Push Button Tub Drain Polished Brass

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Polished Brass Push Button Tub Drain

Are you having a new bathtub installed or looking to update an existing one? Whether you’re adding to your home or simply doing some renovations here and there, this Polished Brass Push Button Tub Drain makes it easy to increase drain efficiency and add a pop of modern style. When it comes to bathroom drains, everything from hair and soap scum to razor shields, shampoo caps, and small bars of soap can travel inside, causing a build-up that can ultimately interfere with your shower routine. Furthermore, if you neglect the issue, it’s likely that you’ll be stuck with costly repairs. By adding a push-button tub drain to your bathtub, you can effectively combat these problems and increase drain efficiency, all while improving the look of your bathtub. Available in a classic, shining brass, this drain makes it easy to add a hint of flair to any modern bathroom.

When you purchase the Polished Brass Push Button Tub Drain, you do not only get the assembly itself, but you also get a 4” long threaded body and rubber gasket for simple and convenient installation. Designed for use in tubs with thicker floors without overflow, this tub drain also features a soft-touch stopper that allows the user to conveniently seal and open your drain with the gentle push of a button. Since it is highly capable of capturing dirt and hair before it enters your drain, eliminating the need for a snake or a pricey plumber’s visit. Thanks to its impressive brass finish, once you install this tub drain, you can feel confident in its ability to resist rust, corrosion, tarnishing, and fading for many years to come. It is additionally easy to clean and maintain so you never have to worry about things like hair, soap, and toothpaste compromising its appearance. Matches great with brass bathtubs

  • Constructed out of highly durable polished brass, ensuring long-lasting functionality and aesthetic value
  • Complete with a 4” long threaded body and rubber gasket for quick and easy installation by you or an expert
  • Features a polished brass finish that actively combats rust, corrosion, tarnishing, and fading
  • Easy to clean with a simple household bathroom cleaner or soap and hot water
  • Perfect for tubs with thicker floors
  • Designed for use in bathtubs without an existing overflow system