The Best Copper Farmhouse Sink Designs

The Best Copper Farmhouse Sink Designs

What Is a Copper Farmhouse Sink?

A copper farmhouse sink, also known as a copper apron front sink, is an extremely popular and trendy sink style among fans of copper kitchen sinks. These deep drop-in sinks are elegantly simple, with front apron home owners can lean against comfortably during those tough long periods working at the kitchen sink.

In addition to looking great and being extremely functional, copper farmhouse sinks have all the benefits of other beautiful copper sinks. They are antibacterial, easy to maintain, do not weaken or rust, and give the entire kitchen decor a fresh, clean feeling that invigorates.

Popular Copper Farmhouse Sink Designs

CopperSmith, which sells the most extensive collection of copper products, offers a variety of attractive copper farmhouse sink designs. Some of the most popular include:

The Designer Double Farmhouse

Available in five patinas and four textures, this Convex Copper Farmhouse double sink has two deep bowls and a sturdy towel bar in the front so you can quickly dry dishes and hands. It is made of 14-gauge copper and features a two-inch rim. This is a perfect first copper sink for your home.

The Designer Workstation Copper Apron Sink

This copper-front apron sink has a rustic feel and the same great benefits that other copper sinks provide. The Designer Workstation has a style all its own, comes with one or two bowls and can be purchased with a variety of drain options, including antique, bronze or copper.

The Designer Rounded Farmhouse Copper Apron Sink

With a rounded front rather than the classic square Farmhouse look, this Custom Copper Farmhouse apron sink lets you take advantage of the apron feature, allowing you to rest comfortably on the rounded edge while you perform your kitchen duties. Like other Farmhouse sinks from CopperSmith, the Rounded Farmhouse™ copper apron sink is customizable with a variety of patinas and textures.

Fire Farmhouse Copper Apron Sink

The Fire Farmhouse™ copper apron sink has a natural fire patina that gives it a distressed, rustic look that can make your entire kitchen decor come alive. The living finish on this sink will continue to evolve over the years, giving you a unique sink character. This beautiful sink is made from 14-gauge recycled copper.

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While these are some of the more popular copper apron sinks you’ll find, they are just a small sampling of the breathtaking selection of farmhouse sinks you’ll find at CopperSmith. These gorgeous copper sinks can be customized to match our copper range hoods and your existing decor. To learn more about CopperSmith Farmhouse sinks or to place an order, give us a call at 1-888-431-4677 or email us at You can also request more information by filling out our handy online contact form!

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