Copper Kitchen Tables

We offer a full line of copper, aluminum, and zinc kitchen tables for residential and commercial use. Endless color and texture combinations make selecting our kitchen & dinning tables a precise design experience. Find dining tables for sale online today and have one of our specialist assist you with your order.


Bring Charm to Your Home With a Copper Kitchen Table


One of the fastest ways to completely change the way your eating spaces look and feel is with a copper kitchen table. It’s difficult for anyone not to notice the way this addition stands out! Whether you want to remodel your current spaces or you’re just looking for a new table to replace your old one, a copper top kitchen table can be yours in two to four weeks. Order today from CopperSmith and your handcrafted copper kitchen table will reach you in no time.


copper kitchen table

Copper Top Kitchen Tables Go Anywhere


One of the biggest advantages of copper kitchen tables is that they don’t have to be relegated to the kitchen. In fact, they can be useful in any number of places throughout your home, such as in your bar or den area, or as a centerpiece of a spacious foyer. You can also place your copper kitchen table outdoors as part of your exterior grill and food prep area, or in a cabana.


Copper Functions Beautifully


Copper truly does function beautifully for homeowners who choose it as their preferred table top material. Not only is it easy to keep clean, but it also changes slightly over time. This is due to copper’s “living” attributes. As it is exposed to air and liquids, it will take on a richer, deeper tone. The patina will not change suddenly, but will evolve as you use your copper table. We also offer a sealant option for our copper table tops for those not interested in a living finish.


Additionally, copper table tops are quite sturdy. The copper that is used to create all CopperSmith hammered copper kitchen tables is heavy-gauge, recycled copper. It is heated and then shaped to fit over a sturdy plywood substrate base. This helps the copper keep its shape for a lifetime of use.


Add a Copper Table Top to Your Table Base


Do you currently have a table top that you no longer love, but want to keep the base? Simply swap out the table top you no longer want for a brand new hammered copper table top. Not only is this a terrific way to make any space look instantly like new, but it also allows you to reuse the table base.

Copper Is the Perfect Element for Any Décor


Copper is one of those materials that just seems to go well with any kind of decorating style. This means that a copper table top will fit perfectly in a home that’s contemporary, as well as in a residence that leans more toward a vintage appearance. No matter what kind of décor suits you best, you can count on copper to be a wonderful addition.


Trust CopperSmith for Exquisite Copper Products


CopperSmith is one of the premier companies in America selling true copper products that you simply cannot find anywhere else. You’ll get the quality you deserve at a competitive price. From copper table tops to copper sinks and bathtubs, you can always count on CopperSmith. Have inquiries about copper tables or other items that you see on our site? Just call us directly at 888-431-4677.