Designing Your Bathroom Around a Copper Sink

Designing Your New Bathroom Around a Copper Sink

A copper sink can be added to almost any existing bathroom, but if you’re looking to install a new bathroom or fully renovate your existing one, it’s the perfect time to include a beautiful copper sink. The elegance and patina of a custom copper bathroom sink make it a natural focal point and can anchor your entire room.

Do yourself a favor and take out a blank sheet of paper when redesigning your bathroom. We suggest you start by showing your copper sink. Many of our customers find that when they install a dramatic and attractive copper sink in their bathroom, they are inclined to leave a clean and simple décor for the rest of the room to let the natural appeal of the copper stand out.

At CopperSmith, we carry three popular models of genuine hand hammered copper bathroom sinks:

  • Drop-in models: Our drop-in copper bathroom sinks come in standard sizes and can easily be installed in place of an existing sink into any type of counter. We find that copper drop-in sinks look best with a clean, simple countertop. Avoid mottled or marbled countertops, as they distract from the natural grains and patina of the sink itself. If you have space, double sinks are both convenient and attractive.
  • Undermount models: A trend over the past decade has been undermount bathroom sinks. Not only do they give a slick, integrated look, but they also allow for easier cleaning with no edges to trap dirt. Depending on the patina and copper finish you choose, you’ll want to select a countertop in a contrasting color, as a similar color won’t highlight your copper sink as well as a contrasting one.
  • Vessel models: If you’re looking for a designer-style bathroom that would look at home in a magazine, a vessel-style copper sink is the way to go. A vessel bathroom sink looks great, and it can be installed higher than a standard sink, making it more convenient. Our copper vessel bathroom sinks offer the most style and drama for your bathroom décor, and they look fantastic against light colored walls and counters.

With a wide range of patinas available, you can choose a finish that appeals to your sense of style and choose the rest of your bathroom décor accordingly. Select imposing materials like wood, stone, and concrete for your vanity and countertops to further enhance the natural appeal of your copper sink. You can also tie it into your bathroom with additional touches such as copper lights, mirrors and knobs and pulls.

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