How To Choose The Right Copper Kitchen Sink

How to Pick the Right Copper Sink for Your Kitchen

Copper sinks can make your kitchen look stunning but how do you choose the right copper sink? These sinks work with every countertop and every counter style, as well as with both traditional and contemporary kitchens. Copper sinks can handle pretty much the toughest jobs in your kitchen and look great for years to come. To make sure you choose the right copper sink for your kitchen, you will want to:

1) Consider how much hand-detailing you want. Machine-made kitchen sinks have a smoother finish, while hand-made ones will have more character and will be more unique. Deciding between man-made and machine may also affect your price point and your style options, so take a look at both options.

2) Consider how you will use your copper sink. Copper sinks are antimicrobial and resistant to rust, making them ideal for the rigors of a busy kitchen. Keep in mind that you will need to rinse your sink and dry it if you have hard water to prevent hard mineral build-up. You will also only want to use mild soap and soft cloths on your copper sink to avoid scratches.

3) Consider how much copper is in your sink. The more copper you have, the higher the quality of the sink and the longer it will last. You may have a copper sink with some zinc added in to make it sturdier, but in general, look for a product that is at least 99% pure copper. Alloys will not last as long or look as great as real, pure copper.

4) Be prepared for the patina. Copper develops a patina and changes color over time, becoming a richer and deeper hue. Because of this, copper is also somewhat “self-healing.” If you do get a scratch in your copper sink, that scratch will eventually develop its patina, darkening and changing until it becomes less distinguishable from the rest of the sink.

5) Choose the mount. You can choose the vessel mount, where the sink sits on top of the cabinet, or an undermount or drop-in mount, where the sink is level with the cabinet. Another option is the apron front, which is a large sink that reaches to the edge of the cabinet, so you don’t have to lean in as much.

Consider your style preferences, as well as comfort levels, when choosing a mount. If you are taller, for example, a vessel mount can mean a higher sink, even if you have lower cabinets and counters. If you need to make your sink wheelchair-accessible, apron front sinks can be a great choice.

6) Consider gauge. Gauge refers to the thickness of your sink. If you choose a higher gauge, your sink may dent more easily, so select a gauge no higher than 18.

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