Lift & Turn Tub Drain Brushed Nickel

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Brushed Nickel Lift & Turn Tub Drain

Are you currently in the midst of some exciting home renovations focused on the bathroom? Whether you’re installing a new bathtub or looking to update an existing unit, lift and turn style tub drains are a great way to add convenience to your bath routine while increasing drain efficiency. Constructed out of highly durable brass this tub drain is built to last, additionally featuring a lovely brushed nickel finish that actively combats all instances of rust, corrosion, tarnishing, and fading. So, if you have brass accents in your bathroom, this is an excellent way to complement that style in your tub as well. It features a 6” unthreaded tailpiece that requires the user to have underfloor access for proper installation. Furthermore, it is specifically designed to accommodate tubs with thicker floors and no overflow mechanism. The tubing itself is 1.5” in diameter, designed to fit into any standard bathtub.

The convenience of this Brushed Nickel Lift and Turn Tub Drain allows the user to turn it clockwise to seal the tub, then lift and turn it counterclockwise to open and drain your tub. In turn, you’ve got a dependable seal that both holds water and prevents unwanted substances and objects from polluting your drain. Because when it comes to drain efficiency, everything from soap scum and dirt to hair, bottle caps, razor shields, and other small objects can travel down your drain, building up until water no longer drains. When left unattended for too long, you could end up with a large problem on your hands that costs a pretty penny to repair. Thanks to its sleek, smart design, this tub drain is as easy to clean as it is to maintain. Simply wipe it with soap and hot water or a common bathroom cleaner and it will return to all of its sparkling glory.


  • Expertly crafted from highly durable brass that maintains its integrity for many years to come
  • Features a lavish brushed nickel finish that confidently combats all occurrences of rust, corrosion, fading, tarnishing, and more
  • Fitted with a 6” tailpiece for tubs with thicker floors
  • Designed for use in tubs without overflows
  • Prevents hair, dirt, grime, and small objects from entering your drains
  • Easy lift and twist operation
  • Complete with 1.5” tubing
  • For homeowners with under-floor access