Ductless Conversion Kit


Ductless Conversion Kit

Whether you consider yourself a culinary master or you tend to only cook out of necessity, you likely use your stove pretty regularly. Today, range hoods are a pretty standard part of any kitchen, helping increase the air quality and cleanliness of your kitchen. Not only that, a good range hood provides odor removal and ventilation of both heat and smoke that can occur during the cooking process. If your stove has a range hood and you’re in a situation where ductwork isn’t possible, worry not. This Ductless Conversion Kit makes it possible to easily vent range hoods back into the kitchen through a highly effective charcoal filter. Alternatively, with this product, you can also choose to vent through a copper range hood thanks to its special design. Designed to recirculate filtered air back into the kitchen, the Ductless Conversion Kit works with wall or island mounted range hoods to provide ventilation where exterior ducting is non-practical.

No matter what your reason for needing a ductless conversion kit or recirculation kit, this Ductless Conversion Kit makes it easy to begin recirculating air in the kitchen. Complete with everything you need to get started, this product is incredibly easy to install, even if you lack handyperson skills. If you need to convert your ducted range hood to ductless or recirculating form, this product has you covered with everything you need to improve air quality without outside ventilation access. Once installed, the Ductless Conversion Kit works by sucking air through the hood, pulling the air through highly efficient charcoal filters to clean it, then allowing the air to travel up into a chimney where it escapes through the top. With the dependable filtration capabilities possessed by these filters, you can depend on the elimination of everything from smoke and contaminants to strong odors that result from cooking or cleaning.

  • Designed to convert ducted range hoods into recirculating or ductless range hoods
  • Includes incredibly efficient charcoal filters guaranteed to circulate clean air back into your kitchen
  • Eliminates smoke and unpleasant odors related to cooking and cleaning
  • Ideal for range hoods where ductwork is not practical
  • Capable of venting through copper range hood with a special design or charcoal filters
  • Complete with instructions for easy, step-by-step installation
  • Ideal for mounted range hoods
  • Compatible with insert fan SKUs: CSPI-303, CSPI-363, and CSPI-423


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