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Pro Series Remote Blower Duct Silencer

When it comes to in-line, remote mount ventilators, and ductwork in general, a series of rumbling sounds can be common. Common or not, whether a result of a fan or otherwise, these noises can be undeniably disruptive. That is why dependable products like the Pro Series Remote Blower Duct Silencer exist, making it easy to promote noise absorption for CopperSmith and other comparable in-line and remote mount ventilators. Designed to support quiet yet effective ventilation, this product is incredibly easy to install no matter what your skill level. In fact, the Pro Series Remote Blower Duct Silencer is shipped to you permanently assembled. In turn, there are no moving parts either in installation or operation. With a body that features heavy-duty construction and a finish that actively combats rust, corrosion, tarnishing, and fading, this duct silencer has impressive functionality alongside a luxurious appearance. Together, these characteristics ensure consumers a long-lasting product that adds continuous benefit with a sleek appearance.

From grow tents and bathroom fans to other HVAC appliances, the Pro Series Remote Blower Duct Silencer can be used in an array of applications. The primary use is with Range Hood venting. It features a dual-flange design that perfectly absorbs sound waves from fan fibrations and airflow. Great for installation at any angle, this duct silencer fit easily into round ducts to promote 100% silent ventilation on which you can depend. Available in 6”, 8”, and 12” varieties, this silencer is capable of accommodating most standard ductwork. Even if you consider yourself much of a handyperson, this product is considerably easy to install with the help of a few simple tools. Simply attach it to your ducts and secure it with the isolation clamps and you’re good to go. Also known as an inline silencer, this product can actually be utilized to reduce household noise from an unlimited amount of sources, helping promote a peaceful and relaxing environment.

  • A completely passive device that never interrupts airflow
  • Constructed out of highly durable galvanized steel for dependable, long-lasting noise absorption throughout the entirety of your home
  • Prevents noise from fans, expanding and contracting metal, rumbling from the AC, home theaters, playrooms, and more from traveling throughout the home
  • Available in 6”, 8”, and 12” sizes
  • Complete with an impressive finish that resists corrosion
  • Features a dual-flange design with impressive noise control capabilities
  • Great for grow rooms, bathrooms fans, and other HVAC applia