Copper Exteriors

Types of Copper Exteriors Used for Homes
Copper exteriors provide an excellent option to beautify a home with a very durable Eco-friendly material. When you expose any building material to the elements, it almost always reduces their lifespan. But copper maintains its durability even under harsh weather conditions including extremely hot summer temperature and subzero winters.
Copper can last for several decades with very little need for maintenance. Copper also adds elegance and sophistication to the home. Since it is one of the strongest metals, it can be cast into various shapes and styles to beautify a building. In addition, copper is one of the naturally occurring minerals that can be recycled 100%. Recycling only consumes about 15 percent of the energy used to extract, smelt, mill and refine fresh copper. Here are some of the products used as copper exteriors during construction of homes.

Copper Chimney Caps

Copper chimney caps (also known as chimney shrouds or hoods) add architectural value and elegance to residential and commercial buildings. Chimney caps can be designed using computer aided design techniques to fit any size or shape of chimney. Then the designs can be fabricated into various shapes, styles and sizes by copper fabricators and craftsmen. A well crafted cap can make the top of the chimney a very attractive focal point on a building. Chimney caps made from copper provide long term value because of their durability and low maintenance.

Copper Chimney Cap

Decorative Copper Finials

Decorative copper finials provide a unique enhancement to any home or public building. Copper finials can be used on the fence, garden or roof. The base of a roof finial is usually constructed to fit the pitch and shape of the roof on which it will be mounted. Therefore, finials can be designed and customized to provide an elegant, streamlined, tight fit on any roof top. Most finials are mounted at the highest intersection or peak of the roof.

Copper Gutters

Roof gutters made of copper are installed just under the roof to harvest rain water, keep the building clean and make it look more elegant. Copper is an excellent choice in several coastal regions that have corrosive salt water. This is due to its high corrosion resistance and durability. Copper is known to last for up to 90 years in such places without the need for replacement. A typical gutter system consists of half round gutters, round downspouts, round goose neck elbows, brackets and leader heads. Overtime a well installed copper gutter system will develop a nice reddish brown patina which usually blends with the roof tiles. Examples of copper gutter systems include:
* Ogee or K-style
* Box shape
* Radius style
* Quarter round
* Custom styles
Several kinds of downspouts may be used with these gutter systems including:
* Rectangular corrugated styles
* Round fluted
* Smooth square
* Seamless round

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Copper Water Spouts

Copper rain water spouts are usually mounted at the end of rain gutters. They release the rain water collected in the roof gutter and create a beautiful scene during or immediately after rain falls. Water spouts are sometimes used in place of downspouts because of the drama they create. Some water spouts help to fill up pools of water for recreational purposes or to harvest rain water for domestic use.

Copper Cupola

A cupola is a structure designed to permit air and light into the building below it. In addition to providing beauty and elegance, it also functions as a vent to improve the air flow in the roof. Cupolas can be mounted on roofs, gazebos, spires, steeples, towers, turrets and domes. Copper cupolas are built in different shapes including square, circular, hexagonal and octagonal shapes. They are usually crowned with a small pyramidal, dome, bell, conical, hexagonal or octagonal shaped roof. An ornamental finial is often placed on top of the entire cupola structure.
Copper cupolas are usually not painted because they wear out gracefully without requiring any maintenance. As the copper copulas pass through the stages of weathering and patina formation, their appearance will dynamically blend with the different colors of the roof.


Copper exteriors provide a stunning architectural enhancement to most homes and commercial buildings. Their durability, resistance to corrosion and wear, as well as their beauty, even after many years in tough weather conditions, makes them an excellent choice.


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