Lift & Turn Tub Drain Polished Chrome

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Polished Chrome Lift & Turn Tub Drain

It’s no secret that a dependable drainage system for your bathtub is an absolute necessity. Not only for holding water, but also for preventing things like hair, soap, shampoo, razor shields, shampoo caps, and other small items from entering your drain. In the end, too much build-up of these materials can cause problematic clogs that put a damper on both your shower routine and your wallet. Rather than risk such an occurrence, try installing this Polished Chrome Lift & Turn Tub Drain instead. Fitted with an unthreaded 6” tailpiece and 1.5” tubing, this tub drain fits easily into every tub with a standard drain fitting. The only requirement for installing this tub drain is that you have under-floor access. Different from a pop-up, push-and-pull, or flip-up style drain, this drain features a lift and turn design, conveniently accessed via a tiny knob on the cap.

The Polished Chrome Lift & Turn Tub Drain has a polished chrome finish that is incredibly resistant to instances of corrosion, tarnishing, rust, and fading for long-lasting functionality and a sleek appearance. It is additionally easy to clean and maintain using soap and water or common bathroom cleaners. With a simple yet smart design, this tub drain is convenient to use with the quick lift and twist of a knob. And if you have basic plumbing knowledge and some common household tools, you can even install it yourself in less than an hour. Whether you are having a new bathroom put into your home or you are looking to update an existing bathroom with increased drain efficiency, the Polished Chrome Lift & Turn Tub Drain is the perfect bathtub necessity. Thanks to its design, this drain also requires much less attention than its alternatives, making it an attractive, convenient, and highly functional option on which you can depend. Goes great with our bathtubs. 

  • Constructed from highly durable brass that is designed to last for years
  • Features a handsome polished brass finish that is highly resistant to corrosion, rust, tarnishing, fading, and unwanted damage
  • Opens and closes with an easy-to-use lift and turn design
  • Complete with a 6” tailpiece
  • For use in homes with under-floor access
  • Best for tubs without an overflow 
  • Features 1.5” tubing 
  • Designed to eliminate clogs from hair, soap, bottle caps, razor shields, and other small objects