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Ryan M. Grambart

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Traditionally, Mexican copper tables were made by skilled artisans in Mexico. Craftsmen would hammer copper sheets by hand, shaping and forming them into table tops, like sculptors working with clay. Today, these methods remain relatively unchanged. 

Mexican table tops come in various shapes and sizes. Round and oval designs are the most common, with rectangular and square slightly rarer. Octagonal tables also exist and are great for giving everyone an individual space. 

Most Mexican dining tables made of copper have intricate motifs on their surfaces and legs. These add ornateness to the design and immediately make these tables feel luxurious. Others pay homage to their Mexican heritage with a hammered or rustic finish. 

As you will discover below, Mexican copper tables offer owners tremendous benefits. They also come in a range of styles and rich history. Read on to learn more. 

brown Mexican copper dining table

The History Of Mexican Copper Tables

Mexican copper tables are a traditional craft that predates the Columbian period. Archeological evidence suggests the Purépecha people of western Mexico developed a technique for extracting and shaping copper, just as ancient Greece, Rome, Persia, and Egypt had done thousands of years before. Locals used the metal to make ceremonial objects, ornaments, shields, axes, and helmets, forming an essential part of the economy. 

Historically, copper veins were abundant in Mexico. Rich ores often sat at the surface and didn’t require deep mines to access, making them easier to extract than other metals. 

Following the Spanish conquest, colonizers took over copper production and introduced European tools and methods. Local labor continued to mine and smelt the ore, adding to the economy. The Vasco de Quiroga established the town of Santa Clara del Cobre in Michoacán to concentrate production in the 16th century, part of a series of social and economic reforms. 

Initially, people used copper for functional items, such as pans, plates, and casserole dishes. However, mining became more challenging and less lucrative as time wore on. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the gold and silver rush diverted labor. Surface copper ores also became exhausted. By the 19th century, many copper extraction operations had stopped. 

The copper economy changed again after the Mexican Revolution of the early 20th century. Copper smiths in Santa Clara del Cobre faced an acute materials shortage from 1910 onwards, resorting to recycling scrap metal to make their wares. To survive, they began to diversify from pots and pans production and make higher-value items, like vases, trays, and tables. 

history of mexican copper table

Around the same time, Mexican copper smiths developed a distinct style of hammering and engraving patterns on the surface of the metal. This feature eventually became the pattern, color, and texture celebrated today. 

Despite being a center of copper production since the 16th century, Santa Clara del Cobre remains at the heart of the industry today. More than one hundred copper smiths work there using methods relatively unchanged since the colonial era. Artisans still use stone anvils, iron hammers, and wood-fired furnaces to heat and shape metals by hand, augmenting their processes with salt, vinegar, and even lemon juice to create varying copper patinas. 

Tables produced locally remain highly prized. Wealthy homeowners love adding them to their kitchens, dining rooms, conservatories, and garden rooms. These pieces of furniture are a symbol of the country’s heritage, history, and resilience. Despite changing circumstances, the craft survived and flourished, proving copper’s value as an artistic material. 

What Styles Of Mexican Copper Tables Are There? 

Mexican copper tables are fabulous additions to any home, whether you live in Mexico or not. And, as you might expect, they come in various styles and designs to suit your rooms.

Round Mexican Copper Tables

round shape mexican copper table

Round Mexican copper tables can fit in small spaces and are suitable for dining, drinking coffee, or ornamental purposes. You can get round Mexican tabletop copper in hammered and smooth finishes and with aged effects. Round tables can also have a raw finish or decorative patterns on the edges or top surfaces. 

Rectangular Copper Tables

rectangular shape mexican copper table

Rectangular copper tables are another popular option. They can accommodate more people and are suitable for dining. They also make attractive sofa and console tables. 

Rectangular copper tables can have various finishes and come with varying base styles. Some have iron frames, while others use wood. 

Hammered Copper Tables

hammered copper table

Hammered copper tables have a hand-hammered surface created by specialist artisans. Hammering changes the character of the copper, giving it a rustic charm and helping it appear less monolithic. You can get these tables in round, square, and rectangular shapes. They are also available in various patinas, including aged, natural, and dark coffee. 

Smooth Copper Tables

smooth copper tables

Smooth copper tables are the opposite. These have smooth, polished, and sealed surfaces. Treatment is necessary to prevent the patina formation and retain the metal’s natural non-oxidized sheen. 

Smooth copper tables are suitable for sleek and contemporary kitchens. They reflect a high percentage of incoming light, making them ideal for kitchens with spotlights and recessed lighting. Smooth copper tables are usually round or rectangular, and they can have various finishes, including glossy, brushed, and matte. 

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Mexican Copper Table? 

Mexican copper tables are popular for many reasons. Their history makes them appealing, but they bring other benefits, too.

advantages of owning a mexican copper table 

Highly Durable

Copper tables’ stand-out benefit is their strength and durability. The metal can withstand significant wear and tear from daily use and resists stains and scratches. Many Mexican copper table tops get passed down through the generations, a testament to their longevity. 

Stunning Beauty

Copper tables are also beautiful. In-person, they generate a presence that’s hard to replicate with any other material. The metal has a warm and vibrant color ranging from coffee brown to bright orange. These tones help set the mood for the room and enhance lighting and finish. It creates a cozy and inviting living atmosphere, turning the table into the focal point. 

Unique Finish

Copper tables can also have unique and distinct finishes. No two handcrafted tables are alike. Mexican artisans often infuse their creativity into the products they construct, adding textures, patterns, and original flourishes, making them one-of-a-kind. 

CopperSmith’s copper tables exemplify the sheer variety the material offers. Options include aged, fire, red fire, polished, rustic, and verde. 

Aged copper is a type of copper with additional oxidation on the surface, giving it a deep brown appearance. Verde copper is a copper finish where cupric oxide forms on the surface, giving it a green appearance, while “fire copper” is fired in reduction, maintaining its Cu2O structure. You can use our configuration tool to see examples of all these Mexican tabletop copper finishes on CopperSmith. 

The wonderful thing about Mexican copper table design is that the sky’s the limit. Copper smiths can manipulate the metal into virtually any shape, size, or style. Embellishments are relatively easy to add, giving you something that suits your style and needs. 


Lastly, Mexican copper tables are highly versatile and suitable for various purposes around the home. People use them as:-

  • Dining tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Sofa tables
  • Patio tables
  • Console tables
  • Side tables

You can place them in the traditional location of the kitchen, the bedroom, or the patio. You can also put them in the living room or garden room if you have space. Mexican copper tables have a unique ability to blend with virtually any interior theme. 

How Do You Care For A Mexican Copper Table? 

care guide for mexican copper table

Mexican copper tables are beautiful and versatile pieces of furniture. But while they are robust, they require additional care to keep them in optimal condition. 

Here’s how to care for your Mexican table tops:

  • Dust your table regularly with a soft duster to remove any dust or dirt that might accumulate. Particles and moisture can react with the metal, darkening it prematurely or making it look older than it is. 
  • Wipe your tabletop down with a soft cloth. Dusting may not remove dried-on stains and sticky residues. Do not use a scourer or abrasive surface, as these can scratch the metal, ruining the finish. 
  • Clean the table with mild soap and water as needed. Don’t use powerful detergents because they can change the metal’s finish, making the table look different. Also, don’t use acidic substances, such as vinegar, as these can harm the patina or change the copper’s color. Always rinse the table after applying soap with pure water and dry it to prevent additional oxidation. 
  • Use carnauba wax or beeswax on your table after cleaning. This layer helps to protect the copper table against additional oxidation and enhances its natural beauty. You can apply a small layer of wax with a clean cloth and buff the table until it shines or produces the desired visual effect. 
  • Don’t place hot items on the table without a coaster or trivet. Copper is an exceptionally good conductor of heat, meaning the table could become dangerously hot to the touch if you put hot items on it. It can also expand, crack and warp in the presence of excessive heating from hot pans and skillets. 
  • Avoid scratching your copper table. Sharp objects like keys, knives, and scissors can cut into the soft metal. Again, always protect the table with placemats, chopping boards, and pads to prevent damage to the surface. 

Note that copper is a naturally sensitive metal and will react with oxygen in the atmosphere if exposed. Therefore, most copper tables age naturally, developing the patina described above. (Some copper tables have a protective transparent layer that prevents the metal from oxidizing). 

4 Tips For Choosing A Mexican Copper Table

tips to consider before you buy a Mexican copper table

Finding the perfect Mexican copper table for your home requires some forethought. You want to ensure you choose something that fits your lifestyle and décor theme. 

Here are our tips for choosing a Mexican copper table:-

Consider The Shape And Size Of The Room

First, you should measure the size and shape of the room that will house your copper table. Ensure there is enough space for the table itself and surrounding chairs. Note that the room you need will vary according to whether the table has straight or round edges. Oval and round table tops require less space. 

Also, check you have sufficient space for the other pieces of furniture you want to keep in the room. Adding a Mexican copper table that’s too large might not leave room for cabinets, bureaus, or sideboards. 

Choose A Design That Reflects Your Home’s Character

Those renovating rooms should also choose a copper table to complement their desired design. As discussed, tables come with various finishes, including natural, hammered, patina, or polished. You can also get tables with geometric, floral, and rustic patterns. Use these options to create balance and harmony in the room. Minimalist copper finishes complement modern interiors, while more elaborate styles suit traditional themes. 

Check The Copper Table’s Quality

copper table

Checking the copper table’s quality is another crucial step before purchasing. Manufacturers hammer and hand-wrap copper sheeting over solid wood, but the quality of the finish depends on the individual artisan and production methods. The metal should be lead-free and thick enough to resist dents, making the tabletop sturdy and durable. 

Always pay attention to the design, pattern, and finish of the copper table you want to purchase. Check the rivets on the table’s edges for alignment and consistency. These can indicate the quality of the manufacturing and production process. 

Take Care Of Your Table

Lastly, ensure you care for your table, following the instructions above. Mexican copper table tops are a rare and celebrated item, requiring special consideration from anyone who owns one. 

Get A Mexican Copper Table For Your Home

Mexican copper tables are a beautiful addition to any home. Their unique aesthetics and sheer presence make them a must-have for high-end living. 

CopperSmith offers a range of round, rectangular, and oval copper table tops in various copper finishes. Our state-of-the-art production methods ensure the highest possible quality and finest finishes. 

When you come to us, you can see how your tabletop will look in your rooms with our 3-D configurator. You can also adjust the size and finish.

Get a custom quote, call our sales team, or order online. 

February 28, 2024