BBQ Integrated Blower

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BBQ Integrated Blower

There’s just something about cooking outdoors that promotes an ere of freedom, allowing you to make memories with your friends and family, all while grilling up some delicious grub. From steak and chicken to vegetables and seafood, grilling in the great outdoors has almost endless potential. Whether you’re having a new outdoor cooking area installed or you’re updating an existing area, an integrated blower or outdoor ventilation liner can make a world of a difference to your cooking routine. Not only does it promote a cleaner, more enjoyable environment for you, but it also promotes a healthier environment for your guests. Suitable for use in dry and damp environments, this BBQ Integrated Blower provides top-quality ventilation capabilities in a durable, long-lasting foundation. Constructed out of high-quality commercial grade stainless steel, this blower doesn’t only boast impressive functionality, but it also has a lovely, modern appearance that blends well into any outdoor kitchen.

With the help of this sleek BBQ Integrated Blower, you are able to work in the same capacity as a trained chef, with unbeatable, commercial-quality ventilation. In addition to its durable construction, this blower is fitted with professional-grade stainless steel baffle filters and luxurious and convenient dimmable lights that give you the power to provide extra light to your cooking area. Thanks to its smart, convenient design, the BBQ Integrated Blower is incredibly easy to install with step-by-step instructions and a few common household tools. Thanks to its smooth, stainless steel construction, this blower is also as easy to clean as it is to use. Simply spray a good stainless steel cleaner or a degreaser that is safe on stainless steel onto its surface then wipe it thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. When you’re done, your BBQ Integrated Blower will be returned to all of its original, shining glory.

  • Constructed from highly durable stainless steel that is designed to last for years to come, despite the elements and amount of cooking done in that time
  • Designed for use in outdoor cooking areas
  • Crafted from commercial-grade materials, this blower gives you the same capabilities as a professional chef
  • Features convenient, dimmable, illuminating lights 
  • Great for use in dry and damp environments
  • Works to eliminate smoke, grease, bad odors, and more
  • Complete with stainless steel baffle filters for top-notch ventilation 



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