you can choose for your kitchen. This kind of sink is mounted to the bottom of your countertop and held in place with either clips or a special adhesive. There is no visible rim, so these sinks are ideal to use with solid countertop materials including quartz or natural stone. There are many advantages to choosing this style of sink including:


Countertop cleaning. If you are looking for easy countertop cleanup, choose an undermount style. Since there is no lip around the sink, it is easy to sweep any crumbs from the countertop directly into the sink. If keeping your countertops clean is a major concern, this is the sink for you. 


Modern aesthetic. Creating a sleek kitchen aesthetic that is still functional can be a challenge, but not with this kind of sink. Undermount sinks have a high-end, custom appearance that will certainly increase the visual appeal of any kitchen. Those who are trying to create a modern kitchen with a luxury feel should highly consider one of these sinks. In the end, you can expect a slightly higher resale value for your home when you choose this kind of sink simply because of how much it transforms a kitchen. 


More countertop space. Compared to drop-in sinks, and undermount one will give you slightly more countertop space. Since the rim is hidden under the counter, you can use that bit of space that is covered by a rim with other types of sinks. The extra space can go a long way to make food prep and dishes a lot easier, and it is especially important if your countertop space is already limited. 


Antimicrobial. While these sinks come in multiple materials, we recommend copper for its antimicrobial properties. Your sink area is used to handle and prepare food and dishes, so it is important that your sink is clean. Copper naturally kills bacteria, making it a perfect material for a sink. 


Undermount Styles at CopperSmith 

CopperSmith has top quality metal kitchen undermount sinks made from copper. We have many different styles and types of sinks available, so you can find the one that perfectly suits your needs and preferences. The styles we have available at CopperSmith include:


  • Single Bown Apron Sinks

  • Double Farmhouse Sinks

  • Artisan or modern Workstation Sinks

  • Artison Drainboard Sinks

  • Polished Standard Copper Sinks

  • Aged Standard Copper Sinks

  • Hammered stainless steel undermount or double undermount sinks

  • Fire standard copper sinks

  • And many more!


Our sinks are also highly customizable, so you can get the sink that best fits your space. No matter what kind of undermount sink you need, CopperSmith has it available. 


Complete your kitchen today with the best undermount sink. Browse through the many sinks available at CopperSmith to find the perfect shape, size, style, and finish for your home. Need some help finding the right sink for you? No problem! Our dedicated team is always ready to help answer any questions you may have so you can have a smooth experience. Simply give us a call at  1-952-800-7938 for top-level customer service. We want nothing more than for you to have the kitchen sink of your dreams


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