Health Benefits Of Copper

how copper keeps you healthy

How Copper Benefits Your Health

According to the current consensus among health experts, people should drink an eight–ounce cup of water eight times per day, this is also known as the “8x8 rule.” With regular, daily water consumption, your body can reap a whole host of health benefits, such as increased energy, controlled appetite, and improved digestive flow. While clear water is good for your health, it is even better when enriched with copper ions, which pass into water supplies that flow through copper pipelines.

how copper can help your health

Water can also be enriched with copper when stored in containers made of the metal. One of the easiest ways to cultivate copper-enriched water is to fill a large, copper beverage container with purified water and set the container in your refrigerator overnight. As the hours pass, traces of the mineral will mix into the water. By the next morning, you will have a day's worth of copper-rich drinking water to consume during and between each meal.

Repeat these steps each day and you will enjoy a variety of mental and physical copper health benefits!

The Health Benefits of Copper

Regarding health, copper can positively impact your energy, strength and overall physical appearance.

Specific copper health benefits include the following:

  • Proper growth
  • Healthy skin
  • Optimal energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Maximum strength
  • Absorption of iron
  • Boosted immunity
  • Connective tissues
  • Organ health
  • Smooth digestive flow
  • Red blood cell formation
  • Anti-inflammation

Along with vitamins and amino acids, copper is crucial to the body's metabolic process. However, the body does not produce its natural copper source, and thus the mineral must be culled from outside sources — primarily water. When enriched with copper ions, water is one of the best and purest sources of the mineral. In as little as four hours, a container full of water can gain sufficient levels of copper trace elements.

The Health Benefits of Copper Cookware

Copper cookware health benefits are also sufficient, particularly when it comes to foods that are high in copper content, including the following produce, grains, nuts, legumes, and meats:

  • Almonds
  • Avocados
  • Barley
  • Beans
  • Beets
  • Garlic
  • Lentils
  • Liver
  • Nuts
  • Oysters
  • Soy flour
  • Whole oats

The health benefits of copper cookware are best achieved by preparing soups, pasta and stir-fry recipes in copper pots and pans. However, not all copper-rich food contents make for reliable sources of the mineral. Canned goods, for example, don't necessarily supply the body with the exact percentages that are stated on the labels. This is because the acids contained in canned goods can end up inhibiting copper content over long periods of shelf time.

why copper is beneficial

Copper Health Benefits in Detail

Brain Activity

One of the greatest health benefits of copper is the stimulating effect it has on brain cells. As such, copper is often referred to as a “brain food.” The effect is because the mineral helps the body synthesize phospholipids, which are vital to the development of myelin sheaths.

copper health benefits

If copper is consumed in proportion with other essential minerals, the brain gains the following benefits throughout the day:

  • Clarity: At the heart of all mental activity is your ability to think clearly, which enables you to move from one task to another without stalling. Just as important, clarity makes it possible for you to remember all the things that need to be done throughout the day. With copper in your diet, your thinking becomes clearer, which allows you to be ultimately more resourceful.
  • Productivity: The more clear-headed you are throughout the day, the more productive you will be in your daily activities, whether you are a student or a hard-working professional. If your day-to-day work involves lots of reading, writing, brainstorming and memorizing, a healthy balance of copper in your diet can help you perform to the best of your abilities.
  • Creativity: When it comes to developing new ideas, it takes an energetic mind. When you drink water throughout the day from a copper cup, its minerals pass into your system and help fuel your creative imagination.

health benefits of copper furniture

The most wonderful thing about creativity is that it is not just limited to the visual arts. Professions as diverse as writing and marketing rely on creative minds. Even when you are looking for ways to decorate your living room, your creative energy is bound to be at its most vital when you have had your daily balance of minerals, including copper.

Copper has even been linked to higher intelligence and original thinking in certain individuals. Science has attributed this link to the mineral's transporter protein, Atp7a.


Few words conjure up the ill-effects of age like arthritis, in which the cartilage and lining break down around certain joints. Inflammation is the primary symptom of arthritis. Even though arthritis has no dietary cure, its symptoms can be reduced with a balanced diet of all the proper minerals, including copper.

As an anti-inflammation mineral, copper combats the symptoms of arthritis from the inside and outside of the body. Physical contact with copper can ease inflammation, such as when the metal is worn around the wrists in the form of bracelets.

health benefits of copper products

Physically, the overall benefits of copper as an anti-inflammation mineral are displayed in the following qualities:

  • Active: Often adults who slow with age do so because of inflammation in the bones and joints. Those who remain consistently active throughout life share a common secret: a balanced intake of minerals, including copper, which aids in the body's energy supply. A daily supply of copper-mineralized drinking water can help you lead a more active life.
  • Athletic: Energy and physical activity go hand in hand. Simply put, the more energetic you feel, the more active you become, and vice versa. Energized, active people tend to be athletic, and therefore in relatively good physical shape. As your body ages, strength training and cardiovascular exercise can help you stay energetic, vital and attractive. Copper helps supply you with the energy needed to engage in healthy, athletic activity while preventing bodily inhibitors such as inflammation.
  • Intimate: It is said that as couples age, things cool down, physically speaking, behind closed doors. However, this is often due to negative physical and physiological health factors, the likes of which can be countered and prevented with a more balanced intake of vitamins and minerals, including copper. With several daily doses of water from a copper container and several weekly baths in a copper tub, you and your partner could maintain that youthful sexual energy well into your golden years.

For those who maintain a physically active lifestyle throughout their younger and middle adult years, the debilitating effects of inflammation can be hard to fathom. Truth be told, it can slow even the most energetic of individuals. However, with a healthy balance of copper in your system, your odds of beating and avoiding the symptoms are significantly improved as you head into the second half of life.

Growth and Development

The benefits of copper regarding physical health are not limited to older adults. For children and teenagers, copper plays an integral role in the development of bone tissue, and also helps protect the heart and nerves. Consequently, growth abnormalities have been linked to a copper deficiency in certain parts of the Third World.

benefits of copper for children

Bodily Absorption of Iron and Sugar

Copper helps send iron and sugar to the right places in the body. The latter is better utilized in the system when copper works its magic. Iron, meanwhile, is released from the liver and more fully absorbed by the intestine with the aid of copper.

As a result, the following effects of iron are better harnessed within the body thanks to copper:

  • Sufficient red blood cells: Red blood cells are primarily comprised of iron, which is freed up in the body through the health benefits of copper. As such, copper is responsible for maintaining a healthy count of red blood cells in the system. Therefore, copper is essential for maintaining strength, stamina, and mental clarity, while preventing the onset of anemia.
  • Boosted stamina: With improved cell count and healthy blood flow comes improved overall endurance, which gives you the ability to face each day with maximum strength and energy. With copper sending iron to all the right places in your system, the mental and physical demands of a busy day are far less exhausting. In fact, you are likelier to come away from each big undertaking with a sense of satisfaction over your accomplishments.
  • Improved strength: Energy is enhanced by bodily strength, which is much more prevalent in people who get their proper balance of minerals like copper and iron. When your body feels stronger, you can take on big tasks without getting tired, whether you need to lift heavy loads or walk great distances during a given day. Furthermore, improved strength is a gift that keeps on giving, because it gives you the stamina to achieve cardiovascular and fitness goals through jogging, bike riding, competitive sports, and weight lifting.

The health benefits of copper on the organ system are mainly due to the mineral's role in up to 50 different bodily enzymes, which affect various aspects of human metabolism and cognitive function.

Extended Vitality

As a powerful antioxidant, copper protects cell membranes by fighting off free radicals, the likes of which attack the organ system when left unchallenged. As such, copper plays a vital role in body health and the maintenance of skin quality in aging humans. By extension, copper slows the process of aging and wards off organ failure while lowering the possibility of malignant growths.

copper health benefits for adults

The following benefits are best realized with a healthy balance of copper in the diet:

  • Tight skin: The quality of your skin is one of the primary visual indicators of your physical health. Similar to how excess sun exposure and food intake can have ill effects on skin quality, so too can a lack of proper nutrients. When skin care and dietary health are balanced with a steady stream of copper in your system, you can lower the odds of developing forehead lines or crow's feet well into old age.
  • Healthy organs: Physiological health is largely determined by what goes in and out of the body over the course of a person's lifetime. Organ health, for one, is primarily affected by a balanced mineral intake or lack thereof. When the body is given a balanced set of vitamins and minerals such as copper each day, organs respond much more favorably. As such, cancerous growths and kidney malfunctions are less likely to occur.

Sufficient supplies of copper in the human diet can lower the risk of heart disease because the mineral helps to keep heart rates and blood pressure at ideal levels. Furthermore, copper works to maintain healthy supplies of good (HDL) cholesterol in the system while minimizing levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol.

Boosted Energy

Energy is one of the most important qualities in life for any human being. If you do not have energy, you can hardly be productive throughout the day. Consequently, you will have a hard time making money, earning good grades or enjoying experiences as they occur. If a loss of energy has impacted your life, it could be due to a deficiency of copper, which is vital in the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate, the place where energy is stored in the cells.

Conditions such as these can be remedied with sufficient levels of copper intake, which allow people to reap the following benefits in life:

  • Accomplish more: When you feel more energy, you can achieve a greater number of tasks and partake in many more enjoyable activities throughout each day. With copper traces in your hourly water intake, workloads seem less daunting, and chores are more quickly and easily finished because your body is enriched with the energy it needs to handle the responsibilities of a typical day.
  • Sleepless: Throughout the course of a given day, your body should be adequately rested from the preceding night's six, seven or eight hours of sleep. If this is not the case, you might not be getting enough copper into your system. As an energizing mineral, copper is vital for staying awake and fully charged from the time you awaken until the hour when you typically retire. If you constantly feel the midday slump, boost your copper consumption by refrigerating your drinking water in containers made of the metal.
  • Be present: It is one thing to be physically present at work, school, and social events, but it hardly even matters if you are not mentally present. If you are always fatigued or feeling light-headed, it will hinder your ability to perform on the job, learn in class and enjoy your free-time activities. With copper in your daily intake, your mind will be present during the waking hours of each day, thereby allowing you to make the most of the things as they happen.

Copper works its magic in the body when fused with superoxide dismutase, the most powerful anti-free radical antioxidant. For a normal balance of this powerful mineral, refrigerate drinking water in copper drinking containers and prepare soups and pasta in copper pots.

how copper effects your body

Bacteria Resistance

As with all heavy metals, copper has what is known as the oligodynamic effect. When copper ions pass into water, the effect acts as a bacteria killer. Copper has been found to be especially powerful at killing off two of the most contagious forms of bacteria in the human environment: E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

In doing so, copper boosts your immune system and makes the following activities more sanitary:

  • Eating at restaurants: A dining establishment can follow all of the sanitation codes, yet there are still some people who get sick from certain entrees from time to time. Then there are cases where an eatery will have an outbreak, but not everyone who frequents on the date in question gets ill. With a healthy amount of copper trace elements in your system to fight off bacteria, you stand a better chance of being counted among the lucky ones if you ever step into a restaurant at the wrong time.
  • Eating over-the-counter goods: The products you see throughout the aisles at grocery stores are of mixed origins. Some of the products come from clean packaging plants, while others come from factories that are not-so-appetizing. E. coli, for instance, has been found in everything from flour to meat. While it is always best to check the quality of produce and the expiration dates on perishable goods, the immunity-boosting properties of copper can make your system healthy enough to fight off certain forms of bacteria.

With sufficient levels of copper in your system, daily activities become less dangerous, because your body is less susceptible to bacteria strains that linger in the midst. Therefore, whenever you enter a dirty area — be it a junkyard, alley, or recycling place — for the purpose of chores or as part of your job, you are less likely to get ill from exposure to bacteria in the air or refuse.

Thyroid Health

Copper is essential for the maintenance of thyroid health, but your consumption of the mineral must be kept in balance among your overall intake of vitamins and nutrients. Not enough copper, and you could end up with thyroid issues down the line. Too much copper and the gland could malfunction at some point.

Therefore, it is best to get your copper supply from natural sources, such as traces of the mineral in copper-stored drinking water. People who try to compensate for copper deficiencies by taking supplements do not usually reap the same health benefits as those who maintain proper nutritional levels through natural sources and a balanced diet.

The Health Benefits of Copper Furniture

Copper is good for the body on both the inside and the outside. While a host of benefits is gained through copper consumption in water and various foods, the mineral's positive effects on muscles, bones, hair and skin are equally as powerful.

how copper helps your health

Copper furniture health benefits can be gained from bathtubs made of the metal. For example, CopperSmith sells soaking tubs in several different styles, including the Japanese-style Remojo™: a round, free-standing, spa-like tub made of 15-gauge recycled copper. Soaking in this tub for an hour or more, several times per week could help you maintain tight, youthful-looking skin and healthy, melanin-rich hair for years to come.

If you are in the market for copper cookware, tubs, and other household fixtures made of the metal, CopperSmith has a vast inventory of unique and stylish copper pieces for the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Whether you are looking for flasks or cups, woks or fry pans, tubs or sinks, or ranges or table tops, we have a range of furniture and décor to suit any style of interior.

To find out more about our copper cookware, cups, tubs, pans, and other items for drinking, dining, and bathing, click the link to our product pages today.

September 12, 2016