Undermount TW - Triple Workstation Kitchen Sink


Undermount TW - Triple Workstation Kitchen Sink

Did you know that many of the most high-end, gourmet kitchens in the world now feature triple bowl sinks? This undermount sink with triple bowl and workstation racking for use with cutting board and other accessories will allow you to keep up with the world of Michelin chefs right from your home kitchen. You'll be able to multitask like the pros with this beautiful triple-threat.

Why buy a triple bowl kitchen sink? We're delighted to tell you. Having an extra bowl in the kitchen (or two!) offers cooks extra space for straining water out of cooking containers, washing vegetables during food preparation, and of course, cleaning dishes once the cooking extravaganza is over. Whether you need to prepare food, wash dishes after the fact, or even run a science experiment with your kids in an easy to clean space, this sink will be sure to meet all of your kitchen needs.

The structural integrity of our sinks cannot be beat. Everyday use will leave your sink in perfect shape with minimal need for upkeep. However, if you are looking to complete extra maintenance work on your sink, you can take on the following simple steps. You can apply soap using a wet sponge or paper towel, and scrub the sink's interior to remove any remaining food particles. Then, once the particles have been loosened, you'll want to rinse the basin. Looking for a way to go the extra mile? Apply a stainless steel cleaner to give the sink a beautiful shine. While this step is certainly not required, you'd be delighted by the incredible sheen you can get on this, to show off your impeccable, modern, spotless kitchen, like no other kitchen appliance can.

This model sink can be made in sixteen or fourteen gauge metal, and can be made in three different types of metal. Your selections include stainless steel, brass, and copper. Not only are you able to select the type of metal you'd like your sink to be made from, but you can also choose the texture that you'd like your sink to have. Looking for a smooth finish? We can do that. Not looking for sleek and smooth, more of a hammered texture kind of family? We've got that covered for you as well. In fact, whatever the finish, we can more than likely help you get the exact look you're going for if you simply let us know what you are looking for.

The customization options on this page not suiting exactly what you need? That's not a problem. The team at CopperSmith lives to please our customers. Please visit our "Request a Custom Product" page to delineate your unique needs, so that we can help ensure that you get the perfect CopperSmith product to accent your beautiful kitchen. We can't wait to begin on your project!


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