Copper Cookware

Why Copper Cookware? Simple. Copper provides the highest thermal conductivity among suitable metals for cooking and offers unparalleled heat distribution. You will find copper cookware in a variety of quality levels and price points. Solid copper with Tin & Silver lining for the best heat transfer, 3-ply, 5-ply & 7-ply that combines different ratios of stainless steel, copper and aluminum for ease of ownership. Regardless if your looking for a more traditional or modern copper cookware set - let the experts of CopperSmith help you bring the right tools into your kitchen!

Choose Hammered Copper Cookware for Fantastic Looks and Results


There’s a reason why so many cooks prefer copper cookware above any other type of cookware: Copper brings tremendous benefits to the kitchen. If you’ve been frustrated by your current cookware, we encourage you to find out about Amoretti Brothers hammered copper cookware. Whether you need a single copper frying pan or skillet, or you’re looking for a complete set of Amoretti copper cookware, you can find it all at CopperSmith.


Get the Benefits of Copper Cookwarecopper pots and pans for sale


People who are unaccustomed to the thought of using copper cookware will be fascinated by all the advantages that cooking with copper brings to the kitchen — not to mention the table!


  • Heat Conductivity — Copper conducts heat quite evenly. Have you ever burned a meal because your pot or pan didn’t heat evenly? With copper, this worry completely dissolves.


  • Non-Stick — The Amoretti Brothers hammered copper cookware you’ll find at CopperSmith is lined with tin. This makes it a non-stick product without the concerns related to chemically-created non-stick cookware.


  • Safety — Only copper, tin and cast bronze are used to make the hammered copper cookware you’ll find in our catalogue. This means that no harmful chemicals will leach into your food, as can sometimes happen with certain non-stick cookware.


  • Savings — Although buying copper cookware sets is an initial investment, it will save you money over time. This is due to the fact that copper retains and conducts heat so effectively. Each meal you make using your copper cookware will require less energy than if you had used another type of cookware.


  • Style — There’s just something about copper in a kitchen that exudes a sense of class and sophistication. No wonder it’s the preferred choice of so many interior designers who couldn’t imagine decorating a kitchen without using copper cookware, copper sinks, copper faucets, copper lighting and other copper accents.


  • Durability — You can expect to be able to effectively use your copper cookware from CopperSmith for generations thanks to its durability. Copper is a very sturdy material.


  • Ease of Cleaning — Copper cleans up beautifully, especially with an interior tin coating that provides a non-stick surface. After hand-washing, simply buff the outside of your copper cookware with a soft, dry cloth to make it gleam!


With so many benefits to choosing copper cookware sets, it’s no wonder so many people are making the switch to cooking with copper!


Buy Your Next Hammered Copper Cookware Set Today


Are you ready to enjoy ownership of a hammered copper cookware set? Order your set today. Don’t forget that any copper cookware makes a great wedding, birthday or holiday gift! Every time your loved one uses their copper pots and pans, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

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