Push Button Tub Drain Polished Chrome

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Polished Chrome Push Button Tub Drain 

As a basic, necessary accessory for any bathtub, tub drains are the last line of defense, protecting your drain system and promoting efficiency. If you’re tired of slow-draining bathtubs interfering with your shower time, you may want to consider installing a product like this Polished Chrome Push Button Tub Drain. With a soft touch stopper, it makes it easy to hold water in the rub when you prefer to enjoy a bath. Whether you are having a new bathtub installed or simply looking to update an existing bath/shower unit, this tub drain has you covered with impressive, convenient functionality and a sleek, modern style that seamlessly complements any bathtub or shower. From soap scum and chunks of bar soap to hair, small bottle caps, razors shields, general grime, and everything in-between, our bathroom drains are susceptible to all kinds of clogs. If your drain is allowed to build up and left unattended for too long, you’re ultimately stuck with an undoubtedly costly fix. That’s why a dependable tub drain such as this is an absolute necessity.

The Polished Chrome Push Button Tub Drain complete with an extended soft touch assembly is designed for use in bathtubs without an existing overflow system. Furthermore, it functions best when installed in tubs with thicker floors. With a 4” long threaded body and rubber gasket included with your purchase, this drain comes with everything you need to get it installed either on your own or with the help of a contractor. Even if you don’t necessarily have plumbing or handyperson skills, with the included instructions and a few household tools, getting it set up is both quick and easy. Also known commonly as a push-button drain stopper, this product seals the tub in one quick step, preventing unwanted matter from entering and clogging your drains. 

  • Constructed from highly durable polished chrome that blends perfectly into any modern bathroom 
  • Featuring a soft-touch stopper that opens and closes with one gentle push for efficient filling, draining, and preventing costly clogs
  • Boasts a polished chrome finish that is resistant to rust, corrosion, tarnishing, and fading
  • Complete with a 4” threaded body and rubber gasket making installation a breeze
  • Accommodates tubs with thicker floors
  • Designed for use in tubs without an overflow system



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