How to Choose the Right Base for Your Copper Table

How to Choose the Right Base for Your Copper Table

The best copper tabletop won’t look right if you aren’t happy with the base that goes with it. Copper tabletops offer a vibrant and exciting style to any dining room and have the unique capacity to change patina over time slowly. This natural weathering occurs whether your table is inside or outside.

At CopperSmith, we offer a wide range of choice in copper tabletops, depending on:

We suggest you look at our beautiful copper tabletops and get an idea of the one that suits best. Are you looking for a table for a new home and are yet to install your decor, or are you replacing an existing table and looking for one that fits into your current decor?

From there, you can start considering the type of base you’d like. Several popular models of bases complement copper tabletops:

    • Simple: Many customers like their copper tabletop to be a focal point in their dining space and chose a clean, simple design and finished for their table base. A white or neutral base won’t distract from the copper patina and can create a floating look.
    • Dramatic: Adding a highly styled table base is another way to create an exciting dining experience. Modern shapes and designs and vivid colors like red or blue can go a long way to adding a touch of excitement to your new copper tabletop.
    • Classic: Natural materials like stone, concrete, and wood can create a beautiful, traditional style that works perfectly with a copper tabletop. Choose a form like a central pedestal base for a round shape table top or a solid wood trestle-type base for a rectangular table.

In the end, your choice in base comes down to how you want to showcase your copper tabletop. Complement or contrast according to your tastes, and choose chairs that suit the overall look. This is what makes selecting a copper tabletop from CopperSmith so much fun. You don’t have to choose from standard catalog pairings.

We hand-build every one of our copper tabletops with quality materials and proven methods. We want you to enjoy your copper table for years to come, so take the time to choose the perfect base to go with it. Feel free to contact our team here at CopperSmith or email us at, and we’d be more than happy to help you select a base to go with your beautiful new copper tabletop.

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