Mixing Other Metals With Copper in Your Home

How to Mix Other Metals With Copper Throughout Your House

Metal can be a difficult material to add to your home. Too much can quickly create a cold and industrial-like finish that many consider uninviting. When mixing with copper elements, things get even trickier. Copper is such a dramatic and eye-catching material that it quickly overpowers other metals. The key to decorating your home with a mix of copper and other metals is to pair them with similar styles and tones and to have just the right amount.

While we’re huge fans of copper in the home here at CopperSmith, we also appreciate the use of other metals. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right metals and styles:

  • Decide which material will be the focal point. This is a key to any design project. If you’re selecting a copper tabletop, lighting, mirror or another element, you want anyone entering the room to notice this first. Any metal items you add to the room should complement the copper and not distract from it. If you’re going to use multiple copper pieces, think about spreading them out around the room for an even look.
  • Remember there’s no rule for choosing between light or dark metal. Chrome and polished aluminum are lighter metals that can add a clean, airy feel to a room, while wrought iron or darkened steel is more imposing and intense. In general, lighter copper patinas will be highlighted better against darker metals, while our darker patinas may benefit from a contrasting lighter metal frame or accents.
  • Always remember that untreated copper will evolve and darken over time. The natural reaction of copper with the air will cause it to darken as it ages. Keep this in mind as you select your metal pairings and account for how your copper will age over time. We can tell you more about what changes you can expect in your copper after you select a patina. Our sinks and bathtubs come protected to avoid change over time.

Our best point of advice is to start simple and slowly add metal to your copper-inspired décor. Once your copper furnishings and installations are in place, you can better judge which metal is most suitable. While you can mix different types of metal, having one dominant metal to accompany your copper is often an attractive solution.

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