Copper Ceiling Light

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Copper Ceiling Light

If you are a homeowner, who wants to install beautiful and durable lighting fixtures, you should
consider copper ceiling light. These lamps are gorgeous and they last a lifetime. They are also
available in various shapes and sizes. You can use them to light up any part of your home. If you
are trying to decide on the next type of lighting fixtures to install on your ceiling, here are
some of the reasons why you should choose copper.

1. Durability

Copper ceiling lamps are strong and durable. That is why there are so many antique copper ceiling light
fixtures available for sale online. Unlike iron or steel fixtures that get rusty and look ugly as
they get older, copper fixtures develop this beautiful patina with different changes in color over
a period of time. And the metal does not get rusty or deteriorate. In fact, more than 90% of the
copper can be recycled after 100 years.

2. Variety
Ceiling lamps made of copper are available in numerous styles, shapes and sizes. So you will hardly ever
run out of options when you need to choose copper ceiling light fixtures for any part of your home.
For instance, there are pendant lights, chandeliers, barn lights, and hammered cones that you
can install to add beauty and color to your home. Some of the places in where you can fix these
lights include:

* Living and dining rooms

* Bedroom and closet

* Bathrooms

* Loft

* Kitchen and Corridor

* Library and home office

3. Copper Adds Value to Your Property

Due to the durability of copper ceiling light fixtures, you will easily recover the cost of installing
them when you decide to sell your home. When prospective buyers come over to inspect your home,
they will notice the copper lights and these will automatically attract discerning home buyers.
Other fixtures made of less durable materials like plastic, iron and steel will most likely need to be
replaced by the new buyer. But the colorful patina of your copper ceiling light fixtures will enable you
to use it as a selling point and place a higher selling price on your property.

4. Available for Every Budget

No matter what your budget is, you will find copper fixtures to light up your home. From the more
intricate chandelier designs to the simple small pendant lamps, you will definitely find a ceiling
light that fits your budget. Whether you want to line up several rows of lights to create a flood
light effect or you simply need a few spot lights in your bedroom, you can get copper lighting
fixtures to meet your needs. When you are just starting out with copper ceiling light fixtures, you can
buy a few pendants or barn lights and put them up strategically to see how they fit into your living space.
Then you can invest in more expensive lamps later.

5. Natural and Environmentally Friendly
Copper is a naturally occurring metal in the earth and it can easily be recycled. If you are
concerned about building or creating a green home, copper is an environmentally friendly choice.
First, it is a long lasting material that will last for hundreds of years without the need for maintenance. Also, copper is
produced from 75% recycled material. It maintains its integrity regardless of the number of times
it is recycled. It has two times the recycled value of aluminum and 4 times the recycled value of
steel. The manufacturing process is not harmful to the environment and you are helping to reduce
the need for extra landfills anytime you choose copper.

6. Looks Beautiful With Age

Like all other metal components in your home, your copper ceiling light fixtures will get oxidized over time.
But unlike other metals that deteriorate over time and develop an unpleasant look, your copper lamps
will remain attractive. However, the appearance of the lamps will continue to change into various
colors due to a colored film known as patina which gets formed on the surface. This patina will
create a protective barrier against corrosion. So whether you install the copper ceiling light fixtures
in your corridor or patio, or you install them indoors, they will not rust like steel lamps. The color of
the lamps will simply change over the years from salmon pink to a bright green color.

Those are some of the important reasons why you should consider using a copper ceiling light in
your home or for your next building project. It will give you the quality, durability,
functionality, and beauty you desire.

Absolutely beautiful product--everything I wanted and more!! - Tracy