Reasons to Choose a Custom Stainless Steel Range Hood - June 30, 2020

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen or increase the overall value of your home, adding a stainless steel range hood can add a multitude of benefits for anyone who enjoys cooking and entertaining. A range hood can help improve air circulation and increase the amount of lighting in the room while adding a unique… Read more »

Perfect Spanish Paella with Chicken and Chorizo - June 23, 2020

This flavorful, colorful dish looks impressive enough to serve to friends at a party, but it’s actually simple enough to whip up on a busy weeknight. With plenty of protein, veggies, and fragrant spices, this perfect Spanish paella recipe will quickly become a staple meal in your home.  Ingredients 4 ½ cups chicken or vegetable… Read more »

Simple Lemon & Fish Piccata - June 9, 2020

This easy piccata recipe is incredibly versatile, and it tastes delicious whether you use freshly-caught fish or store-bought fillets. Common fish found in the Midwest—such as northern pike, walleye, bass, and trout—are all excellent choices for this tasty meal, or you may use other types of white fish like cod, flounder, tilapia, or snapper.  Ingredients… Read more »

A Complete History of the Kitchen - June 5, 2020

The modern kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether the preparation and cooking site for delicious meals or the favorite spot for sharing time together to relax and converse, today’s kitchen is comforting, welcoming, friendly, and functional. Although the modern-era kitchen is practical, functional, attractive, and inviting, it wasn’t always this way. Throughout the… Read more »

Savory Chicken Wild Rice Casserole - May 26, 2020

Wild rice is a Minnesotan specialty, and there’s no better way to show off this Midwestern treat than in a home-made casserole (which Minnesotans usually refer to as “hot dish”). This savory baked dish is made with plenty of veggies, baked chicken breast, and just enough butter to take this meal to the next level.   This casserole… Read more »

The Anti-Bacterial History of Copper - May 13, 2020

  1. Introduction Copper (Cu, atomic number 29), is not one of the most abundant chemical elements on earth. Yet, its power, functions and application are myriad. Through its integration into ointments, liquid solutions, compression clothing and jewelry (e.g. anti- arthritis bracelets), it has played a key role in folk medicine for decades, and ancient… Read more »

Effortless Honey Garlic Chicken Stir Fry - May 12, 2020

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious meal that will satisfy your whole family, look no further than this honey garlic chicken stir fry. Easy to whip up in half an hour or less, this versatile recipe is sure to become a staple dinner option for busy weeknights. This recipe makes enough to serve… Read more »

Should You Consider A Zinc Table For Your Kitchen? - May 9, 2020

                                  Colorado™ – Zinc Kitchen Table    With striking views, state of the art furniture, and a strategic floor plan, modern home design is becoming a fine art. Regardless of whether or not the home is a rustic log… Read more »

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