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Large Tables

A large table from CopperSmith accents any room in your house with a universal brilliance you can only find from the materials we use to craft our furniture. Take your pick from copper, brass, or stainless steel to prepare any one of our large tables.

Many people shy away from metal tables because they’re worried about cleaning, staining, durability, or other issues they’re misinformed about. The truth is, selecting a large table made from durable and long-lasting metal materials like copper or brass provides a lifetime of use through our warranty and is one of the most dazzling visual pieces you’ll ever experience.

This is accomplished through something known as a “living finish.” If you’ve never heard of it, it might just change your whole opinion on metal components installed in your home.

The living finish is only a factor if you choose a copper or brass table. Stainless steel doesn’t have these same properties or develop a patina, but it does have its own unique benefits, which we’ll touch on in one of the later sections.

First, let’s break down what patina and a living finish mean when selecting a large table or piece from CopperSmith.

Living Finish Large Table

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If you’re considering purchasing a large table from CopperSmith, you’re probably familiar with the term “living finish” Alternatively, some people refer to this type of finish as organic, which applies to most metals besides stainless steel.

In the case of CopperSmith’s large table selection, copper and brass options oxidize over time and develop what’s known as a patina. This patina is a shade of color that some people refer to as tarnish.

However, tarnish is such a negative term for a process that creates something so stunning. Through exposure to the surrounding elements, this oxidation that takes place happens naturally regardless of the conditions.

copper table patina

More extreme environmental factors speed up the process, causing the patina to become more intense. Whenever consumers or designers are browsing any items crafted from brass, bronze, copper, nickel, and other metals, the living finish is one of the most coveted metal finishes on the market.

The primary reason these metals are so sought after when they’re used as construction materials like tables, range hoods, and sinks is because of the character they add to these pieces. Any piece of furniture or component that’s unpolished and is allowed to go through this natural oxidation process has a story of its own, making it unique from any other piece in existence.

Most large manufacturers use polish to protect the metal items they create, especially faucets, sinks, and drains. Water does a significant amount of oxidation weather to these components, and brands usually use a PVD coating to transfer to slow down these changes.

However, these coating transfers are more difficult to apply in the case of more extensive surface areas like our large tables through CopperSmith. Stainless steel items react differently, often called “non-living” objects.

Even though stainless steel is referred to as “stainless,” the finish still has the potential to dull based on the environment and how you maintain them. However, the change is usually much slower than in copper and brass, as the patina and oxidation process can speed up substantially depending on the elements.

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So how long does the oxidation process actually take to occur? This depends on the finish you select for your large table crafted from copper or brass.

The way the patina was incorporated when the table was manufactured weighs heavily on the timeline of the oxidation. In addition, the amount used also plays into the onset of oxidation. Finally, how often and your cleaning methods also play a massive role in the changes over time.

For example, if you select a large table fashioned from copper that has a medium or dark finish (like one of our antique finishes), chances are heat was applied to speed up or mirror the aging process. When these finishes are made, the copper or brass is exposed to heat elements that manifest a reaction and alter the color.

Even if you choose a medium or dark finish that’s seemingly already further through the oxidation process, you can still expect it to morph as time goes on. That said, the darker the patina is when you purchase the piece, the slower the changes occur.

As stated above, the environment inside of your home and any potential chemicals that are close to or land on the table’s surface will play a significant role in the process. Consider the following factors that trigger oxidation the fastest and most intense:

  • Additional oxygen
  • Any pollution, smoke, etc.
  • Salinity in the air (ocean water, close to the beach)
  • Foods
  • Different cleaning solutions
  • Humidity
  • Hard water

These dynamics can work in unison or separately over time to create a coated surface that makes up the patina. The look of your large table is highly unpredictable, and an unlimited number of factors will shift this look.

This gives your large table a unique look that takes on a personality of its own. The patina’s unpredictable nature makes pieces like the large table from CopperSmith so unique. There aren’t many places where you can purchase a piece that exists as an organic, living, evolving work of art that never quits changing.

Rectifying the situation isn't difficult if you’re unsatisfied with the patina. You have a few options. Preventing the patina altogether is possible by applying a wax product free from polish and cleansing elements. This preserves the shine and suspends the large table with its look when polishing.

Now, what about stainless steel tables?  

Benefits of Stainless Steel Large Tables

stainless steel tables

If you’re not a fan of living finish and don’t want to deal with oxidation and the patina, stainless steel could be a better option for you. Our large tables from CopperSmith still have a beautiful surface with many finishing options, even if the construction material is stainless steel. Losing any visual appeal won’t be an issue, so it comes down to maintenance, surrounding furniture, and keeping the same look for an extended period.

Pests Aren’t a Problem with a Stainless Steel Large Table.

                                                                                                   Pests are a constant issue when furniture is constructed from specific materials, like wood; many bug species will eat and even dwell in wood and similar materials. Since bugs cannot live in stainless steel, it does not present the same issues!

Stainless Steel holds for a Long Time.

When you invest in high-end furniture, you probably want it to last for a very long time. Furniture made of stainless steel is the best option if this is the case. It will survive for decades, along with other high-end materials, but many pieces of furniture of lower quality can start to exhibit noticeable symptoms of wear — or even break — after only a few years of regular usage.

stainless steel furniture

Maintenance On Your Large Table Is Extremely Simple

Numerous varieties of furniture demand unique cleaning techniques. A less-than-desired look or permanent damage will come from not adhering to the correct maintenance schedules and methods. On the other hand, stainless steel furniture is simple to clean when necessary and is unaffected by dust, filth, grime, or other impurities that might harm other furniture surfaces.

Most furniture must be polished, refinished, treated, and more to keep their original beauty, in addition to calling for specific cleaning procedures. All of this is not necessary for stainless steel furnishings. It appears just as it did the day you bought it when it is clean, as long as there’s no significant damage incurred.

It Doesn’t Hold Heat

Let’s say you want to put your large table in a sunroom or screened-in porch. An otherwise lovely day can be ruined by sitting on or placing your drink on a piece of furniture only to find that the sun's rays have baked its surface to a temperature that is too uncomfortable to deal with. Stainless steel does not get hot to the touch since it is naturally resistant to temperature fluctuation.

Limited Corrosion

Rust is one of the consumers’ main issues with any metal goods. This naturally occurring chemical reaction will eat and destroy most metal items. Since stainless steel is a substance known for its rust-proof qualities, this dynamic won’t come into play with a large table fashioned from stainless steel.

CopperSmith Large Table Specs

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Whether you select stainless steel, copper, or brass large table, you’ll still enjoy the following specifications and features.

Large Table Base

These tables' bases can be made from either wood or metal. You might want a wooden base to match other wooden elements in the area, depending on the style of the room they're in. Otherwise, selecting a metal foundation would not be a terrible option if you already have a darker theme or enjoy the all-metal notion.

These tabletops' table bases are available for purchase separately. This allows you to decide on the height of the table, which can turn it into a kitchen table, a coffee table, an outdoor table, or any other specific form you have in mind.

Large Table Shape

Additionally, there are three different large table shapes from which you may select. The location of the table or the purpose for which it will be used should ultimately guide your choice of tabletop form. Options include rectangular, oval, or circular-shaped tabletops.

Get Your Large Table from CopperSmith

At CopperSmith, our large table selection gives you enough customization to craft a table for any room in your home, for any theme and setting. The large table goes well with other items from our selection, including range hoods and other components on our website.

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July 30, 2022