How To Choose A Range Hood For Your Kitchen

Range hoods keep your kitchen smelling fresh. They come in different styles, and there are many aspects to be considered when buying one for your kitchen. The aim of this article is to provide you with some essential information about a range hood so that you are in a position to make the right choice.
10 months ago
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Copper Bathtub Buyer's Guide

One of the materials used to make bathtubs today is copper. Copper is a beautiful and strong and can be used to make quality, long lasting bathtubs that are unique enough to meet different homeowners' requirements. So after you’ve settle on copper as the material of choice for your bathtub, what do you look for when buying one?
10 months ago
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Quick & Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Bathroom

If your bathroom is looking messy, outdated, or just plain boring, you’ll be relieved to know that there are several ways to freshen up your bathroom without spending a fortune or sacrificing hours of your time. The simple tips and ideas listed below will show you how just a few small touches can make a big difference in the look and functionality of your bathroom.
1 year ago
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Fall Cleanup: The Ultimate Checklist to Prep Your Home for Autumn

As you enjoy your pumpkin-spiced coffee drinks, the vibrant colors, and the crisp fall weather, you might want to consider doing some autumn cleaning and decluttering as well. Spending a few hours preparing your home and yard now will give you and your family a more cozy and comfortable environment to enjoy throughout the holidays.
1 year ago
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A Complete History of the Kitchen

The modern kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether the preparation and cooking site for delicious meals or the favorite spot for sharing time together to relax and converse, today’s kitchen is comforting, welcoming, friendly, and functional.
2 years ago
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Savory Chicken Wild Rice Casserole

Wild rice is a Minnesotan specialty, and there’s no better way to show off this Midwestern treat than in a home-made casserole (which Minnesotans usually refer to as “hot dish”). This savory baked dish is made with plenty of veggies, baked chicken breast, and just enough butter to take this meal to the next level.
2 years ago
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The Anti-Bacterial History of Copper

Copper (Cu, atomic number 29), is not one of the most abundant chemical elements on earth. Yet, its power, functions and application are myriad. Through its integration into ointments, liquid solutions, compression clothing and jewelry (e.g. anti- arthritis bracelets), it has played a key role in folk medicine for decades.
2 years ago
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Effortless Honey Garlic Chicken Stir Fry

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious meal that will satisfy your whole family, look no further than this honey garlic chicken stir fry. Easy to whip up in half an hour or less, this versatile recipe is sure to become a staple dinner option for busy weeknights.
2 years ago
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Should You Consider A Zinc Table For Your Kitchen?

One of the most common uses of zinc is in the galvanization of steel and iron, which helps in the prevention of corrosion and environmental exposure due to its oxide coating. Aside from the complicated description, zinc has found its way into more conventional settings, namely, the kitchen.
2 years ago
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What Are The Top Features To Look For When Installing A Copper Sink?

From rustic, log cabin decorations to pristine, shimmering stainless steel, it's important to adequately research the appropriate materials that will build a proper foundation and compliment the unique style for years to come. One aspect that this frequently overlooked is the installation of a new sink.
2 years ago
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