Copper Farmhouse Sinks

The warmth and domesticity of a CopperSmith copper farmhouse sink recall the bygone days when the kitchen was truly the heart of the home. Our hammered copper farmhouse sinks blend form and function with design elements that are original and distinct. Quality construction and thoughtful design–along with the promise of a durable, maintenance-free, sealed finish–will give your kitchen the perfect finishing touch.

The Our collection of farmhouse sinks includes recycled, sealed, and raw copper models. If you're not sure which is best for your needs, our expert staff is ready and waiting to help you decide. 

The advantages of a copper apron sink far exceed those of other metals. This has long been known due to coppers' excellent anti-microbial and correction resistance properties. Another advantage of this metal is the ability to add unique customization - which can set your kitchen apart. 

CopperSmith Brings Exquisite Copper Farmhouse Sinks to Your Door

Once upon a time, the kitchen was considered the most important room in the home. It is the place that food was lovingly prepared and eagerly eaten, the area where great conversations between family and friends occur and the central location for cleaning.

Though house sizes have grown, the kitchen is enjoying a resurgence of popularity and focus. No wonder so many homeowners and designers are actively seeking world-class, custom-hammered rustic copper farmhouse sinks.


hammered copper farmhouse sink

The Sealed Finish Adds Warmth to Copper Farmhouse Sink Designs

Although Farmhouse sinks, also called apron or apron front sinks, can be made from many materials, copper is a metal that acts as a beacon for discerning buyers. If you are looking for a sink that features a classic form with practical and aesthetic purposes, a copper farmhouse kitchen sink is an ideal choice.

At CopperSmith, we offer sealed finish copper sinks. The sealed finish allows the copper to maintain its current look and not change color or patina.


Hammered Copper Farmhouse Sinks Complement a Variety of Kitchen Interiors

When planning a kitchen layout, it is essential to note that a copper farmhouse sink can complement almost any kitchen interior. Interior designers and homeowners who have a particular décor vision gravitate toward buying a copper farm sink, whether their tastes run toward contemporary or traditional designs. Copper mixes and matches well with numerous color palettes, including bolds, neutrals, and even metal-finishes.


Double or Single Basins Available Through CopperSmith

Some kitchen enthusiasts prefer a single, deep basin for their copper farmhouse sinks, while others want a hammered copper farmhouse sink with a double basin. Both basin types have their benefits. At CopperSmith, we encourage you to measure the space allotted for your copper farmhouse kitchen sink and determine if it makes sense to have a single or double copper sink.


Spacious Basins in a Variety of Sizes

A notable advantage to a textured copper farmhouse sink is the variety in basin sizes. You can find the basin that will give enough room for you to do everything you need by looking through the beautiful designs at CopperSmith. Remember that the dimensions we provide are for the entire copper farmhouse sink, not just the basin. In general, there is a two-inch difference between the amount of space between the exterior edge of the sink and where the basin wall begins.


Update Your Kitchen With a Copper Farm Sink

Looking for a novel, fresh way to update your kitchen space? Consider a copper farm sink from CopperSmith, your premiere supplier of revolutionary sink designs. You will never tire of the finish or function of a lovingly-created copper farmhouse sink.