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Simple Lemon & Fish Piccata - June 9, 2020

This easy piccata recipe is incredibly versatile, and it tastes delicious whether you use freshly-caught fish or store-bought fillets. Common fish found in the Midwest—such as northern pike, walleye, bass, and trout—are all excellent choices for this tasty meal, or you may use other types of white fish like cod, flounder, tilapia, or snapper.  Ingredients… Read more »

Savory Chicken Wild Rice Casserole - May 26, 2020

Wild rice is a Minnesotan specialty, and there’s no better way to show off this Midwestern treat than in a home-made casserole (which Minnesotans usually refer to as “hot dish”). This savory baked dish is made with plenty of veggies, baked chicken breast, and just enough butter to take this meal to the next level.   This casserole… Read more »

What are the Best Copper Cookware Brands? - April 30, 2020

At CopperSmith, we’re passionate about copper products of every stripe, and we want to share that passion with our customers by delivering valuable information about the brands and products we love.  When it comes to cooking with copper, you’ll find there’s no shortage of faux products on the market that simply don’t deliver the same… Read more »