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Ryan M. Grambart
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Ryan M. Grambart

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Discover how CopperSmith’s tables can transform your restaurant’s aesthetic and create a unique mood for your patrons to enjoy. These unique pieces of furniture break from the norm and help your establishment stand out from the competition. They are a wonderful way to provide value-added whenever a customer enters your premises.

Why Copper Tables For Restaurants?

Copper tables aren’t always the obvious choice. Most eateries and fine dining establishments choose wooden, steel, or composite tables for their patrons to save money. These options are functional but don’t provide the same benefits as full copper tables.

Here are some of the reasons why your restaurant should choose copper:-

They Are Long-Lasting

Firstly, copper tables are exceptionally long-lasting. They require a minimum of care because of the strength and durability of the metal. Furniture can survive many years in a busy commercial environment before replacement.

Some copper tables have raw metal tops. These have a rustic appearance and require modest maintenance to keep them in good condition. Others come with a polyurethane outer layer, giving them a glossier appearance.

You can allow copper to age by itself. Like zinc and brass, the metal’s surface forms a distinctive patina when exposed to the air, making it look more vintage and well-used as it ages. This aesthetic may suit some restaurants.

They Are Eye-Catching And Help Create A High-End And Memorable Experience

Copper restaurant tables are also eye-catching. Given their rarity, most diners won’t have seen anything like them before. Their strong presence and unique design make them stand out immediately.

Copper tables have a certain heft about them which immediately creates an impression. As such, they instantly set the mood for upmarket and fine dining, giving patrons a sense that they are enjoying a classy establishment.

They Have Antibacterial And Antimicrobial Properties

Like gold, silver, and zinc, copper also has antimicrobial properties. The metal releases ions that interfere with germs’ biological processes, rendering them inactive.

Copper isn’t a substitute for proper restaurant hygiene. However, it can help. The ancient Egyptians recognized how the material offered substantial advantages compared to other tabletop surfaces, such as wood and stone.

They Are Easy To Clean And Maintain

Copper tables are also easy to clean and maintain. The metal is resistant to water and food particle infiltration and has a smooth service, making it easy for waitstaff to wipe down.

Cleaning copper tables requires wiping the surface with a damp cloth to remove stains and food debris. As such, they are often easier to clean than wooden alternatives.

They Are Corrosion-Resistant

Another benefit of copper restaurant tables is their corrosion resistance. Chemists classify copper as a “noble” metal that can resist reacting with oxygen. This immunity comes from the patina that forms on the metal’s surface, a thin oxidized layer that prevents further oxidation deeper down.

Copper can corrode in extreme environments. However, these are less likely in restaurant settings. Proper maintenance and care will prevent most unwanted oxidation from occurring.

They Add Warmth And Elegance

Copper tables also add a certain warmth and elegance to restaurant environments. The rich hues of the metal instantly create a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging guests to take off their coats and stay for dessert.

They Are Available In Various Shapes And Sizes

Lastly, copper tables are available in various shapes and sizes. Restaurateurs can order custom tables designed to fit space in their eating areas.

Copper tables also come in various finishes. Glossy, matt, and hammered versions are all popular.

Exceptional Craftsmanship: How Our Tables Are Made

We make our copper restaurant tables from solid copper. The furniture is 99 percent copper with trace zinc for added stability.

Full copper tables fall into two categories: machine-crafted and handmade. Machines work the metal faster, helping to make tables more cost-effective and uniform. They are a good choice for restaurants requiring large volumes of tables to cater to their guests.

Handcrafted versions require dozens of hours of labor by artisans trained from a young age. These skilled individuals hammer away at the metal like sculptors until it takes the desired shape. Choosing a handcrafted product guarantees you’ll get a unique, one-of-a-kind product.

Finding high-quality copper restaurant tables is challenging, though. Most products on the market cut corners to lower costs, shipping inferior products.

For instance, some brands make their tables with copper sheeting by taking a wooden or steel table and covering it with a thin layer of copper. This approach gives the table a copper finish but is prone to scratching and can wear away over time, showing the original surface underneath.

Other manufacturers lower quality by using copper pipes for the legs and a different material for the tabletop. Again, this cost-saving measure may result in tables that aren’t as sturdy and long-lasting as the ones we supply.

At CopperSmith, we never compromise, delivering solid copper tables every time. We guarantee exceptional quality and personalization, letting you create the restaurant aesthetics and ambiance of your dreams.

How To Maintain And Clean Copper Restaurant Tables

Copper restaurant tables are beautiful, instantly elevating your dining establishment. However, they also require proper care and maintenance to maintain shine and prevent damage.

Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining copper restaurant tables:-

  • Don’t expose the copper table to direct sunlight, high humidity, or salt. UV, moisture in the atmosphere, and sodium chloride can accelerate the oxidation process, making copper look duller than you might want. You should keep tables in a cool, well-ventilated, climate-controlled room, minimizing humidity.
  • Don’t place hot or cold items directly on the copper table top. While it is unlikely, extreme temperature variations can cause thermal shock in copper material, causing it to crack prematurely. Therefore, use placemats, coasters, and trivets when serving food. Ensure you place extremely hot items, such as sizzling skillets, on wooden blocks to prevent excessive heat transfer to the tabletop
  • Use a thin layer of copper polish or wax every few months. These products restore the copper surface’s shine and protect it against additional oxidation. The metal stays brighter for longer and doesn’t require frequent resurfacing to look its best. When applying products to copper, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove excess polish with a cloth or tissue.
  • Clean your table once per week. Use a mild cleaning agent, warm water, and a soft sponge. You don’t usually need to worry about microbe in crevices in copper tables because it is naturally antibacterial. Ensure you dry the table thoroughly after cleaning to avoid wet spots that might cause it to tarnish or look uneven.

Avoid using abrasive implements, such as scourers, when cleaning a copper table. These will scratch the metal’s surface and leave it looking damaged. Also, avoid using acidic cleaners that could react with the copper and cause it to discolor. Only use approved copper-cleaning products.

The Different Styles And Designs Of Copper Restaurant Tables

At CopperSmith, we can make custom copper restaurant tables to suit your brand and budget. As such, you can choose virtually any design you want. Simply contact our team and talk to us about how we can make your ideas a reality.

When it comes to copper tables, multiple designs and styles are available. These range from rustic to modern, complementing your restaurant. Options include:-

Round Copper Restaurant Tables

Round copper tables are suitable for small, enclosed spaces, helping you create a chic interior for intimate conversations. Popular among coffee shops and cafés, they feel welcoming and are the perfect accompaniment to a hot drink and a cake. Hammered round table tops offer a rustic texture, while smooth versions have a modern aesthetic. Round copper tables can come with various motifs, including floral patterns and geometric designs on the legs.

Rectangular Copper Restaurant Tables

Rectangular copper tables are another option for restaurants. You typically see these in exclusive, high-end dining areas, providing diners plenty of space for multiple courses.

Rectangular copper tables have straight edges and are longer than wide. Some come with drawers or shelving for convenience.

Oval Copper Restaurant Tables

Oval copper restaurant tables are another popular option, offering a halfway house between rectangular and round. As before, oval copper tables can have a smooth or hammered finish, and they may feature additional decorative elements, such as engravings, to make them stand out.

Square Copper Restaurant Tables

Square copper restaurant tables are perfect for symmetrical or minimalist settings because of their ability to keep the space open while catering to dense seating requirements.

Square copper tables may have flat or raised surfaces, depending on the style and specification. They are adept at creating balance and order, which is why many restaurateurs with limited room use them.

Square tables are also great for older restaurants with multiple nooks and alcoves. While they might not offer the same elbow room as rectangular or oval tables, they remain useful in these settings.

Custom Copper Tables

CopperSmith also offers custom copper tables. With these, you can design copper tables from scratch according to your establishment’s needs and preferences.

These tables can be any shape or size you want and can come with additions, such as wheels, hinges, lighting, or other features. Custom copper tables are the perfect option for restaurants aiming to create unique dining experiences for their guests and celebrate their brand through furniture.

How Durable Are Copper Tables To Scratches, Stains, And Heat?

Copper tables from CopperSmith are exceptionally durable. However, they are not indestructible against scratches, stains, and heat.

Here are some of the ways each of these factors can cause damage to a copper table:-


Since copper is a soft metal, knives, forks, and keys can scratch it. That’s why restaurants use coasters and mats in their table settings to protect at-risk metal while leaving the rest of the beautiful copper exposed.

If you notice scratches on your copper table, you can buff them out with a soft cloth and copper polish. How much you can remove depends on how deep the scratches go.


While copper is a noble metal, it can also experience discoloration and stains when exposed to certain food items. Damage usually occurs slowly and accumulates over time, which is why it is essential to wipe down tables with a damp cloth after guests finish dining.


High temperatures won’t usually damage solid copper, but they can cause it to warm up to the point where it becomes a health and safety hazard. As such, restaurants should use coasters, pads, mats, and trivets to prevent heat transfer from hot dishes onto the table’s surface. 

How To Match Copper Tables With Your Restaurant Décor

Copper tables look incredible solo but even better when paired with proper restaurant décor. Unfortunately, getting the combination right can be challenging. Copper isn’t a standard material in interior design, meaning you don’t always know what complements it.

Fortunately, this section can help. Here, we describe some best practices for matching CopperSmith copper restaurant tables with the rest of your restaurant décor.

Choose A Suitable Theme

Copper tables are highly versatile, allowing them to complement practically any theme. You can use them in rustic, vintage, contemporary, modern, and industrial interiors to elevate them to new levels.

Copper tends to work well in luxurious and grand settings. As such, high-end restaurants frequently choose it to elevate their guests’ experience, enhancing existing features such as exposed oak beams or marble countertops.

Complement With Accessories And Accents

You can also help copper match your restaurant décor by adding specific elements that complement it. Copper works well with moody ambient lighting, copper vases, and wall art. Additional shine from these design elements helps copper tables feel more at home.

Choose The Right Seating Options

You’ll also want to carefully consider the chairs you choose to accompany your copper tables. Wooden chairs can work well as long as they have a similar finish to the copper table top. You can also experiment with high-quality metal chairs made from another metal type.

Choose The Right Color Scheme

Lastly, you ensure you choose the right color scheme when adding copper tables to your restaurant. Copper is naturally reddish-brown, so it works well with orange, cream, and yellow. You can pair it with cooler colors, such as green and blue, but you have to be careful of clashing. Generally speaking, purple, pink, and black don’t work well with copper.

How To Install And Move Copper Tables

Installing and moving copper tables requires more planning and foresight than regular tables. That’s because they tend to be heavier and more valuable.

Before installing a copper table in your restaurant, ensure you have sufficient room. You’ll want to consider the available floor area and whether your waitstaff has space to serve guests.

You may also need help carrying copper tables into your restaurant. These tables tend to be heavy and bulky because they use solid metal. Don’t slide or drag them because it can damage the table legs and the floor. Professional installers often use trollies or teams to carry and position tables on your premises.

Next, consider suitable locations for copper tables in your establishment. If you want to preserve the original shine of the table, keep it away from heat, moisture, and sunlight. This approach will prevent reactions that cause the patina. However, if you don’t mind oxidation, you have more freedom in where you place it.

When moving a copper table, avoid bumping or dropping it. As mentioned above, copper is a soft metal and can deform or bend easily on impact.

Many professional installers and restaurants cover the table in a cloth or protective padding while moving it to its final destination. They may also disassemble it (if possible), carrying it inside in smaller pieces to reduce the risk of damage.


How Much Do Copper Restaurant Tables Cost?

Because copper restaurant tables are rare and often custom products, they don’t slot into a fixed price range. How much you pay depends on the size, shape, table base, and finish. Partially copper tables are significantly cheaper than solid versions but don’t offer restaurants the same level of quality.

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay between $500 and $5,000 for a solid copper table. The exact price depends on the thickness of the metal and the overall amount of material required.

Custom and bespoke copper tables may cost more but offer additional benefits. Handcrafted and hammered tables may also be more expensive, depending on the amount of skilled labor that went into them.

Get Copper Restaurants Tables From CopperSmith

The search for high-quality, unique copper restaurant tables is over. CopperSmith offers an enormous selection of tables designed to complement your restaurant perfectly.

Check out our collection today to find a copper table you love by calling 952-800-7380. Order now and get your dream copper tables in a matter of weeks.

November 10, 2023