1.5" Black Bathroom Sink Pop Up Drain



1.5” Black Bathroom Sink Pop Up Drain

The bathroom should be a place of luxury and relaxation—a place where we can finally get some alone time after a long day. Having access to convenient bathroom features ranging from the shower to the sink and everywhere in-between is the only way to achieve this comfort. When it comes to the bathroom sink, these handy basins prove helpful for various common tasks from brushing your teeth to washing your face. That is why a dependable drain is a must. Products like the 1.5” Black Bathroom Sink Pop Up Drain make it easy for sinks to hold water as well as allow sinks to drain without things like dirt, hair, toothpaste, caps, and other small items from entering your drains. Without a pop up drain, it can be easy for such materials to enter your drains, causing a blockage that costs a pretty penny to repair. Measuring 1.5” in diameter, this pop up drain is designed for use in the standard sink, delivering impressive capabilities.

The 1.5” Black Bathroom Sink Pop Up Drain is constructed from highly durable oil-rubbed bronze and has a matte black finish that actively combats rust, corrosion, tarnishing, fading, and unwanted damage–all while boasting a sleek, modern appearance that adds style to any restroom. Are you not doing a full-on bathroom renovation? No problem. This drain is easy to install and considerably non-invasive, making it an excellent feature for a quick update. It comes equipped with what you need for installation including a rubber washer, drain nut, tailpiece, and more. With this sink pop up drain, you always know whether it is open or closed as it makes a pronounced click-clack sound each time it is sealed and unsealed. Finally, thanks to its incredibly smooth finish, this drain is super easy to clean either with soap and hot water or a common bathroom cleaner. For use with bathroom copper sinks. 

  • Measures 1.5” diameter, making it perfect for the standard bathroom sink
  • Designed in matte black, this drain blends perfectly into most modern bathrooms
  • Great for use in powder rooms, family restrooms, and master bathrooms alike
  • Opens and closes with a ‘click-clack’, so the user is aware of its placement
  • Increases drain efficiency
  • Works to prevent flooding using overflow capabilities
  • Features solid bronze construction that maintains its integrity and appearance for years to com


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