Premium Kitchen Faucet - Pull Down Spout - Black & Chrome



Black and Chrome Pro-Rinse Premium Pull Down Faucet

Are you a fan of sleek, modern hardware that possesses impressive and convenient functionality? If the answer is yes, the Black and Chrome Pro-Rinse Premium Pull Down Faucet is the perfect selection for any home update or new kitchen installation. When it comes to keeping a clean kitchen, preparing food, washing your hands, and washing dishes, a well-designed kitchen sink is a must. And without access to an easy-to-control, pressurized faucet with a pull-down wand, these tasks can be difficult. Luckily, this faucet possesses all that and more. The partial chrome finish boasts a cool reflective look, while its smooth, matte black sections create its modern, stylish appearance. Designed with a single lever for water flow and temperature control, turning this faucet on and off as well as adjusting it is incredibly convenient. Perfect for use in residential-style kitchens, this pull-down faucet isn’t only easy to use, but it’s also easy to install with your new premium sink. 

Boasting a sleek style and convenient functionality, the Black and Chrome Pro-Rinse Premium Pull Down Faucet has a standard spout size that can be installed even in the most compact kitchens. It features a ceramic disc cartridge that prevents dripping when the faucet is not in use, saving you from irritation and high water bills. The extendable sprayer spout extends down for convenient access and control, creating a pressurized stream that is highly effective in cleaning and food prep. When you purchase this pull-down faucet for your home kitchen, not only do you get the faucet assembly itself, but you also get the instructions required and a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty in case any issues arise. No matter if you have a vintage-style kitchen or one that would be considered modern, this faucet is an excellent addition to any kitchen. Read on below to discover more of the specifics.

  • Crafted out of highly durable, dependable brass that provides long-lasting, convenient functionality and a sleek, luxurious appearance
  • Complete with a lavish black and chrome finish that is incredibly resistant to corrosion, tarnishing, fading, and rust
  • Features a pull-down sprayer spout with impressive pressure capabilities and convenient operation
  • Single-lever operation for water flow and temperature control
  • Instructions included for quick and easy installation
  • Easy to clean with soap and water or kitchen cleaner
  • Comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty