Cast Iron

When you’re looking for ubiquitous pieces of cookware that give you the most culinary return for your investment, cast iron pans, pots, and other kitchen accouterments stand out in a delicious and durable way. Cast iron has special properties that lend itself to iron teapots, dutch ovens, and other forms of cookware, making it truly a chef’s powerhouse material.

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7 Item(s) Products


Why Cast Iron Cookware?

Are you interested in one-pan cooking? What about a perfect caramelized, crispy edge on your potatoes, Brussels sprouts, or steak? With cast iron cookware, you can toss everything in one pan, and it’ll be cooked to perfection.

This is due to cast iron’s ultimate, innate feature: its density. Because cast iron is so dense, it’s not only basically indestructible, but it’s also incredible at holding onto and radiating heat. Once heated, a cast iron pot or pan will evenly cook anything it touches. That means that your meat and vegetables will even cook faster when you’re working with cast iron. They will also benefit from an even sear and a char that would make a master griller envious. 

Cast iron’s density brings another feature to the table: versatility. How many pieces of cookware can handle broiling, baking, sautéing, and deep-frying? The high heat required by these different forms of cooking could shatter many other pots and pans. Cast iron, however, can go from the stove to the oven with ease. Want to start your roast on the stove to get a perfect sear and then finish it in the oven for a perfect interior? With cast iron, it’s no problem.

Lastly? If you season your cast iron pieces correctly, they’re naturally non-stick. This makes them incredible tools for almost any type of cooking you’d like to complete.


Routine Care and Cleaning of Your Cast Iron Pan

The one downside to cast iron is that it does have to be taken care of or its almost-magical properties will be dulled — literally. However, once you know what to do, caring for cast iron isn’t much of a chore. As a bonus, if you season your cast iron well, cleaning it up after you cook will be a breeze, guaranteed.

You can season a cast iron pan in five easy steps.


1.If the pan isn’t brand new, give the piece of cookware a thorough scrub with soap. (If the piece is new or already seasoned, you can skip this step.)

2.Dry your cast iron piece.

3.Spread a thin layer of vegetable oil over the cast iron.

4.Bake your cast iron pan in an oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

5.Let the piece cool, and you’re done!


Cleaning your cast iron after that is as simple as wiping it out, running hot water over it, and drying completely. Cast iron is forgiving, versatile, durable, and easy to maintain, making it the ultimate kitchen investment.


Choosing CopperSmith

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